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Career Resources Help with interviews, resumes, time management, occupational information, salary surveys, etc.
Connecticut Job Search Connecticut job sites now on its own page!
General Job Search Sites that offer jobs of all kinds, with section for Connecticut job sites
Job Hunting Tips Basics for conducting a job search in any area (based on my own experiences and seasoned jobhunters)
Personality Page Learn about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - get to know yourself better - the first step to finding the right job
PHENOM Public Health Expertise Network of Mentors - Online Public Health Mentoring Program. Be a part of this volunteer program and share what you do with others!
PHENOM Directory Thinking of working Public Health? Talk to Someone Who Is!
PHENOM Blog Mentors answers to questions sent in by Directory visitors
Public & Private Sector Jobs - A Comparison Matching private and non-profit jobtitles to public sector jobtitles
Public Health Careers What do Public health Professionals do? A brief description of what they do in various work settings. A fact card sponsored by the Southern Connecticut State University's Office of Alumni Affairs
Public Health Jobs Index Everything public health
Public Health Jobs A - G General to government sites
Public Health Jobs H - Z Health Policy to University
Public Health Jobs E-list Information About the Public Health Jobs E-list; Subscriber demographics and stats; Job Ads Page Advertising Policy, etc.
Specific Job Search Sites for Academic/Higher Education, Computer Technology, Community Health Education, Government, Healthcare, Internships, Non-profit Sector, Primary & Secondary Education, Self-employment, Temping
Temperament Page Learn about Keirsey's 4 Temperament - get to know yourself better - the first step to finding the right job
US State Personnel Sites Job postings by state personnel web sites

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