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Free Online CHES Continung Education Programs

12/2012. The Public Health Expertise Network of Mentors (PHENOM) has been approved to offer 1 Category II CECH for each year of mentoring service. If interested, E-mail PHENOM (

Sites with Multiple Courses (Updated 10/22/2018)

MCHES Category 1

Individual Courses with 1 or more Cat I CECHs
(Total CECHs = 32.0)

General Information

Public Health Training Networks


Chronic Disease


Emergency Preparedness

Environmental Health



Health Behavior

Health Information

Health Literacy

Health Services

Healthy People 2020


  • Pink Book Series/2019 Pink Book Archives 7/2020. CDC is offering a series of weekly one-hour web-on-demand videos that will provide an overview of vaccination principles, general best practices, immunization strategies, and specific information about vaccine-preventable diseases and the vaccines that prevent them. Each video will include updated information from recent Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meetings and votes

Infectious Disease

Laboratory Management


Maternal & Child Health

Mental Health



Public Health

Professional Competency Framework

Competency framework
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Public Health Law

  • CDC


Women's Health


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