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June, 2019 - Hi, Welcome to the Temperament Page that introduces you to Keirsey's 4 temperament model (and others). I decided to devote a page as a supplement to my Job Index of career and job hunting pages. Knowing oneself is an important factor in finding a fulfilling job. So, between this page and the MBTI page you can start to explore who you really are. Well, at least how theorists approach the subject. It's a useful way to research and investigate the world of "Personality & Temperament", so you can get the job of your dreams, although a great resume helps, too.

This is the sister page to the Personality Page, which provides an extensive coverage of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Although Keirsey's 4-Temperament Model is useful in and of itself, it also serves as the foundation for the MBTI. This Model, I think, is a lot easier to get to know than the MBTI's 16 personality types. There's basically 4 categories and these temperaments have been covered extensively on the Net. I picked out the 4 best Web sites.

If you find a particular rendition you like, just read through that rendition's four temperament descriptions. For example, the idealist, rational, guardian and artisan portraits is a set of renditions developed by AdvisorTeam.Com. At the end of this page you will find some fun links to personality tests. Enjoy!

Keirsey's Four Temperaments

The Assessment Tools

The 4 Temperaments

Keirsey's Four Temperaments - Musings

Keirsey Temperament Model - Intuitive Feeler

Keirsey Temperament Model - Intuitive Thinker

Keirsey Temperament Model - Sensing Judger

Keirsey Temperament Model - Sensing Perceiver (SP)

Temperament & Personality

  • Personality types - mutual perceptions matrix
  • Personality Types, Theories, and Tests

  • Temperament & Personality Models

    Mind Mirror personality self-assessment
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    Computer Personality (?)

    Computer and personality
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    Big Five Personality Domains

    DiSC System (Super Creativity Model!)

    Enneagram Type Indicator

    Four Tendencies

    Healthy Personality

    NPA Personality Theory

    Trait-Reputation-Identity (TRI)

    Birth Order, Emotion, Temperament - Impact on Creativity and Health

    Effects of Time of Birth

    Effects of Birth Order

    Effects of Personality on Health and Creativity

    Four Basic Personalities

    Personality and Career

    Personality and Health

    Personality and Heart Disease

    Personality and Stress

    Type D Personality

    Personality Tests - Some Fun Stuff


    You represent... hope.
    You represent... hope. You're quite a daydreamer and can be a hopeless
    romantic. You enjoy being creative and don't
    mind being alone at times. You have goals, and
    know what you want in life... even if they are
    a little far fetched.

    You are Proverbs
    You are Proverbs.
    You are Morpheus-
    You are Morpheus, from "The Matrix." You
    have strong faith in yourself and those around
    you. A true leader, you are relentless in your
    You're a Spring. You usually are very close-knit
    with your friends and value everyone friendship
    you have. You're a real people person and
    everyone loves how friendly you are. You're
    good with encouraging people but usually don't
    like to be the center of attention. You are a
    social butterfly and probably are in several
    circles of friends but it's just because you're
    well liked and you make people comfortable.
    You're both fun and wise but you are very
    realistic about life.
    Water. Whatever you do, where or when, you do it
    with all of your heart. You listen to your
    heart and all of your emotions are true
    non-acting. Friends are very important to you
    and you will do anything for them. You're the
    most dreamy of all 4 elements.
    If you are near a water dragon when its sad, it will begin to rain...
    You are a Water Dragon! Congrats! Like ice dragons,
    you are extremly powerful, but show it more
    often. You are a leader, and like to speak your
    opinion. AND, you are charming, swift, and
    great at dancing, or enjoy getting stuck in the
    rain, playing with friends, and swimming
    anywhere! Wat-ER you waiting for?

    a/b personality types

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