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A brief history P.H.E.N.O.M. (Public Health Expertise Network of Mentors) is an online expansion of The Public Health Alumni Mentor Program (PHAM), a service activity of the SCSU Alumni Association/Public Health Alumni Chapter that served the SCSU campus since its inception in 1993.

When PHAM moved online in 2002, the scope of the program broadened. Public health professionals other than SCSU graduates expressed interest in being mentors. PHAM was renamed Public Health Expertise Network of Mentors to reflect participation of public health professionals who were not SCSU graduates.

The online nature of PHENOM has allowed anyone with Internet access to participate either as a mentor or mentee. Primarily, PHENOM allows public health professionals practicing anywhere in the world to share their expertise with anyone interested in the field of Public Health. It is now an autonomous service program available to anyone who is part of the Internet community. This service program is now in its 30th year.

All mentors are public health practitioners with a degree in Public Health, and have volunteered to provide career and school advice to anyone interested in the field of Public Health. Please feel free to contact these mentors by E-mail, or phone. When contacting mentors please mention this Web page, or, how you heard about the program. Be courteous in your communications and provide feedback regarding the helpfulness of the contact. Thank you for your interest in Public Health!

This program meets National Services's criteria for "An effective practice that has been implemented by one or more programs and is easily replicated" . It is now listed by Healthy Communities Institute's Promising Practices database as a community intervention "...that have been shown to be successful in communities across the nation."

Starting in 2012, PHENOM can offer to those certified as CHES® or MCHES® the opportunity to earn one Category 2 CECH for each year of service to meeting the recertification requirements of the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC) for Competency 7.6.10, "Serve as a mentor to others"

Kind words...

September 9, 2012: Thanks, Betty. I added a link to this to my PCH 500 course, and I am encouraging students to take advantage of the PHENOM program! As always, your work is wonderful and important. (William G. Faraclas, DrPH, Professor and Chair, Department of Public Health, Southern Connecticut State University)

"This is really a great program. I am not sure if it was available when I was a student. If it was I wish I was made aware of it - if not I feel I lost out!" V. DePalma,'97.

"I am very pleased with the mentor program. I was able to obtain valuable information concerning graduate programs and career decisions. My thanks to all who participate in this commendable program." P. Shepard, '96.

September, 2012 - The PHENOM Directory offers brief biosketches of public health professionals you can contact to learn more about what they do. You may want to look at the The PHENOM Listings Page first. That page offers 3 tables of sorted listings of PHENOM mentors: (1)By Job Title; (2) By Geographic Location, and (3) By Work Setting.

Once you have reviewed those tables and identify specific mentors of interest, then come back to this page for more details about their background and expertise and how to contact them.

Please provide feedback on the PHENOM Visitor Poll, and on the short evaluation form at the end of this page. You can also ask questions as well. I would like for PHENOM to be a useful resource for those interested in entering the field of Public Health and for the more seasoned professional, resources to enhance what you are doing now. Thanks. Betty

July 2022 - The directory is now 2 webpages, organized alphabetically by last name, A - L, M - Z. You can access both pages by using the navigation bar below.

You are welcome to contact any Public Health professional listed below to learn about public health careers. Please do not contact mentors for job leads or offers. If you are looking for a job, please see the Job Index Page for online job search links. Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact me at

PHENOM Mentors A - L PHENOM Mentors M - Z

Purple Day Ambassador
USA (Texas)

BA (Psychology) [Barnard College/Columbia University];MPH (Health Awareness/Promotion) [University of Texas]
Expertise: Epilepsy awareness and education, child protection services; professional writing; elementary and creative writing education; HIV/AIDS educator
Experience: Non-profit organization management and outreach; educational and training materials development; workshop development and implementation; elementary and creative writing education and curriculum planning; database management; fundraising; event planning, development and implementation
Worked as: Assistant to executive director; child protection advocate and case worker; substitute elementary school teacher; creative writing and arts educator; reading program regional project manager; professional writer; women's outreach program coordinator; juvenile outreach educator, hotline case worker, founder of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and HIV/AIDS Awareness workshop interventions
Thesis: Why Do Adolescents Delay the Onset of Sexual Intercourse?
LinkedIn Profile

Nada Alowedi
Senior Drug Safety Specialist; Health Education & Pharmacovigilance Risk Communication Specialist; Career Coach & Mentor

Bachelor of Medical Applied Science (BAMSc), (Community Health Education) [King Saud University]; Master's degree, (Hospital and Health Care Facilities Administration/Management) [King AbdulAziz University]
Licenses/Certifications: Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)
Settings: Government Agency
Expertise: Communication Skills, Patient Education, Community Health Education, Leading people and teams, Peer Mentoring, Pharmacovigilance, Risk Management, Risk Communication, Public policies and communication guidelines.
Experience: Community and Patient education activities / campaigns i.e., Diabetes day, Health day, and Breast cancer; Project manager for many pharmacovigilance risk communication projects: (RMM) E-Learning platform, animation video (Script writing), reviewing patient education materials.
Worked as: Quality and research specialist; Education Coordinator, Health Education Specialist.
Internship: Health Education Specialist at different health settings in Saudi Arabia; development of patient education materials and conducting patient education sessions for oncology, diabetic and pediatric patients.
Thesis: Aljoharah Algabbani; Kerrie Wiley; Nada Alowedi; Omar Albalawi;Amani Alqahtani (2021), Parents' practices of paracetamol use for child fever management and use of patient information leaflets, Abstracts of the 37th International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management, Virtual, August 23, 2021, Wiley Online Library, 287-288.
Other areas of expertise and interest: Volunteering as visiting lecturer on Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia as I presented lectures on health promotion about different topics e.g. healthy working environment, sports, healthy eating and personal hygiene.
LinkedIn Profile


USA (New Hampshire)

AS (Medical Technology) [Housatonic Community College]; BS (Chemistry) [Southern Connecticut State University]; MPH [Yale University]
Expertise: Community health education, infectious disease epidemiology, project management, hepatitis B, bioterrorism, influenza, diabetes, clinical laboratory management, environmental control strategies
Experience: Hospital Admission Syndromic Surveillance (HASS) system, infectious disease case identification and follow-up, BRFSS, state mortality and CDC reporting, laboratory protocols, development and implementation of comestology safety program, facility inspections, laboratory staff training, laboratory services validation; program evaluation activities, handling of Biohazard Level 3 agents
Worked as: Epidemiologist for Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program, Bioterrorism and Influenza Surveillance Unit, Diabetes Prevention and Control Program; data evaluator, quality assurance supervisor, sanitarian for food and cosmetology safety; microbiolgoist/medical technologist; research associate
Special Project: Developed Flu Surveillance Database, Study of Patient Isolation Practices at Yale New Haven Hospital
Internship: Yale Arbovirus Research Unit
Thesis: The Characterization and Identification of Rabies Related Viruses in Chiroptera in The Republic of South Africa
Certification: Medical Laboratory Technician (ASCP)
LinkedIn Profile

Regional Program Director, Corporate Quality
USA (Connecticut)

BA (Journalism); MPH (Health Education and Behavior) [Southern Connecticut State University]
Setting: Health Insurance
Plan, implement and evaluate interventions aimed at improving health metrics (HEDIS) and member satisfaction scores (CAHPs); Communicates the effectiveness of programs; Oversees quality improvement measure monitoring; Performs outcome data management and analyses
Experience: Preventive, chronic illness and behavioral health programs that improve HEDIS scores; Medicaid, NCQA Accreditation, Project Management; CAHPs; performance improvement plans; best practice quality work groups, oversight of vendor program management; corporate liaison relationships; program evaluation
Worked as: Medicaid business consultant; Health index strategy director; program health management director; Population health regional manager; accreditation project manager; program manager; professional relations project coordinator; sales and marketing support proposal coordinator; marketing coordinator
Internship: Healthy Meriden

Special projects: Quality improvement projects directed at HEDIS scores

Certification: Program Management Professional (PMP)

LinkedIn Profile

Head, Clinical Epidemiology
USA (Pennsylvania)
(484)865-9251 (days)

PhD (Emory University); M.H.S. (Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health); M.B.B.S. (Chittagone Medical College, Bangladesh)
Settings: Industry
Expertise: Research, epidemiologic methods, pharmacoepidemiology, Hepatitis C, HIV, SAS analysis
Experience: Clinical and epidemiologic research, database management and data analysis, teaching, Medicine
Worked as: Epidemiology consultant, data information specialist, research associate, resident physician, teaching assistant, teaching associate
Awards: Emory University merit scholarship; government medical education scholarship (Bangladesh)
LinkedIn Profile

Laboratory Coordinator; Professor of Biology
USA (Connecticut)
(203)203/395-9409 (eves)
E-mail #1
E-mail #2

MS, MPH (Community Health Education) [Southern CT State University], BS [Louisiana State Univeristy]
Settings: Community College; university laboratory
Expertise: Environmental & clinical microbiology; STD clinics
Experience: College-level Biology and Wellness curricula; vaccination compliance
Internship: CT Primary Care Assn
Thesis: Condom Use by STD Clinic Users
Housatonic Community College

Workforce and Career Development Specialist
USA (Georgia)

(BS, Public Health) [Southern Connecticut State University]; (MPH, Public Health; Minor-Health Promotion) [Florida International University]
Licenses/Certifications: Certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach (CELMC); Certified Corporate Trainer (CTC); Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (LSSMBB); Master Project Manager (MPM)
Settings: Federal
Expertise: International Public Health; Strengths Identification & Leadership Development; Cross-cultural Management; Emergent Talent Development
Experience: Leadership & Management, Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Mentoring, Management & Operations, Surveillance & Epidemiology, Training & Education, Research & Data Analysis
Worked as: Career Development Specialist - Leadership & Supervisor Development; Senior Advisor - Global Health; Country Deputy Director & Acting Director - Dominican Republic; US Health Attaché; Health Scientist - Applied Sciences & Evaluation; Global Training Specialist; Senior Workforce Development Advisor; Deputy Director - International Emerging Infections / Global Disease Detection Senior Public Health Advisor - Surveillance & Epidemiology; Behavioral Scientist - Adolescent Sexuality
Thesis: Workforce Psychology & Performance: Meta-analysis of Effective Practice; Behavioral Theory Implementation, Practice, & Efficacy; The Role of Self-Efficacy on Performance Proficiency
Author, "The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality," Rowman & Littlefield, 1994, 1996, 2003
Author, "La guía esencial sobre sexualidad adolescente," Rowman & Littlefield, 2003
Author, "A szexualitás rejtelyes vilaga - Kalauz tinédzsereknek," "Pecsi Direkt Kft," 2013
United States Embassy Foreign Service National Award, 2009
Teacher of the Year, 1994 (School Level)
Most Significant Teacher Award, 1998 (District Level)
Web Site Creator:, 1996 - Present
Over 30 television, radio, newspaper, and electronic media interviews including MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and Sirius Radio
LinkedIn Profile

Brandy Benedict
Public Health Nurse
USA (Washington)

Associate of Arts (General Studies) [Clark College], BS (Social Sciences) [Portland State University], BSN (Nursing) [Oregon Health Sciences University], MN (Community-Based/Population-Focused Nursing) [Washington State University College of Nursing - Vancouver], Post-Masters DNP (Nursing) [Washington State University College of Nursing - Vancouver]
Additional courses and education: Policy analysis, public administration, public budgeting (Portland State University, Hatfield School of Government, graduate); HIV Prevention Certified Provider (HealthHIV); Advanced Disaster Life Support, Basic Disaster Life Support (National Disaster Life Support Foundation)
Licenses/Certifications: Registered Nurse; Certification: Basic Life Support
Settings: County health department
Expertise: Harm reduction practices and engagement; public health nursing in STI/HIV prevention, disease investigation, harm reduction, and corrections health; concept synthesis, analysis and translation into public health applications and practice; quality improvement in public health and correctional health; engagement and communication with/about stigmatized/marginalized populations, particularly related to substance use and/or sexual health; community and local networking, influence, public speaking and education; population engagement and outreach.
Experience: Development and implementation of overdose prevention and response program and training; development and facilitation of sexual health and harm reduction education; provision of clinical services in an STI/HIV clinic; program coordination, supply management, and provision of services in a harm reduction-syringe services program; sexually transmitted infection case investigation; multidisciplinary collaboration; process and quality improvement
Worked as: Covering STI/HIV Program Manager; Corrections Health Community Health Nurse; Transitional Care and Outreach Supervisor for complex dual-eligible insured individuals; Professional Practice Leader in adult acute care; Adjunct Clinical Nursing Instructor in adult acute care; Emergency Department staff nurse and charge nurse; hospital bargaining unit nursing union liaison and communication specialist.
Internship: Washington County Public Health, Oregon Nurses Association
DNP Project: Assessing Healthcare Coordination in Oregon Correctional Institutions: A Quality Improvement Project
Masters Project: Using Peer Networks to Disseminate HIV/AIDS Prevention Interventions to Older Adults
Honors/Awards: Washington State University, College of Nursing (2015) Outstanding Nursing DNP Student Award; Carl M. Hansen Foundation Scholarship (2015); Oregon Nurses Association (2009) Internal Organizing Award
LinkedIn Profile

System Workplace Violence Prevention Coordinator
USA (Connecticut)

BA (Communications) [St. Thomas Aquinas College, NY], MPH (Health Communications) [Yale University]
Setting: Healthcare
Expertise: Media literacy, risk communication, curriculum and workshop development, e-learning, technical development and project management, web development and redesign, medical response education, online and in-person educational courses; public health preparedness, palliative care, disease prevention
Experience: E-learning Developer, Change Mgmt Course Facilitator; Video production: concepting, research, script writing, casting, field and studio shoots and editing, storytelling and animation. Consulted with numerous community, nonprofit and health care organizations; university teaching; medical record extraction; newsletter editing; film festivals; high school mentoring
Worked as: Director of Communications and Community Outreach, media coordinator, operations manager, senior associate/health communication project lead, research assistant, preparedness coordinator, instructor/trainer, associate producer, communications consultant, internship preceptor
Special Project: Establishing the National Center for Integrated Civilian-Military Domestic Disaster Medical Response (ICMDDMR)
Awards: Business Times New Haven, Under 40 Business Award (2003); Special Achievement Award, Yale New Haven Hospital (2011)
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Medical Coding Specialist
USA (Florida)

BS (Education K-6) [Eastern Connecticut State University], MPH [Southern Connecticut State University]
Setting: College
Expertise: Clinical education training; teaching; computers; program management
Experience: Hospital lifestyle program management; elementary school teaching; medical office management; professional association recognition and certification programming
Worked as: Adjunct Instructor Medical Billing and Coding; Medical Reimbursement Specialist; Health educator; elementary school teacher, office manager, program coordinator
Certification: A.A.P.C. (American Academy of Professional Coders)
Internships: St. Vincent's Medical Center
Special Project: Advisor to Allied Health Club
Thesis: Investigative Study of a Mammography Program

LinkedIn Profile

Adjunct Instructor; Owner of Women Lift Lab
USA (Florida)

BS (Family, Youth, and Community Sciences; Community Health Specialization); MS (Health Education and Behavior) [University of Florida]; DHEd(c) [A.T. Still University]
Setting: Online Health Coach Training Center; Health coach consultant; Founder/Webmaster;
Expertise: Curriculum development; online instruction; social media and marketing; community relations; program management
Experience: Corporate wellness program development and evaluation; Web content development; dental health education; diabetes monitoring; clinical laboratory management; EPIC, REDCap software systems
Worked as: Health Educator and Case Manager Lead Analyst; Adjunct Instructor; Curriculum Writer; Health Coach Consultant; PRN health coach; research coordinator; public health education and community relations program manager; health and wellness advisor; laboratory research assistant; owner of uniform and medical supplies company.
Dissertation: How do online peer-to-peer interactions affect self-management behaviors of those with diabetes?

Internship: Diabetes Center for Excellence

Publications: Numerous papers on nutrition topics (See LinkedIn profile for listing)

Zoominfo Directory
Episode 101: Michael P. Bertulfo of Women's Lift Lab

Michael Bertulfo Interview

Laura Blum
Public Health Analyst
USA (San Francisco Bay Area, California)

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Economics) [University of California San Diego]; Master of Public Health (Epidemiology and Biostatistics) [University of California Berkeley]
Settings: Start-up, local health department, state health department, federal government, government contracting, small company, consulting
Expertise: Data analysis, R, SAS, statistical analysis, data governance
Experience: Infectious disease, Hansen's disease (leprosy), surveillance, healthcare-associated infections, patient safety, hospital quality reporting, antimicrobial use, antimicrobial resistance, informatics, public health reporting, healthcare information technology
Worked as: Data analyst, data scientist, epidemiologist, subject matter expert
Internship: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention San Diego Quarantine Station
Thesis: Time to Diagnosis of Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) in the United States, 2000-2010
Laura's Blog
LinkedIn Profile

Nakia Bolden
Remote Vaccine Strategist; MPH student
USA (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Associate Degree (General Studies) [Ivy Tech Community College]; Bachelor of Science (Health Science with a concentration in Health Promotion) [Indiana University]
Additional courses and education: UNICEF, WHO, CDC Comprehensive Vaccine Training
Licenses/Certifications: Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES); Grant Seeking Essentials Certificate; Protecting Human Research Participants Certificate
Settings: Rural local health department and state health department
Expertise: Data management, data analysis, program development, implementation, and evaluation
Experience: Developed, implemented and evaluated vaccine efforts in a jurisdiction. Creating social media content, videos, and designing websites. The use of SAS, SPSS, MS Excel, MS Dynamics, NBS surveillance, Epi Info, and Redcap.
Worked as: Public Health Investigator, Consultant, vaccine demand strategist, and Lead Investigation Specialist
Other areas of expertise and interest: Health Equity, ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), Health Disparities, Maternal and Infant Health.
LinkedIn Profile

Assistant Professor; Adjunct Faculty
USA (Georgia)

BS (Biology/Chemistry) [University of Alabama - Huntsville]; MPH, DrPH (Maternal Child Health) [University of Alabama - Birmingham]
Setting: University
Expertise: Maternal child health research and teaching
Experience: Senior Epidemiologist, Division of Reproductive Health; ORISE Fellow/Health Scientist, research, teaching, curriculum planning, statistical analysis
Worked as: Epidemiologist, Division of Blood Disorders; Research assistant, teaching assistant, coordinator of integrated core curriculum
Internship: Jefferson County Health Department, Alabama

Dissertation: Gestational age and mortality risk

Awards: MCH Department Tuition Award, Outstanding Masters Student of the Year, Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Doctoral Training Award
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Public Health Engagement Specialist Membership Coordinator; University Assistant Librarian; Adjunct faculty at various institutions
USA (Wyoming)

BA (Environmental Health: Education, Economics, and Public Health) [University of Redlands, CA], MA (Health and Behavior Studies, Health Education), MA (Mathematics Science and Technology, Computers & Education), MLS [Wayne State University]; EdD (Health Education) [Teachers College, Columbia University]
Setting: Federal government; University
Expertise: Health education university teaching; school and mental health education for elementary and middle school students; health education theoretical models; health disparities, chronic disease, obesity and health promotion issues; computerized educational technology; document digitization; editorial work
Experience: University teaching - traditional and hybrid courses; grant proposal writing; elementary school education; scholarly publishing; conference presentations; peer reviewer; consulting
Worked as: Membership Coordinator; Assistant Professor; Adjunct instructor, private consultant, health sciences instructor, technical services assistant, after-school tutor, professional intern, teaching assistant
Additional training: Certificate in International Economic Development; Education Policy Fellow; Certificate in Health Impact Assessment; National Cancer Institute Student Scholar
Professional activities: SOPHE speaker of the house and other committee memberships; NCHEC DBCHES
LinkedIn Profile

Holistic Nurse/Health Educator; Owner : Intrinsic Health Source, LLC
USA (Connecticut)
203-450-0786 (days); same (eves)

AA (Nursing)[St. Vincent's College] BSPH (Health Promotion/Disease Management) [Southern CT State University]; MSN (Master in Nursing - Integrative Healthcare) [University of Phoenix]
Setting: Private practice and Independent Contractor for hospitals, community centers, physician offices and corporations [for Holistic Health Therapies and Wellness Services]
Expertise: Health and Wellness Coaching, Worksite Wellness program development and management, public health education, grants management; fiscal management; delivery of preventive and holistic services, clinical program accreditation, educational material development
Experience: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Health and Wellness Coaching/behavior counseling; disease managment; health risk assessments; breast health management; JACHO accreditation; quality assurance and improvement; breast health services and screening programs; health education methods; health/social marketing development and implementation; program budgeting; community collaboration; patient liaison, policy and procedure manual development; cancer support services, business plan development, corporate worksite wellness programming
Worked as: Holistic Nurse, Clinical Account Manager for managed care organization, Imaging/clinical operations director; wellness services department manager; mammography coordinator; public health educator; community staff nurse
Special Projects: Developed St. Vincent's Swim Across the Sound Mobile Mammography Screening and Education Program. Implemented 2003 Women's Wellness Day: Provided 200 medically underserved women with free wellness education and screening services. Susan G. Komen Grant receipient for 7 continuous years to coordinate breast imaging, education and outreach services.
Honors: St. Vincent's College Volunteer Award, Sigma Theta Tau International, Inc. Omicron Delta Chapter- Honor Society of Nursing, Strathmore's Who's Who for Healthcare Professionals, Great Women of the 21st Century - American Biographical Institute
LinkedIn Profile
Researcher; Yoga Instructor
USA (Wisconsin)

BA (Cultural Anthropology)[Central Connecticut State University] MPH (Community Health Education) [Southern CT State University]; ABD (Public and Community Health) [Medical College of Wisconsin]
Setting: University
Expertise: Program evaluation; community-based youth development programs; at-risk minority female populations; community-based HIV prevention programming; family planning; sex and reproductive health training; rural public health; urban youth issues
Experience: Design and implementation of program evaluation; qualitative and quantitative statistical methods; research dissemination; grant proposal development; minority population programs; community-based research and education; data management and analysis; coalition building; research protocol and staff training; professional conference presentations; clinical drug trial protocols; health communication media development; pilot-testing; fund-raising; IRB, abstract and peer reviewer
Worked as: Associate and Assistant Researcher; Graduate education diversity intern; graduate research assistant, study coordinator; research associate; program evaluator; production assistant; project director; community health education intern
Thesis: Factors Affecting Choice of Contraceptive Method Among Young Women in Ocotal, Nicaragua
Internship: Profamilia (Ocotal, Nicaragua)
Honors/Awards: University of Michigan Population Fellows Graduae Applied Mini-grant;
LinkedIn profile
Director, Inspection Management
USA (Connecticut)
Tel: (203)230-9780 (eves)

BS (Corporate Communication), MPH (Community Health Education) [Southern CT State University]; DrPH (Health Advocacy and Leadership) [Capella University]
Setting: Pharmaceutical Company
Expertise: Quality assurance and improvement; industry logistics; database management
Experience: Computerized systems; auditing techniques; site and data audits; quality control; research methods; training; military operations; research study protocols; clinical data analysis
Worked as: Associate Director, Clinical Quality Assurance; Quality assurance data manager, research coordinator, petroleum supply supervisor
LinkedIn Profile

Maria (Schultz) De Borba-Silva MARIA (SCHULTZ) DE BORBA-SILVA, DrPH, MPH, PMP
Senior Membership Relationship Associate
USA (New York)

BA (International Studies) [University of South Carolina-Columbia]; MIBS(International MBA) [University of South Carolina - The Moore School of Business]; MPH (Community Health Sciences) [UCLA]; DrPH (Health Education and Promotion)[Loma Linda University]
Setting: Non-profit Organization
Expertise: Health education, health marketing, project management, tobacco control, mixed methods research
Experience: Post-secondary health education curriculum development, teaching, pharmaceutical sales, marketing, cardiovascular and metabolic clinical education, U.S. Hispanic advertising, minority health education material development
Worked as: Public Health Strategist, Marketer & Program Manager; Adjunct College instructor, marketing manager, CV/Metabolics sales representative, asthma management project director, account executive/strategic planner/new business coordinator, Peace Corps volunteer - Ecuador, Cuba People-to-People Public Health Exchange
Dissertation: The Hookah Trend among a Southern California Community College Population

Internship: Treasury, Alcan Aluminio do Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

LinkedIn Profile

Kim Doughty KIM DOUGHTY, PhD
Assistant Professor
USA (Connecticut)

BS (Nutrition and Dietetics) [University of New Haven]; MPH (Health Promotion) [Southern Connecticut State University]; PhD (Public Health Nutrition) [University of Massachusetts, Amherst]
Setting: Non-profit agency
Expertise: Grant writing; nutrition intervention evaluation
Experience: College teaching; nutritional interventions and consultations
Worked as:Visiting Professor; Research Scientist; Research Associate/Project Coordinator; Assistant professor; research associate; teaching assistant, research assistant
Dissertation: Maternal Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Infant Feeding Practices, and Early Indicators of Obesity Risk in a Sample of Mother-Infant Dyads in the U.S.

Thesis: Nutrient content of school-bought lunches and lunches brought from home as consumed by high school students
Internship: Pomperaug District Department of Health, CT

LinkedIn Profile

Data Scientist
USA (Washington)
Tel:647-348-5875 (eves)

BS [Andhra University, India], MSc (Zoology) [Bhopal University, India], PhD (Zoology - specializing in Mosquito borne diseases) [Osmania University, India]; M.S. (Biology - specializing in Immunology) [York University, Canada]

Setting: Research Institution
Research Interests and Expertise: Multidisciplinary academic and professional trainings framed my research interests and goals. They are broadly focused on the molecular epidemiology and evolution of RNA viruses (Influenza A viruses, RSV, and Adenovirus) and climate warming impact on the vectors and vector borne diseases (Lyme disease, Filariasis). Modelling approaches to understand the intervening disease mechanisms at the population and the cellular levels of pathogens, vector and host.
Experience: Emerging Infectious diseases (Influenza A virus, vector borne diseases), Biology/Medical Entomology, Epidemiology, Bioinformatics, and Immuno-epidemiological modeling. Author of numerous peer-reviewed research articles; reviewer for high rated journals; scientific conference oral and poster presentations
Worked as: Research Associate/Epidemiologist; Research Scientist [Centre for Disease Modeling, York University]; Data Analyst [Mount Sinai Hospital, Canada];Postdoctoral Fellow [York University, Canada]; Postdoctoral Fellow [University of Maryland, USA], Project Research Fellow [Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR), India]
Patents/Copyrights: Expert system for rapid mosquito identification; Filariasis relational database management system
Internship: Osmania University, India
Thesis: Computer applications for mosquito-borne disease management

LinkedIn Profile

USA (Connecticut)

BS (Public Health) [Southern Connecticut State University]
Setting: School of Public Health
Community public health and behavioral health services and collaboration; Substance abuse prevention
Experience: Opioid prevention services coordination and delivery; grant writing activities; youth substance use prevention activities; program-related data collection activities
Worked as: Prevention Professional, Project director; Meriden Healthy Youth Coalition Co-Chair
Internship: Southington STEPS Coalition

Special projects: Tobacco-Free Ambassador; Collegiate Health Service Corps

Certifications: Self-Management And Recovery Training (SMART Recovery) Facilitator; Mental Health First Aid Certified; Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified; Adolescent Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (A-SBIRT) Certified; Public Health Faculty Certificate of Honorable Mention CPR AED Certified; Certificate for Basic Skills for Working with Smokers


Public Health Professor Emerita
USA (Connecticut)
(203)468-9911 (eves)

BA [Albertus Magnus College]; AS (Nursing) [Quinnipiac University]; MPH (Community Health Education) [Southern CT State University]; PhD [Salve Regina University]
Setting: University
Expertise: School health services
Experience: Program management, services coordination
Worked as: Coordinator of Graduate Studies; Critical care nurse; School nurse in city-wide school system
Internship: District-wide health needs assessment NH schools
Doctoral dissertation: Narratives of Melancholy: Sense of Self in Depression from Asylums to Neuropsychiatry
CT childhood lead poisoning program Evaluation of screening practices
SCSU Profile

Executive Editor
USA (Connecticut)

BA [Syracuse University]; MPH (Community Health Education) [Southern CT State University]
Setting: Non-profit organization - Academic
Expertise: Medical publishing; professional continuing education program development and evaluation
Experience: Publication production, copyediting/proofreading, typesetting; Needs assessment; coalition building; conference management; Web site management; database management
Worked as: Publications Manager; Communications strategist; managing editor; production director
Internship: Health Communications Fellow, National Cancer Institute
Special Project:
Health literacy in an ESL Population
Other experiences: VP of Membership, NIH Toastmasters Club; Volunteer Communication Specialist, Army of Women; ESL Instructor, Literacy Volunteers; Global Impact Fellow - Ghana, Unite for Sight;
Honors: Syracuse University: Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Founders Scholar & Citizenship Scholar; President of Sigma Nu Fraternity

Health Program Associate
USA (Connecticut)
424-5670 (Days); (203)934-6367 (Eves)

BS (Health and Societal Issues) [University of Connecticut], MPH (Community Health Education) [Southern CT State University]; MBA (Health/Health Care Administration/Management) [Quinnipiac University]

Setting: State social services agency
Expertise: Managed care, Sexual assault prevention, community interventions
Experience: Counseling, data and project management, curriculum development, counseling, business analysis
Worked as: Health Program Assistant 2 - Person-Centered Medical Home Lead/Health Information Technology [HIT]; Health Program Assistant 1/Managed Care Organization Plan Liaison; Program and project coordinator; sexual assault crisis hotline counselor; truancy prevention mentor; Data management and research consultant
Internship: Sexual Assault Crisis Service, New Haven, CT
Special Project: An intervention to raise awareness of sexual assault among college men in the New Haven, CT area
LinkedIn Profile

Public Health Specialist; Adjunct Lecturer
USA (Connecticut)
(203)506-9082 (Eves)

BS & MPH (Public Health) [Southern CT State University]
Setting: Local health district; University
Expertise: Community interventions; Communications; TIPS Trainer; Environmental Strategies; and Drug and Alcohol Prevention
Experience: Alcohol and Drug Prevention; Communications; Grant Writing and Environmental Strategies
Worked as: Project Director; Community Program Manager; Prevention Specialist Intern; Community Program Intern
Internship: Valley Substance Abuse Action Council, Ansonia, CT; VNASCC, New Haven, CT
LinkedIn Profile

Public Health Educator / Public Information Officer; Adjunct faculty
USA (New York)
585-589-3162 (Days)

AAS (Criminal Justice/Police Option) [Erie Community College]; BS (Interdisciplinary Studies/Health Education) [Empire State College]; MSEd (Education) [SUNY-Brockport]
Setting: County Health Department
Expertise: Communication; project development; mental health services; tobacco cessation programming
Experience: Grant writing/review, CDC Public Health Association Program (PHAP) fellow mentoring, developing community health education interventions, community collaboration/networking, program development/review, training; leadership; college teaching; community volunteer board and coalition building
Special Project: Community Health Assessment
Certifications: Master Certified Health Education Specialist; Certified Wellness Program Manager; Certified Wellness Program Coordinator
LinkedIn Profile

Associate Public Health Consultant
USA (Arizona)

BS (Public Health) [University of Arizona]; MS (Biomedical Science) [Midwestern University]
Setting: Public Health informatics company
Community health services and health education coordination; Webpage development and management; university support services; SEO strategies;
Experience: Coordinates and delivers health services; community services navigation; health risk assessment; community health education program development; Web-based services; medical records and database development; fundraising; working with a Tribal Nation and farmers markets;
Worked as: Community Health Representative/Site coordination; Digital marketing specialist; medication room support; community health worker; university department program support services;
Internship: University of Arizona's Athletic Department;

Special projects: Flying Samaritans Arizona; Pre-Dental Honor Society;

Certifications: Indian Health Service: Community Representative Training/Certification; Certified Basic Life Support Instructor; Basic Life Support Training; American Heart Association: First Aid Certifications & CPR Certification; Stanford University: Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Leader.

LinkedIn Profile
Professor, Health Science
USA (Minnesota)

BS (Exercise Science Corporate Wellness, Psychology, Summa Cum Laude) [Winona State University]; MS (Community Health) [Minnesota State University]; PhD (Health Education) [University of Kansas]
Setting: University
Expertise: Suicide prevention; program planning; health communications; sexuality education; alcohol education; death and bereavement
Experience: Academic program administration; university teaching; adolescent wellness programs; health education program development, implementation and evaluation; peer educator training; conference and professional presentations; grant writing
Worked as: Associate Professor; Community Health Education Internship Director; Community Health Education Program Coordinator; NCHEC DBCHES Director; Coordinator, Teen Health & Wellness Centers; Coordinator of Education Now and Babies Later (ENABL) Program; group home counselor; weight loss program director; helpline health educator; graduate assistant
Internships: StayWell Health Management Systems,Inc (MN)
Certifications: ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training); QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Instructor Certification Program; Chronic Care Professional (CCP) Certification; MCHES/CHES; Instructor Certified for Adult and Child First Aid and CPR, and AED.
Dissertation: Effects of personalized feedback and health communication on alcohol-related behaviors and attitudes of binge drinking college students.

Awards Scholarship of Teaching and learning Faculty Learning Community Award; Affiliated Community Health Foundation Achievement Award for Innovation and Teen Wellness; numerous grant funding awards for adolescent wellness programs
LinkedIn Profile

Brandy Barnett Holloman
Health Education Specialist; Adjunct Professor
USA (Georgia)

B.S. (Exercise Science) & M.S. (Health Promotion) [University of Mississippi], DHEd (Health Education) [A.T. Still University]
Additional courses and education: Essential Epidemiologic Tools for Public Health Practice, Johns Hopkins University, 2020; Courses: New York University GPH-GU 2503 Special Topics: Through the COVID-19 Magnifying Glass: An Examination of Racial and SES Disparities in the U.S.
Licenses/Certifications: Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES); Evidence-Based Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions Master Trainer & National Consultant Trainer, ETR Associates
Settings: Local Public Health District; Local, Statewide, and National Nonprofits; Community-based Organizations, Small Business Owner, and Consultant; University System, and Federal Government Contractor
Expertise: Public Health Program Management, Adolescent Health and Youth Development, Adolescent Sexual Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Training Design and Delivery, Instructional Design, Qualitative Research and Evaluation, Program Planning and Implementation, Rural Healthcare Delivery, Grant Writing, Consulting, and Technical Assistance
Experience: Nearly 20 years of training development and delivery, instructional design, technical assistance, and program implementation expertise in rural and urban communities and nationally. Staff management, grant writing and reporting, program oversight, fiscal management, evaluation design and analysis (primarily qualitative), and teaching. As a small-business owner, I provide evidence-based interventions, research-based training, technical assistance, health equity education, and adolescent sexual and reproductive health programs and education.
Worked as: Grants Coordinator, Public Health Educator, Health Education Specialist, Program Manager, Training and Technical Assistance Provider, Research Associate, Senior Research Consultant, and Professor
Dissertation: Parents, Caregivers, and Sexuality: Communicating with Middle School-aged Children about Sex. (A. T. Still University Doctor of Health Education Dissertation).
Honors/Awards: Certificate of Academic Excellence, A. T. Still University of Health Sciences 4.0 GPA Honors; Contributing Author of The Center for Sexuality Education's "How I Got into Sex Ed" book; University of Mississippi Athletics Association 4-year letter winner and Academic Honors, Southeastern Conference's Track and Field Second-team All-SEC Honors, and Sophomore Homecoming Representative
Other areas of expertise and interest: Health equity, anti-racism initiatives, social justice issues, youth-service programs, sustainability planning, and teaching sexuality education to adolescents and their families.
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. - Special Projects Chair and Health Initiatives Committee; Black Ladies in Public Health (BLiPH) Ambassador; University of Mississippi Athletic Association (UMAA) Women's Sports Health Initiatives
LinkedIn Profile

Teresa Huang
Supervising Public Health Advisor
USA (New York)

BA (Psychology and minor in Criminal Justice) [Polytechnic Institute], MPH (Health Policy, Management, & Behavior) [University at Albany]
Additional courses and education: CPR/AED Basic First Aid (adult/child/infant); Mental Health First Aid (adult/youth); Food Safety; Opioid Overdose Prevention; Contact Tracing
Licenses/Certifications: Certificate in Global Health Studies; Master Certified Health Education Specialist
Settings: City Hospital (NYC H+H); Non-profit (local and international NGO); Global Health (Malawi, China, Australia); University (Malawi); Peace Corps (Malawi); UNESCO (Malawi); Research (China)
Expertise: Health Education Communications and Tool Design (brochure, magazine, website, etc.); Program Evaluation (design, M&E, etc.); Program Management (outreach, training/workshops, etc.); Grassroots Development (needs assessment, stakeholder engagement, sustainability, etc.); Policy and Program Development (Intervention design, ethical leadership, funding management, etc.); Grant writing
Experience: Health Education Communications and Tool Design (brochure, magazine, website, etc.); Program Evaluation (design, M&E, etc.); Program Management (outreach, training/workshops, etc.); Grassroots Development (needs assessment, stakeholder engagement, sustainability, etc.); Policy and Program Development (Intervention design, ethical leadership, funding management, etc.); Grant writing
Worked as: Hospice Liaison; Research and Development Specialist; Community Development Coordinator; Program Design Outreach Consultant; Director of Community Outreach; Public Health Adviser; Health and Wellness Advisor; Case Planner
Internship: CHD Dept, Guangdong Provincial Hospital, Guangzhou, China
Thesis: Obesity in Childhood
Honors/Awards: Polytechnic Institute Chancellor's Excellence Award 2012 (Leadership and civic engagement) & Psychology Community Leadership Award 2012 (Dedication to public service)
Other areas of expertise and interest: Maternal and Child Health; Health Education and Communications; Mentoring
LinkedIn Profile

Public Health/Epidemiology Consultant; Sickle Cell Disease Project Director
USA (Missouri)

BSc (Health Science[Zoology]) [University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria]; MSc(Medical Parasitology & Health Education) [Imo State University, Nigeria]; PhD (Public Health Epidemiology & Medical Parasitology) [Abia State University, Nigeria]; DS (Glasgow-Scotland) - Post-doctoral certification in Infectious Diseases
Setting: Non-profit agency
Expertise: Project management, fundraising, health education
Experience: Infection control; health promotion/education; best Sickle cell Disease management strategies; HIV/AIDS management; women's health issues; African public health issues; international development; clinical epidemiology; clinical trials, research management; university teaching; academic writing
Worked as: Infection control supervisor, outreach director, research team leader, research supervisor, public health director and consultant; clinical research specialist and supervisor; lead investigator; adjunct professor and lecturer; medical laboratory scientist
Certification: CPR
Commendation: Health and Life International Nigeria - for outstanding improvement for HIV and Infectious Diseases Control
Media: BBC London guest speaker for sickle cell crisis management strategies
Fluent in: English, Ibo, French, Hausa
LinkedIn Profile

Regulatory Health Manager
USA (Maryland)
Tel: (301)325-9783

BS (Biomedical Science) [Rochester Institute of Technology], MPH (Health Education & Promotion; Health Management & Policy [Benedictine University], PhD [Walden University]
Setting: Federal government agency
Expertise: Health education program development and implementation for underserved population; program evaluation; patient health education; preventive health services; teaching
Experience: Grant-funded "Community Health Education Program" development and implementation for underserved population; worksite health promotion; health screenings; database management; event planning; health education materials development; programmatic technical support; coalition and partnership building; clinical research coordination, teaching scientific subjects
Worked as: Community Health Education Specialist; Health screening technician; health coach; program assistant ;
Certifications: American Red Cross certifications in first aid, CPR, AED
Awards: Girl Scout Silver Award; ABRCMS FASEB Travel Award Recipient 2009; Presidential Leadership Award 2010
FDA Profile

Vice President- Regional Ambulatory Services at Northwell Health; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Hofstra University
USA (New York)

BS (Liberal Studies, Biology, Philosophy) [Fairfield University], MPH (Community Health Education); MBA [Southern CT State University]
Setting: Hospital Emergency Department; University
Expertise: NDMS/FEMA disaster preparedness and response, physician practice leadership, hospital administration, Business administration in a managed care setting; Sigma Six Champion; strategy planning and development; emergency medical services; teaching
Experience: implementing quality improvement strategies; team management; community boards of directors
Worked as: Vice President - ENT Service Line; Assistant Vice President, Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Service Line; healthcare operations/leadership, Contract compliance; Master Instructor/Faculty for Center for Domestic Preparedness (FEMA/Dept Homeland Security) (Anniston, AL); Executive Vice President, Long Island Hearing and Speech Society Board of Directors; Administrative Director, Department of Emergency Medicine; Paramedic - National Disaster Medical System, DMAT NY-2; COO, Director of Vendor Operations Management; Account and commercial services manager; paramedical examiner; provider operations manager; enrollment and billing manager; regional financial analyst; special projects coordinator; emergency services faculty; paramedic
Specials Projects: Community healthcare delivery post-Hurricane Sandy: Lessons from a mobile medical unit ; Project Coastal Care
Licenses: Paramedic CT and NY
Certifications: US Department of Homeland Security, FEMA - Center for Domestic Preparedness-Healthcare Leadership for Mass Casualty Incidents (HCL); numerous others, see Public Profile Link Below
Awards: Award for Clinical Excellence; American Ambulance Association's Star of Life
Lien C, Raimo J, Abramowitz J, Khanijo S, Kritharis, A, Mason C, Jarmon CH, Nash I, Carney MT: Community Healthcare Delivery Post Hurricane Study: Lessons from a Mobile Health Unit. J Community Health: Vol 39: 599-605 January 2014
New York Academy of Medicine. (2014). Beyond the Go Kit: Empowering Older Adults in Disasters.
LinkedIn Profile

Sharon Joseph SHARON L. JOSEPH, MBA, MPH, CHES® , Public Notary
Director, Health Information Services & HIPAA Compliance; Chief Privacy Officer
USA (Connecticut)
E-mailSee LinkedIn Profile

BS (Health Promotion), MPH (Community Health Education)[Southern CT State University], MBA [University of Hartford]
Setting: Non-profit community health center
Expertise: Oral health, plan implementation, health promotion in a health care setting
Experience: Grant and budget management, oversight, coordination, implementation and evaluation of comprehensive health promotion programs and product lines; collaborative health and wellness programs; health screening; conducts health education sessions; multitasking; media liaison; educational brochure and training manual development; professional communication networks; action research methods
Worked as: Clinical Process Improvement Specialist, Manager, Health Information & Clinical Referrals Coordinator of health promotion/marketing; physician liaison; program coordinator; program supervisor; home behavioral health manager, research assistant
Certifications: CPR; CPR instructor certification; adult vision screener
Internship: University of Hartford Magnet School
Thesis: Hypertension and the Influence of Lifestyle Factors
LinkedIn Profile

Professor; Senior Associate Dean - Student and Academic Affairs
USA (New York)

MBBS [GGSMC Medical College, Punjabi University India], MPH [Boston University]
Setting: University
Expertise: Public health informatics; clinical decision support systems; patient safety; health outcomes infectious diseases; statistical analysis
Experience: Multi-Center studies coordination; research project management; community outreach programs for polio, cholera, TB and HIV; TB and Hepatitis C pilot studies; grant applications; database development; outcomes data analysis; small business research; emergency department medicine; community medical care
Worked as: Research specialist; research assistant; medical resident
Special Project: Telemanagement Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, Osteroarthritis, Kiosk education at VA hospitals
Internships: Cambridge Public Health Department (MA); Institute of Community Health (MA); Medical - epidemiologic assessment of asthma, COPD, hypertension and diabetes
Thesis: Epidemiology of breast cancer in the African-American pre-menopausal and adolescent girls and associated risk factors of obesity

University bio
Linkedin Profile

Me now
PHENOM Program Director; Adjunct Professor, Webmaster University of Pittsburgh Supercourse Lecturer
USA (Connecticut)

BS (Nursing) [Columbia University], MPH (Health Education/Health Promotion)[Southern CT State University]
Additional courses and education: Quality Improvement and Performance Measurement (Johns Hopkins University, graduate); General Anthropology, Motivation, Psychopathology, Social Psychology (City College of New York, undergraduate)
Licenses/Certifications: Registered Nurse; Public Notary; Master Certified Health Education Specialist
Settings: University; World Wide Web
Expertise: Public health surveillance; chronic disease epidemiology; epidemiological investigations; quality assurance; surveillance system development and management; program and project management; program development and evaluation; curriculum development; COVID-19; Monkeypox; cardiovascular disease, diabetes, adult lead poisoning
Experience: State-wide surveillance of adult lead poisoning, cardiovascular disease, diabetes; burden documentation; research project management; management information systems; web design, grant writing; state plan development; contract management; college and university teaching; Web-based services management; ACCESS database development and management; survey research; continuing education curriculum development, manuscript and health education pilot reviews; national conference planning
Worked as: Alumni Surveys Program Director & Principle Investigator; Media analyst; Nursing textbook author; Member of NCHEC Division Board for Certification of Health Education Specialists; Online instructor; Connecticut Cardiovascular and Diabetes Epidemiologist; Hepatitis Program evaluator; Associate research analyst; health program associate; state-wide lead registry & case management coordinator; HUD core consultant epidemiologist; Connecticut Road Industry Surveillance Project (CRISP) data manager; graduate thesis advisor; graduate Special Project advisor; college/pediatric/school/surgical nurse; seminar/workshop speaker
Internship: State health department - Childhood Lead Poisoning Program
Thesis: Evaluating smoking cessation programs
Honors/Awards: Columbia University. 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award Neighbors outstanding service to humanity; Southern Connecticut State University. 2011 School of Health and Human Services Outstanding Alumna "For exceptional achievement and service"; 1998 Alumni Appreciation Award "For outstanding contributions to the public health program at the University"
Other areas of expertise and interest:
COVID-19 Resources on the Net
University of Pittsburgh Supercourse's "A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology" lecture series
LinkedIn Profile

Public Health Professional
USA (Massachusetts)

MPH (Epidemiology & Biostatistics) [University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center], MBBS [Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, India]
Expertise: Statistical analysis, surveillance systems, grant review, geocoding
Experience: Surveillance systems for school-based health centers, obesity, violence against women, hepatitis B and WISEWOMEN programs; cancer incidence and mortality trends,
Worked as: Oral Health Epidemiologist; Health statistical analyst
LinkedIn Profile

Stacie Kershner
Senior Academic Professional, Deputy Director of the Center for Law, Health & Society at a State University
USA (Atlanta, Georgia)

Bachelor of Arts (Sociology/Anthropology) [Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA]; Juris Doctor [Georgia State University College of Law, Atlanta, GA]
Additional courses and education: Graduate Certificate (Public Health) [Georgia State University School of Public Health, Atlanta, GA]
Licenses/Certifications: Active Member in Good Standing, State Bar of Georgia
Settings: Research and academic center in a law school at a large metropolitan university. Previously, worked in a small legal program within a government agency. Also consult for a national member organization.
Expertise: Legal research and writing, teaching and training law and lay audiences, development of legal tools and resources, legal epidemiology, program development and management, budget and finance, communications, event planning, and advisement and mentoring.
Experience: Nationally recognized, top health law program administration. Teach public health law to law and graduate students, health care and public health attorneys, public health practitioners, government officials, judges, and others. Conduct research on public health and health equity related topics. Published articles and book chapters for lay audiences and spoken with media. Planned numerous conferences on a wide range of health care and public health topics for variety of audiences. Applied for and managed grants. Developed tools and training and provided technical legal assistance to federal, state, and local public health officials and attorneys.
Worked as: Associate Director, Legal Consultant, Legal Policy Analyst.
Internship: Post JD, multi-year fellowship with the CDC's Public Health Law Program.
Honors/Awards: 2010 Award of Achievement for Outstanding Service to the Public from the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar of Georgia
Other areas of expertise and interest: Volunteer on pro bono legal cases related to special education.
Academic Bio
Google Scholar
LinkedIn Profile

Tahir Hussain Kharal TAHIR HUSSAIN KHARAL,M.B.B.S., MPH, MSc
Assistant Principal Medical Officer (BPS-19)
Tel: +92(0)3457217000

M.B.B.S.(Punjab University, Pakistan); MSc (A.I.O University Islamabad, Pakistan); MPH (University of Umea, Sweden)
Setting: Government health agency and hospital
Expertise: Delivery of medical and surgical services; infectious disease surveillance; evironmental medicine; public health evaluation; monitoring and evaluating public health programs; occupational safety and health
Experience: TB services; HIV/AIDS trainer; Pandemic influenza master trainer; first aid resource person; paramedic training; industrial workers education; medical student tutor

Worked as: Assistant professor of community medicine and public health; In charge of casualty and dialysis department; Pediatric Medical Officer; general medical practitioner; resident house physician and surgeon, resident house officer
Projects: Hospital waste management: An Environmental Threat in Pakistan and its Solution (program evaluation); Assessment of TB DOTS
Theses: Tuberculosis in Private Industrial Workers of Pakistan. What could be improved to make the DOTS strategy more effective? (University of Umea) Relation between low birth weight babies and antenatal case with nutritional status in the women of private industrial workers.
Certifications: Hospital Preparedness for Emergencies graduate; Post-graduate Diploma in Nutrition; Certificates in ARI & CDD, Medical Transcription, Quality Control
LinkedIn Profile

USA (California)

MBBS/MD [Kurnool Medical College, India], MPH (Epidemiology) [East Carolina University]
Expertise: Epidemiology, health services research, obesity and diabetes programs, statistical analysis
Experience: Research, data management and analysis; quality control; program evaluation; developing materials for college computer course; performing surgical procedures
Worked as: Research assistant, graduate assistant, medical and surgical intern
USNews Bio

USA (Pennsylvania)

BS (Public Health) [West Chester University of Pennsylvania]
Setting: Hospital
Expertise: Health education program development, implementation and evaluation; patient counseling; behavior modification; skilled in establishing, developing and managing community partnerships (religious, school, federal/state agencies, community groups, non profit organizations, and healthcare agencies)
Experience: Health education instruction; curriculum development; development of community education materials; grant implementation; data analysis
Worked as: Program Specialist, Health Education; Health educator; community health educator; field services agency rep
Internship: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Special Project: Educational materials for Asian refugees
LinkedIn Profile

Ashmita Lama
Non-profit leadership intern; MPH student
USA (Connecticut)

Bachelor in Public Health (2019) (Purbanchal University)
Additional courses and education: Harvard Medical School Course: Enduring material titled Treatment of Infectious Disease and Immunocompromised Patients;, ICU Management of COVID-19 Part II; Issues in Vaccine Development for Coronaviruses; Leadership and Organizing online course.
Licenses/Certifications: Public Health Officer Nepal (Nepal Health Professional Council)
Settings: Non-profit organization, university
Expertise: SPSS software, program evaluation, occupational health training, data collection both quantitative and qualitative data, grant writing.
Experience: Provided public health assessment, training and services in remote areas of Nepal. Conducted awareness program in the sub-urban areas and remote areas of Nepal on family planning, breastfeeding, golden 1000 days importance, SUAAHARA Program by USAID, and Dengue prevention strategies. Organized health camps and awareness programs on communicable diseases (Tuberculosis and waterborne diseases diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, etc.).
Worked as: COVID-19 contact tracer: Connecticut Department of Public Health, Facilitator: Bagmati River Basin Project. Safety trainer during the first, and second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic; Content Writer intern; wastewater safety trainer, occupational health trainer, capacity--building trainer. Researcher for Community Health Diagnosis in remote areas of Nepal (Nuwakot and Dolakha) District. Peace First Project Grantee: Provided safety materials (gloves, sanitizer, masks, essential medicines, hygiene kits and toiletries) to the old age and child care homes in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Internship: Non-profit Leadership intern at the Borgen Project, non-profit organization addressing poverty and hunger.
Theses: Factor Affecting Suicidal Behavior among Adolescents in Selected Higher Secondary School of Kathmandu Valley
Unheard and Ignored: Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Disadvantaged Children in Nepal
Honors/Awards: Deans Scholarship at the University of New Haven, Peace First Project Grantee, Winner for the Best Sustainable Development Goals Festival Booth during the 9th Pacific Youth Exchange, the Philippines held at Asian Development Bank Headquarter, Manila.
Project Rahat
LinkedIn Profile

Epic Optimization Program Coordinator
USA (New York)

MPH (International Health Policy and Programs), MA [International Development][George Washington University]
Setting: Hospital
Expertise: International public health program management; HIV/AIDS and TB programs; HIV/AIDS counselor training; maternal child health; reproductive health; Haitian public health issues
Fluent: Haitian Creole (S4/R4); French (S4/R4); Novice Spanish (S2/R2)
Experience: Program development, management, evaluation; health education curriculum development; community development and education; health information dissemination; research, data management and analysis; public health and health services integration; electronic health records;
Worked as: EPIC Credentialed Trainer - Electronic Medical Records; Field supervisor; database manager, statistics and coding assistant; technical assistant, program officer
LinkedIn Profile

Supervising Epidemiologist
USA (Connecticut)
:(860)509-7677(days)/(860) 484-4252 (eves)

BA (Economics) [University of Connecticut], MPH (Community Health Education) [Southern CT State University]
Setting: State health department
Expertise: Environmental and child health program management, lead poisoning
Experience: Grant writing and administration; child and environmental case management, childhood lead program coordinator, surveillance system development, statistical reporting, MOU oversight; annual training coordination; developing in-service programs; conducting needs assessments and complaint investigations; Web site management; food service inspections; outreach campaigns
Worked as: District health department and local health department sanitarian
Internship: Covenant Village
Thesis: An evaluation of the Connecticut Keep-It-Clean Campaign: A lead poisoning prevention program
Certifications: CT Certified Food Service Sanitation Officer; Sub-surface sewage disposal systems Level 1, Lead Inspector Risk Assessor; RMD's LPA-1 Lead Paint Inspection System
LinkedIn Profile

Statewide Infection Control Director
USA (Maryland)

BS (Environmental Sciences) [SUNY Syracuse]; MS (Soil Science/Wetlands) [University of Massachusetts]; MPH (Community Health Education) [Southern CT State University]
Settings: Hospital
Expertise: Public health administration; food safety; septic systems; wetlands
Experience: Community public health issues; sewage and water supply programs; public health inspections; occupational health and safety; environmental compliance; microbiological and chemical analyses; corrections issues; emergency response education; public health budgeting
Worked as: Epidemiologist; Senior inspector; program manager; environmental hygienist; manager of sewage treatment plant operations; environmental laboratory technician/operations; graduate assistant/researcher; emergency response instructor
Internship: City of Danbury
Caroline Commissioners Appoint Scott LeRoy as Health Officer
LinkedIn Profile

Chief Strategy Officer; Acclerator Cohort 7; Flipaswitchblog Founder/Writer; StartupGrind Contributing Author
Senior Consultant

USA (North Carolina)

BS (Biological Sciences; Minor: Biomedical Engineering) [University of California - Irvine]; MPH (Health Education & Promotion) [University of Southern California - Keck School of Medicine]
Setting: For-profit Research
Expertise: Web-relate publishing and business development; Wellness program coordination, men's health; alcoholism; tobacco; adolescent health; health promotion and education program development and implementation; health education material development; policy development; public health advocacy; online health education materials
Experience: Program development, evaluation and assessment; blogging; coordination and event planning; social marketing and health communication; health promotion and lifestyle coaching; research analysis; peer review
Worked as: Health promotion coordinator and lifestyle coach; program associate; health education and promotion director; men's health state coordinator; course development consultant; health educator; tobacco task force leader
Internship: Men's Health Network advocacy intern

Certifications: CPR/AED certified

Awards: University of California's Academic Excellence in Italian language and culture
LinkedIn Profile

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