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"Contacting mentors in the public health field has provided me with insight and knowledge of other possible career choices. I feel that the public health profession does a lot to help society as a whole. If I were to change careers in the future, I will definitely consider public health as a possible career choice." (Neal A., 2005)

"By talking with my mentors I learned that nothing comes easy, and regardless of what career I choose, I will have to dedicate a lot of hard work and energy. I was amazed to learn that there are some people who care about the health of the public and some are even volunteering simply to make a difference." (Naima A., 2005)

"I found that one of the best ways to get a professional job is by networking. When I'm going to get my master's degree, I think I may choose to get it in Public Health. Talking to people who are working in that field gave me a better understanding of how the field works and what to expect. It is much easier to understand Public Health when talking to someone working in the field. When I talked to my mentors, I see that they have a passion for what they are doing. They encourage me to learn more about the field. They are friendly people and they are willing to help others. Overall, I think this assignment was really a great experience for me to develop my interests in Public Health." (Jonas C., 2005)

"Contacting and talking with mentors helped me a lot in my career aspirations. All had a different approach to telling me things about their professions and what's out there for me, if I choose to go into Public Health. Also, it was helpful and reassuring to know that they were still passionate about whty do even after all the years of being in the same line of work. It was very reassuring to me because I wasn't sure whether or not Public Health would be right for me, but after alking to the mentors, it seem like a good field to go into. I thought I knew what they might say to a few of my questions, but I was blown away by the passion they all have for their work. I think this assignment is also very useful to people who were not at all thinking about going to the Public Health field. This assignment could show them insight to Public Health that they may have never known. In conclusion, I would recommend that this assignment be always part of "Introduction to Public Health" because of everything you can learn by talking to the mentors. Also, it can give someone some inspiration and get them excited about working in Public Health. Public Health has interested me before I wrote this paper, but afterwards, it made me even more interested in the field and the major." (John C., 2005)

"I must say that all the mentors had an impact on me as an individual and my own career aspirations. Talking to these different people was very useful and some of the things I learned will be things I will carry with me forever. I thanked each of these mentors for taking their time out to assist me with this assignment because they really didn't have to. I know just by talking to them that they all have very busy lives and I am appreciative of the time they spent with me." (Shayla C., 2005)

"Although I am not a Public Health major, I found that speaking to a professional was very useful. One of my mentors was very interested in what I plan to do in Communications. She even suggested paths I can take with Communications in Public Health. Interviewing professionals was a very worthwhile and I highly suggest it to any college student." (Mary C., 2005)

"I felt that all the mentors were wonderful people who truly believe in bettering the community and doing their hardest in achieving their ambitions. After hearing about each mentor's job, I do feel if things don't work out in my career path I could have a chance in Public Health. I am a person who is determined and hard-working and once I have my mind on something I will do my hardest in achieving that goal. This is the same vision all three of my mentors expressed. I am also a good "people person." It seems to me this is a quality one must have in this field to get the funds to help those in need. I felt that all three mentors were excellent human beings who make a difference in our society, and that is the vision I have as well. It was pleasant to talk to someone in the field of Public Health. It is good to talk to someone to see what they do and what projects and goals they are working on to better our community and life. It is also pleasurable to know what they are doing in their careers to better the citizens. This assignment was also useful to establish contacts for future endeavors. Two of my contacts got their jobs through networking. This is a vital aspect in getting a job in our society. This assignment was also useful for the the fact of networking in today's competitive field. All three of my mentors were pleasant to converse with and excellent people with determined hearts and aspirations I admire." (Robin E., 2005)

"I was able to make contact with very accomplished and accommodating women in the Public Health field. The mentors provided valuable insight to their professions which was very helpful in writing this paper. These women are true examples of role models for their peers, and the surrounding communities they serve. I admire the fact that each of them take pride and enjoyment in their work, and are so dedicated to their profession. These characteristics are extremely important in the Public Health field, especially if one is trying to effect change, and make a difference in people's lives. Just knowing that they are people like these women in leadership roles in health and programs reassures me that Public Health is an ever-growing and expanding necessity in today's world. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to connect with these dedicated professionals." (Elizabeth G., 2005)

"Dr. Boulet will have a lasting impression on me because she suggested to never ever lose your "spark." Whatever prompted you to enter your field is the key to helping you maintain your vision, and I will never forget those words of wisdom. When I started on this project, I did not really understand the magnitude of this experience, and I have personally grown from it. A couple of the mentors suggested I keep in touch, and they hope all is well in my future career." (Shamar H., 2005)

"My contacts really opened my eyes and helped me to think out of the box a little as far as my career was concerned. Because originally I was going to school just for Nursing, but now I want a minor in Public Health. I became more open minded about my career path because I've learned that I can link Nursing with Public Health, and they would be great together. After talking to my contacts I was inspired and also encouraged because they reminded me to keep my door open to other areas, instead of just one specific thing. It was definitely nice to hear these uplifting thoughts. I think it was definitely worth it to talk to someone in the field. It also gave me an idea of what to expect in the Public Health field. It also showed me that Public Health is a really broad field. It showed me how Public Health can be easily linked to some other field. Overall, the experience that I had with all the mentors was great. However, it was Maria Metcalf who inspired me more than anyone else to do Public Health as well as Nursing. Although she was so far away, I felt a connection and understanding between the two of us that I did not feel with anyone else. I am fascinated with the wonderful work that she is doing, I think it's amazing to be able to do the type of work that she does. I think she was an excellent mentor. She gave the best advice about career paths and also the reason for going into a certain career. She was extremely open with her life and what she does. I think that's one of the reasons why I liked her the most. I think she should mentor a lot of students and I am sure they would find her to be helpful the way that I did." (Daphnee L., 2005)

In conclusion, I found this assignment to be the most rewarding, honest, and practical experience to receive direct information on Public Health. What better way than straight from the mouths of public health professionals to explain, teach and provide a wealth of information regarding your future career! Many thanks to all those hard working mentors, who gave up their time and had faith in helping others. This is something more students, teachers and business associates should be involved in. It is a wonderful program to actually speak and discuss issues pertaining to your field. Thank you, Professor Jung, in giving me the opportunity to share in a whirlpool of information. I enjoyed speaking and learning new approaches to dealing with health issues. I enjoyed meeting new friends and building a network of experienced professionals to aid in my success." (Linda L., 2005)

"Erica Garcia made me feel the most comfortable, maybe because I found her job the most interesting. She told me that I could call back any time if I had any more questions. So if I do decide to become involved with preventing teen pregnancy, I know I can call her. The whole experience I feel was very useful and informative. I would have never gotten to contact these people and learn about their lives if I didn't have this assignment. Thought Public Health is not my major, I was still interested in each mentor's experiences in the field of Public Health." (Heather M., 2005)

"On a more personal level, being that I'm a Sociology major, I felt the assignment to be a little insignificant. However, I was completely wrong. The interviews were so enlightening and positive. I felt like I could continue with my education and accomplish something. I realized that Public Health is in almost every aspect of life. It involves people and health, which are very important to functioning as a country. Asking professionals about their career choices and history was exciting. I enjoyed their enthusiasm towards what they do. Each individual expressed the satisfaction of achieving such a challenging goal and being successful at it. In conclusion, I have learned so much, and hope the mentors have also with answering my questions. I feel I might have raised some questions in the professionals' minds. In any case, the assignment has broadened my outlook on Public Health and I now realize it exists in every part of our lives." (Carissa M., 2005)

"I got a great inside perspective of the Public Health field through these interviews. I think I learned more about working in Public Health through doing this paper than any other assignment in class. My second year at this school I was going to add a Public Health Minor but Biology was overwhelming on its own so I opted not to. I was still unsure if it was something I wanted but these interviews helped me to make up my mind. I am like these women in terms of personality, motivation and affection. I know now that I am cut out for Public Health more than I am for Biology. I will be coming back to Southern for my MPH and I would like to work in Epidemiology." (Deborah N., 2005)

"Talking to the mentors was a great insight in getting to know more about the field of Public Health and the level of education needed in order to succeed. They helped my career aspirations because I learned though talking to the mentors that a plain degree in Public Health will not get me further in my career. I need to other background, such as Nursing or a doctorate degree in order to have a good career. I also learned that networking is very vital in getting great job offers, even before graduation. I also learned that communication and writing skills are essential in the field of Public Health. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to speak to the mentors because it gave me useful information and gives me a direction I need to take in order to succeed in my career. They helped me understand what I need to do in order to achieve my goals." (Reena P., 2005)

"These mentors I contacted affected my career aspirations by showing that there are many different fields within Public Health. I am currently a Exercise Science major with a Public Health minor and I was not sure what I could do with Public Health. Now I have a better understanding of the different options one has within the Public Health field, along with a great respect for the people within these professions. I believe now I will be exploring the many different career options I can obtain through the Public Health field and how it can relate to the profession I am currently seeking. I believe contacting these mentors and talking with someone working in the field was very useful because, like I previously stated, I was unaware of the many different opportunities within Public Health. They gave me a better understanding of typical days in their careers and that made me respect what they were doing even more. I believe that by talking to these mentors they are truly out to make a difference and love helping others. Now I have a better understanding in the different options I can choose from in picking a career if not directly but related to the Public Health field. I truly enjoyed contacting these mentors and valued what they had to say." (Danielle P., 2005)

"In conclusion, it was a positive experience. I really felt that I met someone who could probably help me in the future. My experience with Dominque Sherter was really positive and I would not hesitate to contact her again if the situation arises. Overall, speaking to some professionals in the field increased my knowledge of what they do and it actually made me consider the possibility of looking more into jobs that applied psychology to Public Health." (Maria R., 2005)

"Before this course, I had no idea what I would be doing with a major in Public Health. Although I still do not feel very strongly for any one focus, I believe that I want to work with children in making their lives healthier and more fulfilling. While writing this paper, and speaking with the mentors, I found it very useful to speak with someone one-on-one in the field so they could give me their own bird's eye view of the field and their own personal takes on what is important and essential to know. Nothing can take the place of experience and hands-on knowledge. The things that you learn for yourself, that could never come from reading any book are the most valuable and I got a taste of each of these mentors' own opinions. It was very helpful and insightful to have a chance to speak with them." (Victoria R., 2005)

"My career aspirations are not guided in the Public Health field, but that doesn't mean the mentors didn't affect me. It was a good way to get your foot in the door by networking. I know now that there are many doors opened in this field and if I need to fall back I have these mentors to contact. Networking is the best way for job seeking opportunities. Teaching, which is what I want to do with my life, I can use these mentors who have an expertise in curriculum planning as a guideline for my school-based health curricula. The usefulness of contacting these mentors was very accommodating in moving forward in life. Their job descriptions have helped me understand what we talked about in class more. To actually hear how they put the information that we have learned about in class into their job settings and make it work was very gratifying. The three who helped me out were very informative and were willing to answer my questions and any other further questions I had." (Katie Z., 2005)

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