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3/11/2003 - Hi, the Job Message Board is being discontinued because the sponsor requires continuous activity to maintain it. If you are interested, please subscribe to the Public Health Jobs Electronic Newsletter, which lists hundreds of jobs in the nonprofit sector and occasional jobs from the government sector. Thanks! Betty

11/2019 - Public Health Jobs E-list has been discontinued 11/2019 because Yahoo! Groups has gone defuncgt.

This site, as of: Is Listed On
September 2007 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - Career Services
September 2003Rutgers University Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy - Career Development Links
April 2003 San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health - Health Career Information Page
July 2002 Northern Illinois University Allied Health Professions Employment Opportunities Page
May 2002 American Association of Public Health Physicians Job Search Sites Page
May 2002 UMass Public Health Practice Jobs Page
March 2002 California Conference of Local Health Department Nursing Directors' PHN Job Sites Web page
February 2000 Hospitals & Health Networks Journal - Janet Kalbhen's Public Health Search Engines Listing as a Public Health Jobs Resource Site

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FYI:New Message Board started 8/15/02
FYI: Public Health Jobs E-listed was discontinued 11/2019 because Yahoo! Groups has gone defunct.

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