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23 years and counting, thanks for visiting over the years!

Betty's Cool and Useful Sites A to L

Art A finer thing in life
Bibliophilia Book lovers' enclave, section for kids
Business Corporate searches, company profiles, etc.
Cars An American obsession
Comics See you in the funnies...
Cooking & Eating Is it work to eat, or vice versa....
Death & Taxes The only 2 certainties in life...
Education - Colleges & Universities Higher learning sites, getting into...
Education - K-12 Resources on the Net
Educational Learn something while surfing
Entertainment Fun things to occupy your time
Fifteen Minutes Celebrities Past & Present
Games R & R sites
Government Major government sites dealing with politics and legal matters
History Lessons from the Past
Hobbies Avocationally speaking...
Holidays What to do on days off
Home Improvement Fixing up...
Kids Health and Science
Kids - Some More Stuff Fun Stuff
Laughing Matters Comedy, humor, on the light side..
Libraries Major libraries on line
Look it Up Here

Betty's Cool and Useful Sites M to Z

Money Matters Financial tips
Movie Madness My favorite indulgence. Section on studios. Now has its own page(8/19/00).
Music Mania Another indulgence. Sections on Beatlemania, MP3, My favorite groups. Now has its own page (8/19/00).
News What's going on
News of other kinds Of interest to some and maybe not others
Public Health Public Health and Healthcare Sites
Science & Space Physical sciences. Sections on Mars
Seasonal Stuff Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Sites
Sports Great American pastimes
Technology Y2K made us reconsider our love-hate relationship with...
Television Watch it carefully...
Translation Services When it all starts looking foreign to you....
Travel Get out the house...
Watchdog Organizations Keeping things honest...
Weblogs Cyber diaries their writers want you to read
Web Resources On the Internet Basic Info about the WWW, Software downloads, Web utilities
Web Site Development Resources On the Internet Resource sites for aspiring webmasters

Everything You Wanted to Know About....

Everything You Wanted to Know About Chinese Culture

Betty's Choices of Useful Sites for Daily Activities

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