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Jobhunting Tips for graduates with a Public Health degree

Job Hunting Tips for Graduates with a Public Health Degree


A Public Health career is a stairway to self-fulfillment, and a job is a step on that stairway.


1.                  Know thyself size your fit

a.       Who are you?

b.      Public health is diverse, but what exactly do you want to do?

        Academic background

        Work background

        Not just health departments .


2.                  Start & Maintain a Resume File it's all about skill sets

a.       Education history (list the dates for reference will be checked)

b.      Continuing Ed

c.       Work history (everything counts, even unpaid positions)

d.      Skill Sets

        Think keywords

        Be specific, especially with computer and analytical skills

        Special talents only you can do, and do well


e.       Program experience

        Name and funding sources

        Job titles

        Projects you have worked on (dates)

        Exact role in the project

        Accomplishments what did you change?

        Committees you were part of (dates)

        Exact role


f.        Job experience

        Actual vs. functional job titles

        Appointments to special projects and committees (dates)

        By whom and for what

g.       References


        Former employers

        Former supervisors

        Staff from where you volunteer


3.                  What is a Public Health Career?



4.                  Talk to Someone the Field PHENOM Program


b.      Provides overview of professionals in the field

c.       E-mail to set up an appointment to do a phone interview

d.      NOT a source for jobs


5.                  Online Job Search

a.       Not the only option, but a good start

b.      Scan the Job landscape

c.       Sign up for Job alerts

        Subscribe to Public Health E-News

d.      Submit your information to a company database

        Cut and paste from resume file to relevant fields

        The key keywords!

e.       Know What's Out There

        Match your work history to what's out there

        Narrow your fields of interest

f.        Experience counts, but maxes out at 5 years


6.                  Applying for job

a.       If you can do 75% of the job description apply

b.      Be on time for interviews

c.       ALWAYS send a thank you note to your interviewers within 24 hours!


7.                  Job Sources

a.       Friends, acquaintances, classmates

b.      Professional meetings

c.       Job fairs

d.      Internet Postings

        CT DAS

e.       Job alerts from potential employers

f.        SCSU Career Center s JOBs

g.       Newspapers




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PUBLISHED ON THE WEB: April 25, 2008;
Updated: 12/25/2022 R162
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