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Resources - By Topic for Chapters 12 - 17

CH 12 - Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer

Cardiovascular Disease

How to Use An AED Emergency Kit

Chest Pain or Heart Attack
Graphic source:


9 ways to reduce cancer
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CH 13 - Immunity and Infection


GPA sleep

Bureau of Labor Statistics
#1 - Bureau of Labor Statistics
Graphic source:;

College student sleep disturbances
#2 - Self-report
Graphic source:


Cancer-causing viruses
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New Carcinogens
- Seven substances added to 14th Report on Carcinogens - Five viruses, a chemical, and a metallic element listed in new HHS report.


Immunity & Infection

Lowdown STD prevention
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CH 14 - Environmental Health

CH 15 - Conventional and Complementary Medicine; Skills fo Healthcare Consumer

CH 16 - Personal Safety: Protecting Yourself From Unintentional Injuries and Violence

Sexual rights
Graphic source:

University of Tennessee - Sexual Assault
Graphic source: University of Tennessee Alumni Magazine (EM Chin)

CH 17 - The Challenge of Aging

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