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Resources - By Topic for Chapters 13 - 18

CH 13 - Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer

Cardiovascular Disease

How to Use An AED Emergency Kit

Heart Attack Awareness
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Chest Pain or Heart Attack
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9 ways to reduce cancer
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CH 14 - Immunity and Infection


GPA sleep

Bureau of Labor Statistics
#1 - Bureau of Labor Statistics
Graphic source:;

College student sleep disturbances
#2 - Self-report
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Why new diseases keep appearing in China

HIV Lifecycle
Graphic source:

Cancer-causing viruses
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New Carcinogens
- Seven substances added to 14th Report on Carcinogens - Five viruses, a chemical, and a metallic element listed in new HHS report.


Immunity & Infection

2019 Immunization Schedule
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New Rules for Safe Sex
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Lowdown STD prevention
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CH 15 - Environmental Health

Climate Change Impact on Health

CH 16 - Conventional and Complementary Medicine; Skills fo Healthcare Consumer

Vaccine Schedule
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CH 17 - Personal Safety: Protecting Yourself From Unintentional Injuries and Violence

Sexual rights
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University of Tennessee - Sexual Assault
Graphic source: University of Tennessee Alumni Magazine (EM Chin)

Giving consent
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  • According to Planned Parenthood, sexual consent is defined as:

    Reversible. You can change your mind at any time during the encounter.
    Specific. Consenting to kissing does not automatically mean you consent to going any further.
    Informed. If you consent to sex with a condom, but then your partner doesn't use one, that is not consent.
    Enthusiastic. You are excited and actively want to participate in what is about to happen.
    Freely given. You're not pressured or making a choice under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

CH 18 - The Challenge of Aging

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