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Lifestyle Factors
A schematic model of the intermediary mechanisms for dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, T2DM, heart disease, hypertension, some forms of cancer, OSA, NAFLD, and osteoarthritis.
Chronic Diseases
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Burden of Chronic Disease

Chronic Care Model

Chronic Disease Data
Benchmarking Heart Disease and Cancer Deaths
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Heart and Cancer Deaths
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Heart and Cancer Deaths, by gender
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Chronic Disease Statistics

US Health conditions
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Preventable Causes of Death
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Cause of disability-adjusted life-years in all nations. (IHME)

Global Disability
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Cause of disability-adjusted life-years in rich nations. (IHME)

Rich Country Disability
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CDC Vital Signs™ – Learn about the latest public health data. Read CDC Vital Signs™…

Chronic Disease Indicators

Chronic Disease Data, by State

Determinants of Health

Determinants of Health
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Health Services

Noninfectious Diseases & Conditions

Risk Factors

Deaths by Risk Factors

Birth month and diseases
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Risk Factor Data, by State

Intergenerational Impact, by State

Chronic Disease Resources

Cardiovascular Disease -General

Cardiovascular Disease - Specific Diseases


Data Resources

Fitness Resources

Nutrition Resources


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