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Stretching is good Stationary bike Even cats exercise!

Eat healthy and exercise Adults need at least 2 1/2 hours a week of physical activity. CDC Vital Signs Walk for better health.

walrus workout; Senior gif cat workout; Senior gif Jesse walks; Senior gif dog squats; Senior gif

In just 6 months
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My Comment

Calorie Counter provided FREE by Hypergurl

General Information

How much physical activity
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Stop Sitting
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Global Inactivity
Graphic source:

Burning 250-500 Calories
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Cardiomediated Protection
Graphic source: Baset Maroofi Exercise and Cardiovascular Health

Olympic Bods
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Graphic source:

Emotional Benefits of Exercise

Healthy Living Chartbook


METs (Metabolic Equivalent Task)

Fitness and Youth

Teen and Kid Exercise time
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Health Issues


Physical Activity Guidelines (2018)

Physical Activity Recommendations
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Public Health England Physical Activity Guidelines
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I posted this on Twitter on 2/14/2019 after reading that standing all day at work would burn a whopping 54 extra calories for the day!

BettyWork WalkPlan

Benefits of Walking
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Calories burned
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Move More
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Outdoor activities
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exercise at work
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Aerobic Fitness

Recommended daily steps
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Walking benefits
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Walking Benefit
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Walking Benefits
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clay treadmill,

Core Stability

Muscular Fitness


Fitness Calculators

Infographic: How many calories are burned by common activities.

Visceral Fat

Weight Loss

PUBLISHED ON THE WEB: December 7, 2007
Updated: 2/14/2019 R1,020
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