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Evaluation Criteria - Credibility

Source I only provide links to reputable Web sites. Most links are to government institutions, research facilities, academic institutions, and non-profit agencies - all noted for their services to humanity and the communities they serve, and their reliability as providers of good health information. I cannot be responsible for the quality of secondary links, though I do make the effort to review each site before I decide whether or not I will add it to to my listings.
Currency Each Web page on my site has 2 dates, one for when it was originally published on the Net. The second records when I updated the page. The notation "R#" is the number of revisions I have made to that page to date. Though I do make the effort to check the currency of the links on my Web site, it is possible that some links may not work during your visit. This is, unfortunately, a characteristic of a medium that knows only Change as a constant.
Relevance/utility I have made a concerted effort to group sites by categories that are meaningful to public health professionals and healthcare professionals. Links to consumer health information are duly noted as such for individuals who are looking for easy-to-understand health educational materials.
Site Evaluation As noted in the "Source" section, I have selected only sites that I consider to be reliable in providing valid health information. I do review each site for possible inclusion. Similarly, for the Consumer Health Information section, I have taken special pains to include only those sites that are not "selling" something. I have not included any sites that do have some health information, but only as it supports their products. The only site - "Drugstore" - may be considered by some to be proprietary, and therefore should not be part of a Web site such as this one. I included this site because it posts the prices of prescription drugs, which is a needed piece of information that consumers can use for comparison shopping purposes.

Evaluation Criteria - Content

Accuracy As noted in "Source," I have included only "official sites" that are considered sources of information for their fields of endeavors. My purpose is to provide an accessible means by which everyone who wants this information can get to it in as easy way as possible. My interest in Web site quality can be found in the content of my Web Basics 101 Lecture and the templates I have developed for Evaluating Web sites
Disclaimer Limitations: I only have sites that I can access through the Net. This does not include sites that require subscription. And, it should be noted that the information provided, especially in the Consumer Health Information section, is general health information and not meant to be taken as medical advice.
Note: The health information provided on this Web site is intended to be general in nature and should not be relied upon for specific treatment or be considered medical advice. If you need personal medical attention, please contact a physician or healthcare provider.
Purpose: Provide one site that people can access public health and healthcare information in a simple way.
Scope: Includes free and available sources of public health and health information that currently exist on the Internet
Authority: As a public health practitioner, Certified Health Education Specialist, adjunct faculty thesis and special project proposal advisor in a CEPH-accreditated MPH program, public health consultant, and nurse, I value and understand the need for good public health and health information. As a webmaster, I have developed the skills with which to create a website that will hopefully serve the needs of my many colleagues working in public health and the healthcare sectors, as well as people in the general public who are looking for easy-to-understand health information.
Currency:I will be checking links on my Web site on a monthly basis, and will add new links I discover from my research and review of professional public health and healthcare literature, and in surfing the Net.
Completeness While I strive for comprehensiveness and a balanced presentation of what is available, there is always the possibility of inadvertent omission. In those cases, I would appreciate being notified by the appropriate parties. I will add a suggested site, at my discretion. To understand the difference between data and information, I recommend reviewing my annotated bibliographies on which textbooks may assist you in gaining a better understanding of how to use what is now so available on the Internet.

Evaluation Criteria - Disclosure

Purpose To be the only site you'll ever need to search for public health and healthcare information.
Profiling/Collection of Information I do have counters on all my pages. This is to record the number of hits the pages get. I use the counts to help me prioritize my maintenance schedule. If some pages get more hits, then I know those pages will require more frequent maintenance than those that don't. It will also help me to decide what may not be worth keeping on my Web site as well. I do collect whatever comments or suggestions people may want to E-mail me (I can always use those).
I also use trackers on all my pages to tell me where my hits are coming from. This provides me with data that helps me to decide if I need to promote the site more to audiences that would benefit most. Anyone who is interested can view aggregated statistics on the Web Site Stats Page, and per page statistics on the Site Map Page. Older statistics can be accessed on my Packrat Paradise Page. I have developed and will maintain for the express purpose of sharing with my audiences just how my Web site is doing. I also share whatever information I do gather about visitors for those who are curious (and there are a lot of you out there).

Evaluation Criteria - Links

Links I am the sole person responsible for selecting which links to put on. I base my selection on whether or not the linked site will provide valid public health and health information, and that people who access those sites would appreciate being linked there. This is the reason why I have developed categories for my links so that people can pick what they want without too much fruitless searching.
Architecture Ease of navigation is one of my primary objectives. Everything is alphabetized, from the categories to their links. There is a Site Map from which visitors can get to everything on my web site. From the Home page, visitors will go to an index page first, if there are many links. For index pages, I include a "Table of Contents" with a brief explanation of what that category would include. And, visitors can always come back to my Home page, from which they can go anywhere on my Web site.
Content Links are hypertext and are usually the names of the site they are linked to, or are descriptive terms of what the linked sites are about.
Back Linkages All my pages are cross-linked, so that users can easily navigate around my site. Depending on the capabilities of computers used to access my site, users can always go to previous sites by using the "BACK" or "GO" buttons on their browser. And, visitors can always bookmark my site (or, any specific page) for easy access in the future.

Evaluation Criteria - Design

Access While I love graphics, especially animated gifs, I have kept graphics to a minimum on my site so older computers can access my Web site, and everyone can rapidly download whatever they need. I also use standard HTML tags. I do not use browser-specific tags, which can distort the formatting.
Logical Organization (Navigability) The Web site is simple and internally consistent throughout, as well as easy to use. To get to any page on my Web site, visitors would not need to go beyond 3 levels. For each population that I would like to reach, I have a well-defined section for each on my Home page. On each page, there is a main navigation bar that links to all the core pages of the Web site (Home Page, Site Map, etc.), and then there is sometimes a secondary navigation bar which links a subset of content-related pages. It is not very easy to get lost on my Web site.
Internal Search Capability I have internal search engines throughout my Web site on various pages. The site search engine can be found on all the index pages and numerous others, as well as along with General Search Engines and Medical Search Engines. All visitors have to do is enter a keyword or search string, and the Site Level Search Engine will take over. It will generate a listing of all pages with the the keywords or topics typed into the search box. This search engine can search both my site and the Internet.

Evaluation Criteria - Interactivity

Feedback Mechanism I have my E-mail on the bottom of every Web page. I am interested in providing what I consider a needed service to the public health and healthcare professional community. These professionals are always required to be on their toes, and we are at a point where Technology is threatening to reduce us all into bumbling idiots unless we start developing some good data management strategies.

Evaluation Criteria - Caveats

My Agenda My Web site is not to market services or products. It is a "primary content provider" in the sense that I want to make it easier for visitors to get to all that good public health and healthcare information that is out there on the Internet. This Web site started off as an opportunity to hone my Web page authoring skills, and to learn how to be a Webmaster. It was fortuitous that around this time I saw the potential for accommodating many of the parties I was working with in various capacities, most of which happen to be public health-related. It occurred to me that I can do something useful with HTML. So here it is. In the end, it will be the Internet community who will decide just how useful this site is. I do not get paid to maintain this Web site. I am just grateful that people use it in their professional lives to make life easier. An occasional kind word from a visitor is enough to keep me going.
What Else is on this Web site While most of the Web site is devoted to disseminating public health and health information to professional and non-professional audiences, I also have pages of Cool and Useful Sites, and then there are a few pages devoted to my indulgences and Movies. I also have a Web site Search Engines Page and a Web site Medical Search Engines Page from which you can conduct searches straight from this site. Though these pages are not related to the Public Health and Healthcare pages, they do provide, what I think, information that people would be interested in. However, I can't say if the evaluation criteria could be applied to these pages. In most cases the pages do meet the standards for Disclosure, Design, Interactivity, because these criteria are more generic to Internet technology. Nevertheless, I would love to hear from visitors about the usefulness of these less-professional links.
Acknowledgements To Freeservers.Com for giving me some cyberspace - for free, to play in; to a host of sites for providing free search engines, that can be found on the Web site Search Engines Page and the Web site Medical Search Engines Page; Sitelevel.Com for providing the internal site engine, to Groups.Yahoo.Com for listserv services, to Yahoo.Com, Webring.Com for space and other web-related management services; and to The Health Summit Working Group for coming up with this evaluation criteria. Also, thanks to Extreme Tracking for providing me counting and tracking services.

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