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July, 2002 - Ever since the Annual Public Health Alumni Mentor Directory was posted on the Net in April 2000, people from all over the world have visited the Web page. As Program Director, I am pleased to see its usefulness extend beyond the university's walls and into cyber-space.

We are now known as - The Public Health Expertise Network of Mentors. These mentors are public health professionals with a degree in Public Health who have volunteered to make themselves available to answer your questions about Public Health Practice over the Net. Each serve one-year terms that follow the academic calendar. Recruiting is all year round, but the deadline for the coming academic year is July 30.

I would like to invite you, whether or not you are a SCSU graduate, to become a Public Health Mentor. If you work in the field and willing to make yourself available to those who are interested in becoming a public health practitioner, then you can be a mentor. As long as someone can reach you at an e-mail address, you can mentor. Check out the Program Description, and then sign up. You can easily do this using the on-line forms that you can access from this page. If you have any questions, please E-mail Me , and I will get back to you.

Sign up between May 1 and June 30 for the coming Academic Year!
All you have to do is take these 2 steps:

  1. Online PHENOM Mentor Profile Form Sign up to be a mentor with this form!
  2. E-mail me a copy of your resume.

From these two documents I will create a profile of you for the PHENOM Directory .

Available Online PHENOM Program Forms


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