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Betty's Small Contributions to Epidemiology


Best Practices

Death Statistics

Disease Data

Disease Transmission

Airborne Precautions
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Contact Precautions
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Droplet Precautions
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Epidemic prepared countries
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Distance and Epidemics
"When long-distance travel is rare, epidemics spread like a slow, rippling wave, as demonstrated by the simulation (left) and the actual historical spread of the black death during the Middle Ages. Credit: Images courtesy of Oskar Hallatschek and D. Sherman and J. Salisbury"
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Epidemiology Courses/Training Online

Epidemiology Sites

Biostatistics/Statistics Charting & Graphing Data Statistical Procedures
Public Health Statistical & Mapping Software Software Downloads Statistical Programs

Health Data Sites

Herd (Community) Immunity

History of Epidemiology

History of Medicine

History of Public Health

International Public Health Sites
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