Koo Sar Pills Epidemiological Investigation
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As an epidemiologist I spearheaded the investigation on identifying an asian remedy, Koo Sar pills as a source of lead poisoning. At the time I was the Connecticut Health Department's Adult Blood Lead Surveillance Program's Adult Lead Registry & Case Management Coordinator. The program was funded by NIOSH's ABLES Program.
This particular investigation involved federal, state and local public health agencies, a community healthcare provider and clinical labs from 3 different states. This is an example of what makes public health so exciting a field. Below are citations to this investigation.

4/2/2004 Update - Nice to see that the results of this investigation are being followed by international and national public health policymakers. What's most satisfying is being able to contribute to the evaluation of dietary supplements, and that Koo Sar pills are being cited in peer-reviewed literature in the study of lead poisoning, and being recognized as a harmful substance in the professional literature. So you see, public health efforts, no matter how small they may seem, are worth it!!

Many thanks to ABLES Program's Bob Roscoe for supporting the publication of this investigation in the MMWR.

PUBLISHED ON THE WEB: July 8, 2000; February 19, 2001
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