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Citation: Jung, BC (1999 - 2023). Betty C. Jung's Web Site - Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use


  • "The information provided on this Web site is intended to encourage, not replace, direct patient-health professional relationships". No service and information are intended to replace the advice of a health professional.
  • As a teacher, I value good scholarship and appropriate use of knowledge sources. Freely accessible materials on the Internet does not mean that it is there for the taking, but for prudent sharing. To encourage the sharing of knowledge, those who create and share should be credited for their work and generosity. This is what I teach my students through example.
  • While this is a personal Web site, I strive for professional credibility by seeking to meet the standards set by those institutions/agencies interested in keeping the Internet a legitimate source of information that would add to our quality of life. I derive no monetary gain from the advertisements shown on the Web site, and have tried my best to use only those services that do not advertise adult materials.
  • I seek to provide the kind of information and services not currently provided by other sources. I derive no monetary gain from providing these services. The satisfaction I derive from doing this is that I can do so while exercising the freedom to determine the content as I see fit, as well as provide services currently unavailable through other means. I obtain assistance in honing the specific content and services through:
    1. Passive participation via Web site tracking;
    2. Active participation via Web site polls, which are all anonymous.

This Web site is copyrighted

The text materials on this Web site:

  • Should be appropriately acknowledged by citing this Web site as the source,
  • May be used, downloaded, reproduced or reprinted for non-commercial use or personal use only.

Proper acknowledgment means:

  • Citing the Web page as the source (Example):
  • If the Web page address is not noted, then cite the Web site (Example):

Reciprocal Linking

  • You are welcome to link to this Web site. My only stipulation is that your Web site is "visitable" by your children and/or your parents.

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Privacy Policy


  • My basic philosophy in developing Web content is to think of the population for which I am developing the content for. This way I can customize the content for the users.
  • It is also considered good webmastering practice to know how a Web site is being utilized. In understanding utilization, a Web site can be tailored to meet the needs of the population that visits. The only way to know how a Web site is being utilized is to collect data. Collecting such data can be viewed as intrusive. Therefore, it is important that the collection of such data be made known. I have done so on the Quality of Information Page and the Healthy People Objective 11.4 Page.
  • Now that this Web site has over 250 pages, it is a challenge to keep everything current. By knowing who comes to visit I can prioritize my energies as to where I should spend whatever time I have to devote to the Web site. My maintenance schedule and Web page development are determined largely by how frequently a particular page gets "hit," and the input I ask for on my polls.
  • Current Internet privacy policy standards were developed to protect the consumer. Most of these policies apply to commercial sites that do business on the Internet. I am not doing business on the Internet, but I value the importance of Privacy and the role it plays in our lives. Though I am not required to post a privacy policy on a personal Web site, I do so because saavy cyber-consumers would like to know how their Net travels are tracked, if that is the case. So, as a public service, and in the spirit of Best Practices, I am including a Privacy Policy.

What Information Do I Collect?

How Do I Use It?

Honesty in advertising & Editorial Policy

In compliance with HonCode's Principle 8 - Honesty in advertising & editorial policy - description of your advertising and editorial policy, I have added this section on 11/14/2009 and updated it 2/24/2011 to explain any advertising on this Web site, and my editorial policy concerning the Web site's content.

  • This site does not accept advertising. Basically, I make no money from these ads. These are clearly marked as advertisements.
  • I participate in's Analytics/Adsense Program that allows me to provide free site and Internet search engine services for my visitors. I derive minimal income from the use of these services IF visitors click on search results that may be advertisers with
  • What could be considered editorial comments are my blog entries, accessible from my Blog Index Page. Original sources are always cited for references I use (e.g., Quality of Life Quotes Reference Page ), and I always give credit where credit is due.
  • All links I have on my Web site have been reviewed by me for appropriateness and relevance. Most of the links are text, but sometimes they may be icons or widgets that may appear to be "banners", but none are advertisements in the sense that they are income-producing.
  • For further information about this site, check my Site Information Page .

How Do I Use It?

  • I am committed to protecting your privacy while using the Web site and the services it provides.


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Published on the Web: December 20, 2001

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