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Graduate Thesis & Special Project Advisement

Southern Connecticut State University
Department of Public Health
Master of Public Health Program

Advisor: Betty C. Jung, MPH, RN, MCHES®
Special Project (Research & Development) Advisement (N = 16)

Adaria Aron (1999-2000) A Peer Health Education Intervention on Binge Drinking

Leah Beth Altieri (2000-2001) A Case Management Treatment Plan for Birmingham Group Health Services to Enhance Counseling Behaviors Among Staff and Health Outcomes Among Mental Health Clients

Maura Esposito (2010-2011)Development of a Radon-resistant New Construction Toolkit for Building Officials

Sarah Gauger (1999-2000) Educational Resource Package for Physicians to Reduce Osteoporosis.

Erica Garcia (1999-2000) Curriculum for Educating College Men About Acquaintance Rape.

Heather Gilbert (2010-2011) "Eat Your Colors Every Day!" A Fruits and Vegetables (F&V) Awareness Intervention for Second Graders at a New Haven, Connecticut, Elementary School

Jonida Gjika (2010-2011) A Nutrition Fat Fact Sheet for the Underserved Population Residing in Connecticut Who is At Risk For Heart Disease

Mandi Grimminger (2000-2001) The Development of the Food Safety At Home Poster Board for PSUCENUP to Increase Awareness of Food Safety Practice Information Among the Limited Resources Audiences.

Aisha S. Hamid (2001-2002) To Develop a Communications Product for Norwalk Helath Department to Increase the Participation of African-American Elderly in Annual Flu Clinics.

Karen McLaughlin (2000-2001) A Marketing Brochure for Prevent Blindness Connecticut to Increase Preschool Vision Screening By Childcare Providers

Danielle McPartlan, RD (1999-2000) An Intervention to Reduce Hyperkalemia Among the Hemodialysis Patients at Gambro Healthcare of Stamford, CT.

Michelle Doucette Rawcliffe (2001-2002) A Smoking Prevention Curriculum for YMCA Camp Woodstock to Prevent Smoking Among Youth in Putnam, Connecticut

Elizabeth Rivera-Rodriguez (2010-2011) An Educational Fact Sheet Packet of Treatment Options for Infertile Women

Bianca Shinn (2010-2011) HIV/AIDS Curriculum

Stacy Sokol (2000-2001) A Computerized Surveillance Tool for Corporate Finess and Health�s Heatlhsense Program to Enhance the Agency�s Ability to Ensure High-Risk Individuals Are Appropriately Followed Up.

Nancy L. Thursby (2001-2002) A Brochure to Increase Knowledge Related to Osteoporosis Among the Senior Women Served by the Monroe, Connecticut Senior Resource Center.

Thesis Advisement (N = 4)

Maribeth Andresen, RN (1998-1999) - An Investigative Study to Develop an Epidemiological Description of Reported Dog Bites That Occurred in the Five Easternmost Towns on Long Island, New York, During 1996-1997.

Sally Jacko, RN (1998-1999) - A Comparative Analysis of Alcohol Screening Practices of Trauma Surgeons Working in Connecticut's Level I & Level II Trauma Centers.

Susan Manzo, RN (1998-1999) A Special Project Thesis to Develop a Resource Manual on Malnutrition Among Community-Based Elderly for Use by Nurses in Home Health Care Agency

Stancanelli, Jeanine, OTR (1998-1999) Development of a Home Safety Training Program for Home Health Aides Working with Community-Based Elderly (April, 1999)

Thesis Proposal Advisement (N = 8)

Sandra Barnes (Fall, 1998) Self-reported Condom Use among Clients of Sexually-transmitted Disease Clinics in CT.

Lisa Costanzo (Fall, 1998) Can the Health Belief Model Explain the Reporting of Occupational Illneses by Physicians Practicing in Occupational Health Clinics in Connecticut?

Jessica Gautier (Fall, 1998) Grant Proposal for Dental Service

James George (Fall, 1999) Epidemiology of TB among Asian Immigrants

Heather Lake (Fall, 1999) Depression in the Workplace

Sheila Mangan (Fall, 1998) An Analysis of Occupational Stress in the Connecticut Municipal Workforce

Anita Mennillo (Fall, 1999) An Epidemiological Description of Mammography Clients in Bridgeport, CT

Jessica Nytch & Karen Osowiecki (Fall, 1998) The Development of a Low-Vision Resource Guide for Visually-Impaired Residents of Connecticut

Thesis Second Reader (N = 4)

Lisa Costanzo (Spring, 1999) Can the Health Belief Model Explain the Reporting of Occupational Illneses by Physicians Practicing in Occupational Health Clinics in Connecticut?

Barbara B. Dingfelder (2004-2005) An Interpretative Study and Content Analysis of Advance Directive Instructions

Jeanine May (Spring, 2000) Effectiveness of Lung Rehabilitation Program in Reducing Hospitalization

Brenda Mehl (Spring, 1999) Healthcare outcomes.

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