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What Students Wrote What They Meant
37 states have smoking bans. What 3 states don't?  
allowing teens to hang out is a great way to keep kids out of control  
and his wife from work  
appears to be in court appears in court
as years pass by as years go by
aspect perspective
avoid prevent
bailed on bailed out
before conflicts break between before conflicts break out
boosted up packed on the pounds
both physically, mentally, and emotionally  
break down break out
can aide to one's can aid in one's
can be viewed for any can be viewed by any
chains to another leads to another
comment sense common sense
consuming large amounts of tobacco smoke exposed to environmental smoke
ended him in prison landed him in prison
falls into play falls into place
find what was more important than her, her life or her story  
for guaranteed for granted
gains trust regains trust
George also made a couple of friends out in California as well as a girl name Barbara  
gets bail skips bail
good parts of her brains  
has become to the forefront  
have totally faith total faith
he also does research on schools and their lunches that they serve are children  
he did not want part of her story he did not want any part of her story
he never wanted his family and future to be like his families  
health professionals have made us aware that their condition is legitimate and treatable  
her fullest the fullest
I was able to respect the people who were skilled enough to take my mother out of her misery  
If she could live her life over again she would she claims  
in route en route
in the spur of the moment on the spur of the moment
inexistent inconsistent
infect affect
Jack had a very hard time trying to get the Vice President to listen to him and people all over the country were being killed during the process.  
last and not least last but not least
left in a dead end street left on a dead end street
let free let go
little to no little or no
lives path life's path
living on paycheck to paycheck living from paycheck to paycheck
loose hop lose hope
make a program that would appeal to the mass  
make ends meat make ends meet
make more investigation further investigate
making them understand  
masses of amount massive amounts
money is the route to all evil money is the root of all evil
neglected on the eyes of the world in the eyes of the world
on a whole on the whole
one must be flexible and capable of dispersing onself outside the state  
passed from cancer died
pay a toll take a toll
prices of insurance cost of insurance
providing information for women on infertility providing women with informaton on infertility
puctually punctuality
rained in the school reigned in school
risks associated associated risks
sell appliances around the house sell household appliances
setting up for her murder set her up for murder
small amount of them small number of them
state a claim stake a claim
stray away stay away
stress caught up to her caught up with her
take the situation in his hands  
The cultural competence of this program is high, because if this program did not exist the population who have many unanswered question to health topics.  
The lengths that parents do for theirs children will amount to anything  
The next morning they wake up to her dead.  
there are certain genders more affected than others  
there one then on
they left him for death  
this cost him his insanity  
Those are extremely important traits two have in my occupation, and I know that I have conquered those traits  
to make ensure to make sure
under hostage held hostage
voluntary cues visual cues
walk on's walkons
when the court hears a trying case  
who are in many needs who are in need
who better than the horse's mouth to explain�  
who kill their minds and bodies at their own will and demise  
who was in connected with the television show 60 seconds  
without all these factors the programs can be successful  
without fishing funds without finding funds
word did come word did get out
years have past years have passed

Are You Sure There's Only One Way to Spell a Word?....

What Students Wrote What They Meant What Students Wrote What They Meant
abouses abuses laired liar
abut about large great
accents emphasizes laundry mat laundrymat
acceptations exceptions law suites lawsuits
access assess layers lawyers
accredit credit lead led
additions addictions lesion lesson
adolescents adolescence lesson lessen
advice advise lesson lesion
advices advises liberian librarian
advise advice life threaten life threatening
affects effects likely hood likelihood
aide aid long end long run
air phones earphones loose lose
Al Pancino Al Pacino loosing losing
allot a lot Los Angelus Los Angeles
alone along Los Angles Los Angeles
along alone lower slow the progress
aloud allowed lye lie
alreasy already manor manner
alteration altercation marine core Marine Corps
Americas Americans mass amount massive amount
amount number metal mental
apparnet apparent milti multi
apporiatate appropriate minuets minutes
arouse arose misdeminor misdemeanor
arrest on hold missed informed misinformed
aspiring inspiring money many
assosiation association monitory monetary
at less at least much less fewer
back ground background n and
bare it bear it neccessecity necessity
barley barely need to know bases need to know basis
based off based on new knew
bases basis news cast newscast
beacon bacon no know
beagle bagel non-existant non-existent
beagle bagel non-existing non-existent
bear leg bare leg notated noted
beaten bitten noticeable noticeably
being beginning obtaining contracting
boozing boxing on route en route
bowel bowl ones one's
brake break one's ones
break out outbreak orientated oriented
breathe breath out measures surpasses
breed disseminate outcasted ostracized
bride bribe outgrow outgrowth
Briton Britain over from
bud of jokes butt of jokes over come overcome
butt buttock oxycotton oxycontin
cartons cartoons packet pocket
cerals cereals pallett palate
cerlibertiys celebrities par take partake
changes chances paralyzation paralysis
chime therapy chemotherapy parody parity
choice chosed partitions programs
choked shocked pass time pastime
choose chose past pass
cite site past time pastime
claming claiming patients patience
cliental clientele peace piece
coat throat cutthroat peaked piqued
co-inside coincide peatnuts peanuts
collage college peck peak
collection series per say per se
comedy's comedies per sew pursue
common average percent possibility
communicated transmitted personal personnel
compilations complications persue pursue
complimentary complementary phase faze
components opponents physic psychic
concrete cohesive piers peers
consist constant plagairism plagiarism
consistency consistently plagairized plagiarized
console provide plagerism plagiarism
constitutes consists of play writer playwright
constitutes constituents pleads pleas
contact contracted pones pawns
containing including poplar popular
contaminates contaminants portray portrait
convince store convenience store portraying emulating
cooperation corporation possibly possible
corrolation correlation post-pardom post-partum
co-stared co-starred post-pardum post-partum
councelling counseling preventative preventive
counciling counseling prince price
count caught proceeds accolades
crevices cervices process to provide
cripling crippling produce cause
crude cruel progresses progress status
day in age day and age pronominal phenomenal
deadly serious deadly psycho ness chaos
debit debt pursuiting pursuing
decent descent quilt guilt
decreasing changing quotaions quotations
dectection detection radio therapy radiation therapy
deemed seemed rather whether
deferred different realty reality
defiantly definitely rear rare
definetly definitely recainted recanted
definity definitely recourses resources
degrade decline rector scale richter scale
delivers deliveries rejected refused
dependant dependent releave relieve
deport abort relieved lifted
descent decent relive relieve
detials details rental renal
diagnosis diagnostic replica representation
dialated dilated residence residents
dieing dying retrain latrine
differed deferred right write
different difference rite right
diffidently definitely roll role
diner dinner roomers rumors
dinning hall dining hall routs routes
direct-action class-action ruff rough
discerned concerned Salix Lasix
dispairities disparities salves slaves
dissent descent Santa Clause Santa Claus
dome done sate state
dosage exposure save safe
doses does scaring scarring
downsides downside seal level sea level
drive attempt driving force seem seen
eased relieved seen scene
edition addition seizer seizure
educative educational self-stem self-esteem
effect affect serous serious
effects affects servals several
elate relate serve severe
elder elderly severances severeness
elevated valued severe restrictive
emulate imitate severed served
enlarged grown severed severe
epically especially shoe in shoo-in
epidemical epidemiological shoes shows
every were everywhere shot shoot
exerpt excerpt sick stick
exhumed eliminated sight site
expose televise sited cited
extend extent sites cites
fail to cannot smelt smelled
families family's soar sore
fare fair sole searching soul searching
father further soul sole
fault responsibility sour sore
feel fell specially especially
feel in love fell in love speculate inspect
fell fallen spinal chord spinal cord
fell bad feel stack stock
find make a diagnosis stands strains
fined find stared started
finical financial stared starred
fired fried staring starring
fist first sterilization sterility
flooded water floodwaters striker stricter
floor matt floormat studding studying
flourination flouridation sub go undergo
flue-like flu-like suburban struck suburban truck
formalities abnormalities suite suit
forth fourth suites suits
fourth forth sum up summary
fowl foul summerizes summarizes
friendly useful user-friendly super seized super sized
from form sweats sweets
full fills fulfills sympathies sympathize
gab gap sympatric sympathetic
gastriologist gastroenterologist systems symptoms
gastrocnemeous gastrocnemius taken taking
gests jests taken place taking place
give provide takes back alleviates
gotten contracted talk down too talk down to
grouchy grocery tallents talents
hails hail tastefull tasteful
hangout hang out taut treat
hazads hazards that who
he/she his/her their there
head master headmaster their they are
health content health status their there
heard herd their make they make
heavy with woods heavily wooded theirs thieves
hecked hectic there their
hereditary heredity there's theirs
heroine heroin thorough through
higher raise thorozine thorazine
histories history's though thought
hole whole though out throughout
homed schooled home-schooled thought taught
identity identify threw through
immunosuprescent immunosuppressant threw thrown
implied infected threw through
in debt in depth through threw
in tack intact thrown throne
in tact intact tied tried
inception conception title waves tidal waves
incident incidence too much too many
incidents accidents toughly roughly
incourage encourage tranquil calm
inducted ingested transmition transmission
induldge indulge transmittance transmission
influencing influential treading treating
inforcement enforcement trivial trivia
instances incidence truth true
insure ensure try's tries
intense instance two to
intergraded integrated udder respect utter respect
interns in turn uinary urinary
involuntary involuntarily undependable unreliable
it's its unreturned unnoticed
judgement judgment valum valium
juggernaught juggernaut varieties variety
junctions lectures vender machine vending machine
kilt killed vivid visible
know now voluntarily voluntary
know body nobody wait weight
law suite lawsuit weary wary
less probably less likely weather whether
loose loss website Web site
loose lose weeding wedding
lose loss week weak
lye's lies weekness weakness
    what so ever whatsoever
    wheather whether
    where were
    whish which
    who how
    whole hole
    whole week whole wheat
    whos whose
    who's whose
    will while
    wining winning
    witch which
    with drawl withdrawal
    withdraws withdrawal
    within during
    wondered wandered
    write right
    wrong doings wrongdoing
    your self yourself

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