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Public Health Program Evaluation Grid

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Purpose: There are many ways to evaluate a program. However, if a program is to address a public health problem, then it should be evaluated within the context of Public Health. Here is a Public Health Program Evaluation Template I have developed to critique the quality of a public health program. I have extensively reviewed program evaluation criteria, most of which can be found on my Evaluation Resources Page . This template is somewhat generic, and assesses public health programs as they are presented on the Internet. Nevertheless, the criteria I use include all the core elements I believe should be part of a good public health program, regardless of what type of problem it may address. If you use this as a checklist, you can quantify these elements (come up with percentages) that may be used to compare different programs on their comprehensiveness to address the issue(s). Of course, more specific criteria are available for specific types of programs.

Betty C. Jung's Public Health Program Evaluation Grid  
  Present? Check
I. Program Background/Overview (Circle relevant items) [10%]  Yes No NA
Name of Program  
Public Health Problem/Issue  
Type of Program (Government, Quasi-gov, Non-gov - nonprofit, Non-gov - commercial)  
Level of Prevention (Primary prevention, Secondary Prevention, Tertiary Prevention)  
Target Population (Who are the benefactors?)  
Partners (Who are the collaborators?)  
I. SUBTOTAL (0 = nothing, 1 = some, 10 = everything)  
II. Program Administration [20%] Yes No NA
Clear purpose (Mission, Goals, Objectives)  
Addresses a specific problem or need  
Written conceptual framework; policies & procedures  
Long-term goals  
Short-term performance objectives  
Applies multiple strategies; Innovative  
Collaborates across sectors and levels  
Conducts needs assessments and program evaluation  
II. SUBTOTAL (0 = nothing, 1 = some, 10 = everything)  
III. Program Intervention Strategies [20%] Yes No NA
Health communication  
Health education  
Health policy/enforcement  
Health engineering  
Health-related community services  
Other: Behavior modification activities  
Other: Community advocacy activities  
Other: Organizational cultural activities  
Other: Incentives and disincentives  
Other: Social Intervention activities  
Other: Technology-delivered activities  
III. SUBTOTAL (0 = nothing, 1 = some, 10 = everything)  
IV. Program Oversight [20%] Yes No NA
Results-based accountability framework  
Published budget  
Appropriate use of funds  
Partners and vendors held accountable  
Public progress reports  
IV. SUBTOTAL (0 = nothing, 1 = some, 10 = everything)  
V. Quality Assessment & Improvement [20%] Yes No NA
Evaluation plan (formative, process, outcome, impact)  
Demonstrates accountability for health outcomes  
Regular collection of timely performance data  
Independent external evaluations conducted  
Established benchmarks for improving the program and health indicators  
V. SUBTOTAL (0 = nothing, 1 = some, 10 = everything)  
VI. Cultural Competency [10%] Yes No NA
Does the program support the community within which it functions? (i.e., capacity building, empowerment)  
Can the program become self-sustaining without external funding?  
Is it working to reduce health status inequities/disparities?  
Is there public/community involvement?  
Supported by a diverse network of partners  
Does it improve access to needed services?  
VI. SUBTOTAL (0 = nothing, 1 = some, 10 = everything)  
GRAND TOTAL (Add up the subtotal scores given)
PERCENT (#Y/6 * 100)  

This template incorporates elements from the following documents:

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