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PPT Due dates

January 14, 2020 - This is the 9th (and, last) of the 9 pages devoted to PCH 201 Wellness. Congratulations for making it to this page!

This is a very important page as I use it to communicate with you between classes. You should check this page frequently, especially between Thursday and the following Tuesday. This is where I post messages, announcements, grades, etc.

More importantly, this is where I post the weekly reports about what's missing, according to my grade book. If you show up (by ID number) on these weekly reports, it means I should have gotten something from you and I didn't. By checking this page regularly you will be kept informed about how you are doing in class, as well as remind you of what you need to do and hand in to meet course requirements.

So, for those of you checking to find out more information, see below my first message to the class. GO TO THE END OF THE January 14, 2020 MESSAGE FOR THE LINK TO THE SIGN-UP PAGE.

To start the tour again, Click Here.

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  • (#4) February 20, 2020

    Weekly Report #4 Missing assignments

    Go over Test #1 on 2/25/2020

  • (#3) February 13, 2020

    Weekly Report #3 Missing assignments

    Test #1 to be given on Tuesday, February 18

    Speaker, post-test

    Thursday, Part 2 begins

  • (#2) February 6, 2020

    Weekly Report #2 Missing assignments

    Test reviews on February 11 and February 13 for Test #1 on February 18

    Bring your textbook and study guides for Chapters 1 to 6 to class!

  • (#1) January 30, 2020

    Weekly Report #1 Missing assignments

  • (#1) January 14, 2020

    Welcome to PCH 201 Wellness! Our first class will be next Tuesday, January 21st, in Morrill Hall 011 (located in the basement level of Morrill Hall)

    If you are registered for Section 1, I will see you at 8:10 AM in Morrill 011.

    If you are registered for Section 2, I will see you at 9:35 AM in Morrill 011.

    On the first day of class you will be completing an assessment survey. After you have completed the survey, I will give you a copy of the syllabus, and then you will be signing up for assignments.

    All assignments are on a first come, first-served basis. At the end of this message is the link to the assignment pages that I will be bringing to class. You can look over what is available, and bring your top 3 or 4 choices for each of the 4 assignments you will be signing up for.

    You will need to sign up for:

    • A topic for your Fact Sheet paper (from a list of Public Health/Wellness topics)
    • A topic for your Class presentation (from a list of topics covered by the textbook)
    • A date to submit your health diary
    • A date to submit your health literacy quizzes paper
    • A brief description about each paper is included in the link below.

    Don't worry, I will go over everything in detail and answer your questions during the first several classes.

    A word to the wise - try and spread out your assignments so you don't have everything due on the same day! Planning ahead reduces stress! So, bring your planners!

    I will also be giving you an overview of the syllabus and your very first assignment - very easy, to get you into the swing of the semester!

    Also, if you need special accommodations, please obtain the appropriate paperwork from the Disability Office (Engleman C 105 A) and bring it to me on the first day of class.

    E-mail me if you have any questions at:

    See you on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 8:10 AM (Section 1) !!!!

    See you on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 9:35 AM (Section 2) !!!!

    The Sign-up List

Class Updates

Final Exam Schedule

Section 1 Tuesday, May 12, 2020 8 - 10 AM
Section 2 Thursday, May 14, 2020 8 - 10 AM

Mid-term Grades March 13, 2020/TBD 8 AM
Final Grades May xx, 2020 8 AM

Important totals to remember

To get this grade You will need least:
A+ 388
A 372
A- 360
B+ 348
B 332
B- 320
C+ 308
C 292
C- 280
D+ 268
D 252
D- 240
F 239 or less


Please staple all assignments with more than one page. If you do not, there's a .25 point penalty!! Thanks for cooperating.

Grade Points Breakout

Pre-Final Total Lookup Table

Be on time
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Time will pass will you
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E-mail me anytime

Have a space that is conducive for studying. This is an example of one that isn't!

Troll Desk
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Time Management is Key!

How the second half of the semester should be like...

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To finish the semester with a smooth landing!

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But, if you haven't been keeping up...

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Then, all that missing schoolwork will catch up to you!

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And you, will crash and burn...ouch!

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