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June 6, 2016. The MPH Alumni Record is no longer being updated. It has been a long run (2000 - 2016). Because the Alumni Surveys Program has changed its level of activity (we are no longer conducting surveys but participating in a consultant role), we, however, remain supportive of alumni participation in SCSU Department of Public Health's accreditation efforts.

The Webpages of the MPH Alumni Records have been preserved as PDF files. If you are interested in getting a copy of the PDF files, just E-mail me. You are still welcome to submit updates of what you are doing, any demographic and address changes, etc. Any updates I receive will be forwarded to the SCSU Department of Public Health, for their records. Thank you for your interest.

Please use the following form to send update for the MPH Alumni Database and the MPH Alumni Record!

MPH Alumni Record Form

Thanks for your submission. If I have any questions, I will contact you by E-mail (whenever possible). You can reach me a

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