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Public Health E-News Documentation Section
"Keeping a Digital Finger on the Pulse of Public Health"

The purpose of this Web page is to provide documentation about how to cite Public Health E-News as a scholarly source of information in APA format, and to provide a listing of all the sources I use to compile the monthly newsletter. To this end I have tried my best to be a good reporter - I do make an effort to provide all sides of any issues that come up, and am not interested in advocating for any particular issue. To me, being informed is to have the opportunity to look at all sides of the issue and then make an informed decision of what's presented.

The purpose of the newsletter is to provide broad coverage of what's going on in Public Health, predominately in the U.S. Although I am trying to provide info about international public health issues, I have not found too many sources. If you know of any, please let me know.

Content is determined by: (1)Poll responses and (2)whatever comes across my computer via listservs and electronic mailing lists I subscribe to. I have made an effort to subscribe to as many different listservs and electronic mailings as possible (See listing below). It takes me approximately 6 hours a month to edit the material. In most instances where I must truncate, I do so for the sake of saving space, but try my best to retain "the essence" of the piece. In every case I do provide the source, so you are free to check the "original" source for the full article/citation, etc.

Public Health E-News is an electronic newsletter sent out monthly to subscribers. You can subscribe on a number of pages on the Betty C. Jung Web site. All issues are available via subscription, free of charge. All issues sent out using Yahoo!Egroups electronic mailing service is archived at You must be a subscriber to access the archive.

To access the archive, you have to have a Yahoo! account. If you don't have one, you can create one in one of two ways. When you subscribed to this electronic mailing list, you received a confirmation e-mail, which contains instructions on how to create a Yahoo! account. If you have discarded the e-mail before you had the chance create an account, you can do so by visiting the Yahoo!Groups site.

  1. Go to:
  2. It will identify you as a guest
  3. On the center of the page, you will see a Join a Group section.
  4. Type "Betty C. Jung" in the box. This will take you to a page that lists the electronic lists I administer.
  5. Click on PHE-News
  6. Near the top middle it will ask you to either sign in or join the group.
  7. If you want to join, just click the link and follow the directions
  8. Once you create a Yahoo!Groups account you will be able to access all the earlier issues of E-News that I have posted using Yahoo! Groups.


As the Internet, or, the World Wide Web (WWW) portion of it, becomes more commonplace, it will be relied upon more frequently as a source of information. However, not everything on the Internet is useful. This does not mean that whatever is found useful should be taken without proper attribution. Doing this is actually stealing, and in academic circles, it is considered plagiarism.

Even though materials on the Internet are easily accessible, materials on the Internet are copyrighted. See my Copyright Page for more info on this. And, those sites that display a copyright notice means that they are serious enough about their content to take you to court if you are found taking materials of their sites without permission. Therefore, practice an ethical approach - and give credit where credit is due. Ask Webmasters and site owners for permission to use their material. Most would be happy to give you the permission. I know that this does not happen enough, so make a difference and do the right thing!

The American Psychological Association (APA) manuscript format is the most commonly used format in the social sciences. It is also the preferred format for many public health disciplines. The Fifth Edition of the APA Publications Manual includes a whole section for citing electronic media (pp. 268-281). Check out my APA Info Page for on-line resources for the APA format.

The APA has set parameters as to what it considers to be a source of information for research purposes. The PHE-News is considered an electronic mailing list. As such it can be included in a reference list provided: (1) An archive is maintained and (2) retrievable (p. 277). The PHE-News has both attributes, and therefore can be referenced as a source for research.

As for scholarly content, I have tried to include only those sources I consider credible. What I include are listservs and electronic mailing lists of government agencies, non-profit agencies, academic sources and commercial news sources. I consider those I include to provide credible information, many of which maintain their own archives of the items they send out. If you feel or know a source or sources I use are not credible sources, let me know.


Electronic News Sources (N = 117)

ABLES (Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology Surveillance Program)
AHRQ Electronic Newsletter
California Air Resources Board
CDC Clinician Registry
CDC Public Health Law News
CHHCS ALERT (Ctr for Health & Health Care in Schools)
CHHC News Alert SBNCNET (George Washington University)
Center on Budget & Policy Priorities State Update
Consumer Webwatch News
CNC Weekly Update Casey Family Programs National Center for Resource Family Support
Cochrane Consumer Network Newsletter
Center for Policy Alternatives
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Communications-Related Headlines Benton Foundation
Child Welfare Information Gateway
Connect for Kids Weekly Newsletter Benton Foundation
Consumer WebWatch Consumer Reports
Education World Weekly Education World
Edinfo Ed.Gov
Electronic Policy News (EPN) American Prospect
Epi Info Listserv
Family Friendly Sites.Com
FDA News Digest
Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) FEDINFO E-newsletter Update Federal Citizen Info Center
FedInfo e-letter Federal Consumer Info Center
Firstgov News
Free Medical Journals Alert
GAO Reports
Glycemic Index Newsletter University of Sydney
H E A L T H B E H A V I O R I N F O R M A T I O N T R A N S F E R ( H A B I T )
HealthinSite Australian Government
Health News Review
Health on the Net Foundation
Healthy Aging Listserv
Health News Index Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard School of Public Health
Health Notes
Healthfinder Listserv
HealthInsite News Australian Government
Health Women Today Newsletter NWHIC NIH
Healthy People Newsletter  
Hipaa-regs Listserv
Hipaalert News
Hot off the Press from ANF
HSC E-Mail Alert
HUS Newsletter  
ITrain Information Services
In the News  
Info Source
Intelihealth Online
Institute for Health Freedom
ITrain Information Services
JCAHO Newsletter
Kaiser Weekly Update Kaiser Family Foundation
Daily and Weekly Updates Kim Komando Show
Healthcarecoach.Com Newsletter Healthcare Coach.Com
HealthInsite News HealthInsite - Australia Government
Learn and Serve America National Service-Learning Clearinghouse Listserv
MCH Alert
MEPS Mailing List
MSN Health WebMd
Medline Plus
NACCO Newsletter
National Assembly on School-Based Health Care
National Institute on Aging
National Service Resource Center e-newsletter
National Woman's Health National Info Center News
Netwellness Consumer Health Information University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University
News Alert ForHealthFreedom.Org
NHLBI Network Listserv
NICE E-Newsletter NHS's National Institute for Clinical Excellence
National Guidelines Clearinghouse
NIH Newsletter
News Alert, Institute for Health Freedom
News for Workers
NQMC Update Service
NRC for Foster Care and Permanency Planning
NurseZone.Com Newsletter
NWHIC_NEWS list (National Women's Health InfoCenter News)
NYC Government News
PER Digest - Professional Ethics Report Scientific Freedom, Responsibility & Law Program
Pick Your Path
Policy Action News
PPConnect Reproductive Healthcare PPCT
Primary Care Network News
Public Agenda Online
Public Health Foundation Newsletter
Public Health Practice Dispatch National Association of County & City Health Officials
Quality E-line
RWJF Newsletter
Science Daily News
SHMP News UCLA School of Mental Health
SSDI-CISS Network Newsletter InfoSource
Today in E-Business Newsletter Atlantic Information Services
Wellroundedkids News
What's New on Netwellness University of Cincinnati
WHO WER (Weekly Epidemiologic Record) and Epidemiological Bulletin E.Mail World Health Organization
Women's Health Newsletter Dr. Robert Jelovsek


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