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Health Sciences

Federal Health Information Centers and Clearinghouses Government Resources
Academic Info Education Resource Center (Thanks, Joanna Tenson)
AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality - health services research
Biomedical Search contains NIH/PubMed documents, plus a large collection of theses, dissertations, and other publications
Cancer.Gov Super site - everything you want to know about cancer - clinical trials, statistics, etc.
Clinical Trials.Gov NIH's new Clinical Trials Search Engine - don't miss this one
General Pediatrics.Com Excellent source of pediatric information
Gopubmed GoPubMed is a knowledge-based search engine for biomedical texts.
Health Care Links AIS Health's massive page to tons of links. Don't miss
Health Data Sites Index Demographic data, cancer statistics, etc.
Health Education Index Health Education/Promotion, School Health resource link
Healthlinks.Net A health portal site for everything related to health
Health on the Net Foundation Healthcare websites, hospitals, etc.
Health Topics MedlinePlus Index of health topics
Healthy.Net Easy to use site for health information
Merck Manual General health information for the Public
Merck Manual of Health & Aging Health Information pertaining to aging
Medline Plus Health Statistics Great source for health statistics!!!
Medline Premier medical journal search
Medline Plus Disease Information for Consumers
MeSH Standard keywords Medical subject headings used by National Library of Medicine
National Human Genome Research Institute New federal branches devoted to genomic research
National Heart, Blood & Lung Institute's Diseases & Conditions Index Find fact sheets for diseases in the areas of Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases; Lung Diseases; Blood Diseases and Disorders; Sleep Disorders
National Library of Medicine Home Page Gateway to the nation's premier medical library
New York Academy of Medicine Library collections
PubMed National Library of Medicine premier site for peer-reviewed research
Public Health Search Engines Best on the Net
WebMD Health Library Searchable Health Library
World Health Organization Health-related Sites

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