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"Your page totally rocks: it has such helpful links and your powerpoint lectures are great in helping me refresh my memory on topics and terminology." Dr. Lara De Nonno MD MPH (8/20/2004)

The Web site

Site of Betty C Jung: It is site for links on statistics related with public health specially biostatistics. It also proves links for training on basic statistics and numerical literacy.
Retrieved 6/18/2013
Public Health Data Sets Betty C. Jung has compiled a HUGE collection of links to all sorts of data sets related to public health. There are hundreds of them organized by topic obtained by the CDC, NIH, WHO and other public health agencies.

From web 2.0 tips for science teachers

Retrieved 6/6/2013

"Betty C. Jung's Website
Great resource for public health information and jobs. Subscribe to the jobs newsletter"

From Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health's The Office of Career Services' "Websites of Interest Page"

Retrieved 9/13/2003

" Great collection of CT links! Health care/assistance, state gov, insurance disputes, stats, weather, regional information Pretty much anything official you might be looking for in CT."

From OGSA (UConn's Organization for Graduate Student Action)'s Contact Informpation Page)

Retrieved 8/28/2003

"Betty C. Jung's Web site - A good collection of Biostatistics & Statistics Sites"

From Raynald Levesque's SPSS Links Page

Retrieved 9/13/2003

"Public Health Job Sites is a site created by Betty Jung that gives you immediate access to hundreds of links arranged by public health discipline and links to active jobs in Public Health.

From UMass Public Health Practice

Retrieved 9/13/2003

"A good site on Healthy People 2010 (Go to site map 2, scroll down to women's health, epidemiology and much, much more)

From University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Nursing Faculty

Retrieved 10/16/2003

Meta-Sites and Searchable Databases
Betty C. Jung's Web Page -- Public Health Index Page
"This "personal page" features a well organized set of links to everything from articles on communication skills, to reports from the CDC, to Healthy People 2010 and sites about Healthy People's making. The site has few if any dead links and seems exceptionally well maintained."

From Simon Schwob Memorial Library, Columbus State University - Medicine and Society, Public Health, Healthcare Policy, and Health Industry Resources webliography

Retrieved 12/7/2003

For program evaluation, a good source to begin with is compiled by Betty Jung:

From Cumberland County CommuniCare Key Links to Other Agencies and Program Information (Including Evaluation)

Retrieved 1/7/2004

Muchas cosas tiles para el investigador Visita este sitio!

From: Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro (Mexico)

Retrieved 1/24/2004

(A lovely annotated bibliography is provided by Betty C. Jung:
From: [CHI-WEB archives -- October 2003, week 5 (#5)]
Retrieved 4/9/2004

Betty Jung Health Documents
A massive searchable set of links covering all aspects of health care.
From From Mildred F. Sawyer Library Suffolk University's Resources in Health Administration Library Guide at:
Retrieved 6/5/2004

November 2004's Performance Express - I-Spy Websites of Interest by Todd Packer
HPT in public health is one arena where performance improvement can positively impact people...from educational campaigns to life-saving interventions. For a comprehensive and conversational overview of resources from public health of value to HPT, visit the website of Betty C. Jung who describes herself as: ��a public health professional with a background in nursing, did a short stint in child welfare, love quality assurance and quality improvement stuff.� As if she knew ISPIers would be visiting, the site outlines as a goal �To meet the Evaluation Criteria set by the Health Summit Working Group for Quality Health Information on the Internet and adhere to the Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility.� The excellent listing of the Site Search Engine and Site Index includes many valuable links, including a Needs Assessment Matrix, the World Wide Evaluation Gateway, an essay on performance indicators in organizations in Australia, an AmeriCorps Performance Measurement Toolkit, and a performance measures database from the National Quality Measures Clearinghouse. This website can serve as an inspiration for all performance technologists to create research-based, informative sites geared to educating practitioners and the general public, complete with links to websites for kids.
Retrieved 10/31/2004
The Enneagram Institute Discussion Board - November 22, 2004 Posting
An excellent site -
Have a look around at the links. You should find it very useful hopefully. Good luck determining you type!
Retrieved 12/8/2004
Cedar Crest College - Dr. Alan Hale's Biostatistics Page
Useful Web Site: Betty C. Jung has apparently gone to great lengths to provide a web site useful to biostatistics enthusiasts. Take a peek.
Retrieved 1/16/2005
Laboratoire de Biostatistique, Epid�miologie et Informatique M�dicale Facult� de M�decine
Proc�dures statistiques - Une page int�ressante avec des liens sur une grande quantit� de proc�dures statistiques (en anglais) :
Retrieved 1/27/2005
Annotated epidemiology and EpiInfo Bibliography, Betty. C. Jung
Betty C Jung is an epidemiologist with extensive public health experience. This bibliography provides references to a wide range of books and reports in the area of epidemiology.

From School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW
WWW Virtual Library: Public Health

Retrieved 6/17/2005

Annotated survey research bibliography A bibliography offering research-based answers to the effective use of questionnaires and surveys.

From Dey Alexander's Bibliographies: User Experience Resource Collection

Retrieved 6/17/2005

Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Betty C. Jung's Web Site
Provides useful annotated bibliographies for both Epidemiology and Biostatistics works among other pleasures

From UMass Amherst Libraries.

Retrieved 7/2/2005

For example, a google search for "health education bibliography" brought up this interesting individual's homepage which isn't itself a scholarly source, but provides a bibliography which lists scholarly resources:

From Cambridge College Library's Start Here to Research Health Education Information

Retrieved 7/22/2005

Public Health Index Page by Betty C. Jung

This is probably by far the most comprehensive listing of public health and healthcare information that I have found on the net. Betty Jung's mission is to provide a place where public health and healthcare professionals, and anyone interested, can find good quality information that exist on the World Wide Web and she has done just that and so much more!

From Public Health Information and Resources (Nicoletta Monroe's Web site)

Retrieved 3/24/2006

Presenting graphs

Covers just about everything you are likely to need to know about using graphs (includes section on Gantt charts). By Betty Jung.

Retrieved 12/29/2006

Health care is a broad topic of general interest to virtually every reader and practitioner. Betty C. Jung's online presentation of authoritative citations and external reading, both online and bound, is enhanced by her education and work experience, which makes this web site a one stop source for information concerning heath care.

The excellent site map index and search engine capabilities make navigating and then finding information of a particular interest, both easy and accurate.

From Talking Hands Award
Retrieved 12/31/2006

Statistical Functions

A very comprehensive and eclectic set of statistics links - to articles, information on methods, software etc.

From Nanyang Technological University (Jeff Kennedy)
Retrieved 2/16/2007

From Inkslinger (1Carpenter11)
To: All

I just stumbled across a great Web page that is a directory of dozens of information and distance-learning resources for the public health field. It is Betty C. Jung's Web site, at

If you are a health professional in any specialty, or are planning to become one, this is a wonderful place to start bookmarking the information and education Web sites that are helpful to you.

Disclosure: I have absolutely no personal or financial interest in Jung's site, nor in any of the referenced sites.

From Adult/Continuing Education
Posted 3/12/06. Retrieved 7/11/2007

Technology Resources Page
Jung's Evaluation Resources on the Internet

This evaluation website can be used for many different industries but really focuses on management tools. It provides many links to instructions and evaluations for generic programs or potential uses. It provides links for evaluation guidelines, evaluation resources, evaluation templates, logical model resources, and an overview of evaluation in general. The amount of links and resources on this site is astounding and one can pretty much find any information on evaluation processes and templates that one desires. This is very helpful for the management and human resources because evaluation is a key part of improvement and change.

From Lauren Anne Oliet/Vanderbilt University
Retrieved 4/2/2008

Warning: Addiction potential high! Betty is a nurse, epidemiologist, internet lecturer, and has amassed enormous amounts of information and links. You could easily spend a day on this site.

From Ajacobso
Retrieved 6/24/2008

Public Health Data Sets
Betty C. Jung has compiled a HUGE collection of links to all sorts of data sets related to public health. There are hundreds of them organized by topic obtained by the CDC, NIH, WHO and other public health agencies. Some examples of interesting data sets that could be used in a high school Biology classroom: Alcohol-Attributable Deaths and Years of Potential Life Lost Trends in HIV- and STD-Related Risk Behaviors Among High School Students (1991--2007)
Injuries Resulting from Car Surfing --- United States, 1990--2008 There are lists, there are tables, there are graphs, some are basic, some are complex, but if you want to incorporate some real-world health stats into your teaching, this is the place to go for them.

From Using Real Data Sets in the Science Classroom
Post 7/15/2009; Retrieved 1/14/2012

Thanks a lot - how do you have the time to create your great site? I have made it reading for my graduate students at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia - they are getting MA's or PHD's in health policy. I also work in patient medication safety at Penn and regularly review your newsletter - thanks for all of your work.

Abby Cohen, PhD (10/15/2003)

Dear owner of,

My name is Adam Dicker, and I'm the owner of I wanted to let you know that I've just placed a link to Thanks for putting such a useful site on the Web! Again, thank you very much for your great web site.

Adam M. Dicker (3/22/04)

you do great work

As you requested, I am giving you feedback about the public health jobs site that you run. I did find a job, and not through your site, but I did get many leads, many ideas, and much insight into the general state of the public health job market. Keep up the good work!!

Adrian Walter-Ginzburg, Ph.D. (8/28/2003)
Senior Research Associate
Herczeg Institute on Aging
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv, Israel

Hi Betty,

Great blog with a lot of excellent information!
AJ,Product Manager (10/15/2009)

Betty, your site was a stunner and I wonder if you could possibly give me some feedback

Alan I. Saltzman, Esq. (1/26/2004)

Just wanted to say that you have a great web site. Quite a variety of useful links and resources.
Wishing you a lot of success in your professional work and of course a happy summer.
Ales Bourek (8/4/2005)
You have a lovely site--so user friendly and so very helpful.
ALICE OSBORNE, Managing Director of Public Relations (10/3/2008)
Children's Way
Hi Betty -
Your web site is great--you should get paid for doing something like that! Your sense of humor comes across in your website--that's why I enjoyed it so much. Several funny and clever twists and turns. It was nice to hear from you.

Alison (3/30/04)

Hi Betty,

I had to write you as I enjoyed looking at your web site.
Alison (3/28/04)

I am a recent graduate with my Masters in Public Health and have been conducting a job search while I have been interning at my state health department. I just wanted to say that I just came across your site and wanted to say thank you for posting these jobs. Your list gave me hope that I can now begin to further expand my job search.

Amirahellis (10/15/2003)


I just glanced your web site- there is so much there- very impressive! I added it to my blog- I am new to this and guess that is OK- I am at

I am also a resident of Cupertino, CA, a great place to live- I will be using your web site for my own education and information a lot.

Thanks for the good works-
Angela Azzenza (1/5/2007)

Dear Betty,

I am a homeschooling mother and I am currently teaching my sons how to use spreadsheets (specifically, Excel). While looking for resources, I came across your website below that has lots of great Excel information and links:

The page really helped me and I wanted to thank you. Thank you again for the help your page provided me and I hope that you and your users will find my suggestions useful.
Enjoy your day,
Angela (1/5/2010)


I saw your website, as a result of a Google search. Lovely!

Arnold M. Fertig, MPA (5/20/2003)
President, Centre Street Associates, Inc.

Good morning Betty,

I hope I'm not bothering you, but I just wanted to say great public health page. I've added it to my bookmarks. I'm a health teacher so I'm always scouring the Internet for information to include in my lesson plans. And your page had some helpful material I could use :)

Enjoy the rest of your summer,

Ashley Henderson (8/20/2010>

Dear Betty,
I have just gone through site for some statistical help and found that it is wondeful site u have created for statisticians.
Thanks & Regards
Ashwani (India) (8/7/2007)
Dear Betty,
I browsed through your Public Health website and found it an outstanding and a must-browse website for every Public Health officer. At this juncture I hereby thank you for this invaluable peace of work and advice you to please keep it up.
Yours sincerely,

Your website has definitely grown and includes so many great links, resources, updates, etc. You have done an AWESOME JOB! I just wonder how you find time for everything?

Happy New Year!
Barb (12/27/2006)

Greetings, Thank you very much in advance for including a link to the Dermatlas

Bernard A. Cohen, M.D. and Christoph U. Lehmann, M.D. (6/25/2003)
Departments of Dermatology and Pediatrics
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD 21287-3200

Hi Betty,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for your webpage ( My name is Beth, and I volunteer with a youth group where we host weekend activities for middle school aged children. We are doing a project on emergency preparedness next weekend. Your page had some great stuff that we will be able to share with the kids. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help! :-)

Warm regards,
Ms. Beth P.
Pathway to Empowerment Youth Groups (7/12/2012)

Really like your very useful site.

Thanks, Betty Brown (9/10/2004)

Hi Betty.

I just got back from teaching epidemiology this evening and got your e-mail. Thank you so much for taking the time and adding the review to your Web site. I am very pleased with the review, and I will look into the navigation issue you mentioned. This is very helpful feedback.

Once again, thank you for the kind words. You certainly have some great Web sites. It is amazing that you can keep them up to date and also so informative and interesting.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Warm regards,
Bill Oleckno (11/21/2002)

Subject: Re: inquiry on the use and interpretation of Betty C. Jung PH program evaluation grid

Hi Ma'am Betty!

Good day! I am an MPH student and I chose to use your grid as PH program evaluation tool.

Our MPH class had consultation with our instructor on the course Public health program evaluation. We were assigned with a particular health program in the Philippine DOH in selected LGUs to evaluate. To name a few, they are Anti- Rabies, Family Health Planning, DOTS, etc. I suggested to the class that we use your grid since it is comprehensive. Our instructor was convinced after I presented it.

Thank you so much! This is a great help to me and my whole class. Yes, the grid is all-in-one. It makes the summative evaluation easier yet with very sound validity. When I found it, I knew in my heart that my prof would agree with me on the use of it. Now, the whole class is going to use it! God bless you and Happy Father's day to the great Dads in your family.

For the love of public health,
Carlisle Pyponco (6/19/2010)

Thanks for the info on statistical reporting. The web sites you referred are great. Oh by the way I found you by putting in statistical reporting and then found your web site on Public Health Continued Ed and it was great! Thanks again, Carol Phillips (7/14/2003)

Hi I was glad to find your site which I have found very useful

Thanks so much, Cathryn Norman (2/16/2006)

Hi Betty

Thanks for having the website for me to post the openings on! I found your site through the search engine. It was listed amongst the top 10. Good job!! Have a good weekend

Cathy (7/6/2001)

Hi-Thank you so much for your prompt reply! I very much appreciate your advice and suggestions.

I found PHENOM through your website (which I found through When I had decided to go into public health, I searched the website endlessly to gather more information and I think your website is wonderful! It has really provided me with a wealth of information. Thank you again so much for replying! You have really been so helpful!

Celine (3/16/2003)

Boston College

Hi Betty,

I was searching for some info on social media today when I came across your roundup post ( I really enjoyed it, nice job!
Chris Makara (7/9/2015)

Hi Betty,

Yes the pages I have looked have been extremely helpful. I work in the healthcare industry and am currently enrolled in an MPH program and often recommend your website to other classmates and coworkers. I hope you keep up this valuable site..

Chris Montiverdi (5/29/2004)


My name is Chris Moy and I am working on a new project and I was dusting off one of my old biostat books called "Biostatistics: A Foundation for Analysis in the Health Sciences" by Wayne Daniel 6th edition. Upon doing a search for data I came across your site which I though was a very nice repository.

Chris Moy (12/28/2001)

Hi Betty

I am so glad I found your website. It is indeed an excellent reference for almost everything on evalution.


Chris Oelofse (South Africa) (1/10/2008)

I would just like to thank you for all of your time and deication....Your website is amazing and truly appreciated!!!!

Christopher Adante (CT) (9/5/2010)

My name is Crystal and I wanted to give you some feedback on your page ( I'm not sure if you're the right person to contact, but I wanted to tell you that as a student teacher working on a lesson plan for next year, your page was a great source of information.

Take Care,
Crystal (7/23/2010)

I am AJI PHILIP CHERIAN an engineering student in Kerala,India. I wish you well because your site is EXCELLENT

What a fantastic site!
Curtis Price (1/3/2008)

Hi Betty

I found you as a result of a web search for material. We try to keep in touch with sites that might be useful.

Dan Melnick, Ph.D. (5/3/2003)
Contractor responsible for maintaining DHHS Web site

Thank you, Betty!

Hi Betty!

My name is Sgarta Dan and I am from Romania, Timisoara. Unfortunately my english is not too good but - anyway - i want to congratulate you for your site and also for your generosity.

Thank you very much, Betty!
Dan Sgarta (4/1/2007)

Hi Betty,

How are you? Hope everything is well. I've stumbled on your website through the search engines. And I found out that you have have compiled a variety of links especially for public health careers. Your readers may really be delighted with your collection here. I also love the marquee text featuring some dietary facts. Helpful indeed!

Best Regards,
Dave C. Fuentes (6/15/2009)
Link Administrator
Teleport My Job

Hi Betty,
What a treat. I am thrilled! Your site is really great. I spent some more time looking through it today and am amazed by the depth of information you have amassed. Thank you so much, and please keep up the great work. Your links will most certainly be a great boost for my project. I found your website I think through a search for "Senior Health" and you came up in the results. I am impressed that it looks like you do all of this yourself, including your web maintenance? Thank you again for your generosity!
David Besnette (9/3/2008)
Ms. Jung: I am recently new to the field of public health and I was curious if you new any great places to gain employment in public health. I stumbled onto your great website and thought you might be able to help. I trying to get into epi and more specifically into environmental epi. Any help would be great.


David E. Jones, MPH (12/13/2001)

Ms. Jung:

First, I wanted to thank you for your reply. I found you website by chance through a search engine for public health. I think you website has much to offer but I havent gotten the chance to throughly examine the site, but it looks very exciting.

But thanks very much for your time and I wish you the best and Have great Holidays.

David Jones (12/18/2001)

I never realised that the world of charting was so diverse and so complicated until I found your website as a result of a Google search

David Milne (5/21/2003)

Hi Betty,

Nice web page and excellent service. I am a first time visitor. I would like to get a free program or demo version of the statistical procedure CHAID (Chi-square Automatic Interaction Detection). Can you direct me to a link?

Thank you
David R. Beeson (8/20/2002)
Golden CO

Hi Betty -

Just dropping you a note to say your web site it TERIFFIC!! Its very helpful and use to my students and myself. If you could, is it possible to take the running stream of the top of your page. In the past it wasnt there? Just curious. This would be immensely helpful!! Thanks again.

Dean G (7/6/2002)

Hi Betty -

I teach epidemiology at Indiana University. These streamers --or running banners, are located at the top of each of your pages --the very very top, and they run from right to left. Most students, and staff, report that they cannot access more than one site at at time due to these streamers running. They somehow block assess to other sites simotaneously. Hope this is helpful, feel free to email anytime. Thanks for the service you provide.

Dean G (7/8/2002)


Wow, hi again! The response that I've received from those I know who visit your site is overwhelming. However, I told you wrong --as ive been informed :), its not the main page the most have technical difficulties with, its the Public Health Job Posting Message Board and Public Health Jobs. If you could take the runner banners from these two sites it would be immensely appreciated. These two sites are the ones that most of my colleagues and students have have mentioned tech. difficulties accessing. THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!! BLESS YOU!! TAKE CARE.

Dean G (7/10/2002)

Hi Betty,

Thank you so much for the link to your website. I discovered your site from a link at Social Work com. Thank you for creating such a comprehenisve and informative resource.

Best regards,

Deborah Harper (11/22/2002)
*** The Bright Side - Wings of Support

Ms. Jung,

I came across your resource page (at ) in my search, and wanted to send out a quick thank you! I think some of the materials are wonderful, and they've really helped me out! Thank you so much!

Denise K. Ross (8/26/2011)

You are very welcome my friend, but it is we who are thanking you for providing such a wonderful teaching and learning web site.

Denny (4/6/2006)

Greetings from Forensic Accounting,

We have visited your informative website and found that you offer to trade links with other sites of interest to your visitors. We have already linked to your site... We would appreciate a link back...

Best regards,
Dirk Johnson, Reciprocal Links Manager (7/25/2003)


Thanks so much for answering my message, and so quickly! Impressive for someone as busy as it sounds like you are.

I realize that you don't offer these addresses as entrees into a job advice column, but you are one of the rare individuals with expertise in the matter willing to allow contact! I would be delighted to hear from you.

With thanks for your consideration,
Dominique Sherter (1/14/2003)

Betty again I'm truly impressed with all the work you've put into your website which really looks more like the nexus for a multi-leveled organization than just an informative site. Are you working at this full time or are you also working with an organization?

Again - Thank You! (6/3/2003)

Re: WONDERFUL site! Kids Fun Sites

Hi Betty, I will share your site with others who I know are involved with children. It is truly wonderful and you put SO much work into it.

Doris Nussbacher (3/26/2004)

Hi Betty,

Yes, just visited the comments..........I am MOST impressed with all who commented. Your site is revered worldwide.....WOW!!!! I am VERY proud of you.......wish Mrs. Koepke could see it. Luv, Doris (3/26/04)

First of all, congratulations on your excellent website! The Chinese pages have loads of interesting resources; as someone who is fascinated by Chinese culture, I really enjoyed checking them out.

Donald Sturgeon (Taipei) [3/11/07]


I looked at your website and I really liked it.
Best Regards, Doug Collins, President (2/22/2004)
1st Class Software

Betty -

Wow! Some website.

Doug Uhlig (3/3/2003)

Thanks Betty for your continuing effort to keep the website running.

Dr. Colleen Metge (11/15/2003)
Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 CANADA


Thanks for your mail dated January 2,Thursday in which you have cared to respond to my clarifications on a personal capacity which I understand is not easily available in the days of prefed computerised responces! Let me first make the honest statement that I have come to know about your organisation while searching for an appropriate job search organisation in the internet as suggested by few of my junior colleagues persuing higher education in public health in US.

Dr. Debasish Chattopadhya (India) (1/9/2003)

Fun web site.
Dino W. Ramzi, MD, MPH, Rockville, MD (7/13/2007)
Dear Betty, It is only recently that I was told of your site and I have found it quite useful. I am a doctor and work in the department of Community Health at St. johnc Medical College (India).

Dr. Dominic Misquith (9/15/2003)

Dear Betty:

Greetings from Rajesh from New Delhi, India.
This is an initial response - having just visited your website and had a quick look at your resume.
Fantastic work - Congratulations.
Will be visiting your site more frequently to avail of the resources.
It was pure luck on my part that I was able to come across your site - while searching (Google) for presentation of data,

warm regards,
Dr. Rajesh Noah (6/14/2006)
Program Director
Urban Health Resource Centre (UHRC)
F-9/4, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110 057

Hello there Betty! My name is Emma Green, writing to you from Daly City, CA. I'm currently doing an internship with the community outreach committee, and I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for all your work on Thanks again, for all the help!
Emma (3/19/2013)
Hey there!

I was browsing the Betty C. Jung's Web Site site this morning and I was seriously impressed with the information on it! You look like an exceptionally great organization and offer some really wonderful services!

Emma Holmes (7/20/2015)

Dear Betty,

It's great that you put together this list of resources: I have found some extremely useful info about Excel. Thanks!

Keep up the good work,
Emma (9/19/2011)

Dear Betty

Thanks. The posting has proved very worthwhile

With best regards

Gauden (4/6/2001)
Dr Gauden Galea, RA/HPR, WHO/WPRO, Manila

Hello Ms Betty C Jung,

I am a dental surgeon and a post graduate in public health working in a reputed cancer hospital in India. I came to know more about you from the website (i have also enrolled as a member) and I came to know about your thesis "evaluating smoking cessation programs". I will be greatful if you could send a copy/ abstract of your thesis via email. I look forward to your most valuable response.

Best regards
Dr Jayakrishnan (7/17/2002)

Dear Betty,

I am a postgraduate student currently doing my masters in orthopaedics at the Univ of Dundee and am conducting a research on "evaluation of web based statistical resources for surgeons". While going through the net i visited your site and was impressed with your work.

Dr J B S Jaggi (UK)[10/11/04]

Betty, you certainly have done a lot of worthwhile work.

Best, Paul
Dr PR Earl (Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico) (7/21/2003)

Dear Betty,

Thanks very much for the prompt answer, and the instructions about the HON code. I admire your activity, and wonder how you succeed to manage so many sites and to be a Web Ring editor too.

I will be very glad if I could be helpful for you too. (6/18/2001)

Hi Betty,

I viewed carefully your Reciprocal page and found it wonderful as an idea. I always obtain a Web inferiority complex when I see your sites.!!!

Dr. Rumen Nikolov (7/3/2001)
Editor in Drugs of Today and Methods and Findings.

Dear Betty,

I recently visited your site, and found the resources listed in your Public Health Sites section very useful.

Best Regards,
Dr. Shahul Ameen, M.D. (3/2/2005)
Senior Resident,
Central Institute of Psychiatry,
Ranchi, India;
Editor, PsyPlexus (

Hi Betty,

Great website.
Thanks. Once again, I appreciate your efforts at making your website very informative.

Dr. Varalakshmi (UK) (3/18/2005)

Hello Ms. Jung,

I had a chance to look up your websites. Your work is very interesting and important. Thank you for your offer to put a link about our study on the website. I appreciate it very much.

Dr. William Hsu (Harvard Medical School) [2/13/2003]

Hi Betty,

Thanks for updating my information. Your website looks great.

Ed Angeli, MPH, MS, RD (3/25/2002)
WIC/Nutrition Director
Hill Health Center

I would just like to let you know that I have found several of the resources listed on quite useful, and I would like to thank you for the effort and time invested so far; thanks!

I'm not sure if you are interested in suggestions or not, but I thought that I would try to contribute something to further improve the resource for other visitors. In addition to the websites that you have already listed, I would like to suggest - which features over one hundred (by the looks of it) finance-related calculators. It's a resource I use myself quite often. I think it would make a pretty good addition. What do you think?

Keep up the good work!

Emily Hill (9/28/2007)

Good morning Betty: I ran across the site doing some research with a diabetes project in Hawaii. It was about 4 years back this was before I started googling everything. Google just can't replace some resources such as your site though.

Being the webmaster for our site, I realize how much time and effort goes into maintaining a site. Anyhow, I think all the awards for your site is well deserved. Congratulations on 5 yrs I hope it continues for many more.

Edward M. Oh, MPH (8/24/2004)
California Environmental Health Tracking Program
Environmental Health Investigations Branch
California Department of Health Services

Hi Betty! I found your site today while doing some research on cervical cancer and was blown away by how much information you have on your site. You have compiled an incredible list of resources. I was really impressed by the site and I think some of your readers might have an interest in it. Keep up the good work!
Elizabeth (12/1/2008)
Greetings Betty,

I have visited your interesting and useful website and would like to suggest a link. Thanks much, and keep up the good work! :-)

Elizabeth Himmerich (2/18/2004)
Fotosearch Stock Photography

I am pharmacy student doing rotation in diabetes clinic. I just found out that your web site is very helpfull to get information. I have one question?
Is there any updated guideline for the management of diabetes, like 2004 guidelines.
Thanks,Eyob (12/10/2004
University of Maryland

I want to start off by saying your website has been a terrific tool for me. I found it through a search engine and literally read through the entire site top to bottom. I appreciate your dedication to readily available health care information. The "College" subsection in the "Academic" part of your website has been very useful for me seeing how I am currently going through my first year of college. The Useful Links have also been a great read and provided me with loads of information. Thanks for all the information and keep up the great work!

Erica Jones (11/27/2007)

Dear Betty,

You are truly a dedicated connector in our field. Thanks for all your webweavings, the threads that you help tie together via the mentoring and website help create both a safety net and a tapestry and perhaps a map as well, for connecting us all into the dynamic field of public health.

Peace to you and yours-
Eric Triffin (8/6/2003)
West Haven CT Director of Health

Dear Ms Jung,

I really appreciate your excellent-quality collection of H care quality. I found all when I was searching by the for a future presentation in School of Public H, Tehran University (I'm a resident physician of Epidemiology there).

Your site contributes in reduction of disease burden worldwide, I think!

Looking forward to hearing,
Farshad Pourmalek (1/7/2003)

Subject: kudos
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 12:53:30 -0400

You Go girl!

I proposed something like this very thingee (PHENOM) as a support for innovators when the APHA started it's expertise/lesson learned/let's all innovate efforts. I said then that peer support was probably NOT available in your state, but that at least one other voice was needed - or even the best accepted that killer feedback weirdness. Can we chat? I want to find out your lessons about linking up expertise, At a level above the Mentors to students. This is grrreat stuff... Back in 1990 I wanted to start an "expertise recovery " effort in International development, where reinventing the wheel is SOP - and very lucrative. I called it "Common Knowledge" and it was essentially the Web in a box (Hypertext on CDs for those "out past the last telephone pole" OTPTLTP) I Still do. I think you are much farther along that I ever got.

Fred Fleming (6/29/2004)

Dear Ms. Jung:

I am impressed with the depth of coverage of women's health issue in your web site

Gary S. Berger, M.D., Medical Director (7/13/2007)
Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center

Hi Betty,

Over the years, I've collected a wide variety of web resources on quality improvement in general, and healthcare quality improvement in particular. These are used in my work as a nurse consultant in the Bureau of Managed Health Care Programs in the State of Wisconsin. Your site is one I found doing research on some quality-related topic a few years ago, and I've kept it as a "favorite" on my browser ever since.

I believe a lot of state Medicaid programs will be interested in sites like yours since they now face a set of new federal mandates for quality assessment and performance improvement arising from the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (though the federal rules enacting the Act did not get published in the federal register till 2002 and 2003).

Gary Ilminen, RN (10/16/2006)

Hi. Good Day.

i encountered your website while surfing the net for public health research. I am currently a UN volunteer serving in Nukus, Uzbekistan and our project is implementing a community-based TB care system. the ministry of health has asked our assistance in the conduct TB epidemiological research. i hope you will let me use your website as a resource for the research we will undertake. thank you so much.

Gemma Marie I. Carnacete UNV/UNDP in Uzbekistan

Thanks for making me aware of your site -- I've taken a quick glance, and can't do it justice in so short a period.

May I have your permission to link to your page on my course page for intro stats in sociology?

Gil Klajman (6/18/2003)
Department of Sociology
Montclair State University
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043

I love your web site, but lately I keep getting a "Runtime Error, Do you wish to debug?" message when browsing your page. It's quite an inconvenience; do you know if this is a glitch on the web site or on my system? Thank you in advance for your response.

Most sincerely,

Greg Rachu (12/13/2002)

Hello, Betty

My name is Helen. I'm very interested in your site, it contains so much useful information.

Oh, i'm constantly surfing the Web and visiting lot of sites, found you in the search. I'm very interested in woman-health related sites and now in the sites dealing with kids up-bringing.

Thanks for your site and time. Helen. (7/28-29/2003)

Dear Betty Jung,

got just by coincidence into your site and loved it. Recommended it to some collegues.

Best regards,
Helmut Milz, MD (4/14/2002)

Hi Betty,

I was searching women's web sites and saw your web site. I think you have a lot of wonderful information on your site.

Best Regards,
Hope Waltman, Writer (3/12/2003)
Founder and Webmaster of Hope For Fibroids Organization
web site:

I found your website in Google while doing research. You have a great list of resources going. Keep it up!
Thanks again,
Houston (Software Advice) (7/24/2009)
Dear Ms.Betty C. Jung,

I visited and liked your site very much. I am requesting a link from your website.

Thanks. I appreciate your time,
I.Khan,MD (1/4/2003)
CEO Medjobcity Inc.
Member:Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce
Member:HON-Health on the Net Foundation

Dear Betty,

I feel honored to have my website listed at your online resources list, which in my opinion is the best top quality statistics online resources list in the internet.

Jack Gopher (6/19/2008)

I came across your page with its excellent and comprehensive online resources. ( )

I really think that you do achieve what you mentioned in the "Vision" "Mission" and "Goal" objectives of your homepage...

Best regards,
Jack Gopher (4/23/2008)


I've been browsing around your website, and man, does it take me back! It's not often these days that you find an old school, privately owned website from back in the day! Major props to you for keeping it up, and for keeping it relevant with StumbleUpon buttons and the like!

Jacques Bouchard (10/26/2012)

You have a great list of references noted in your site. Please consider adding to your references.

Sincerely,James Merrington (4/24/2004)

Hi Betty,

I ran across your web site while looking for easy epidemiology topics.coms and I thought it was just amazingly comprehensive. I have book marked it and will undoubtedly use it in the future if this class doesn't kill me first.

Have a great evening, Jane F. (10/11/2006)

Excellent site, added to favorites!!!
Jane (US) (8/14/2007

My name is Jane Siberry, Webmaster of, and I have been spending some time looking at your website at It was an absolute pleasure visiting your site. (9/18/2004)

BTW, I love your logo, with that "reflection in the water" type of effect... looks great!

Best wishes,
Jason Manheim, President, (7/15/2005)

Hi! Betty is so impressive that I can scarcely (believe) that all this is powered by 1 human.
Your PIC in your website would convince me that Betty C. Jung exists!

Regards & Best Wishes
Jayanta Narayan Choudhuri (1/18/2004)

Dear Ms. Jung,

Your website is incredible. What a wonderful resource.

Thank you,
Jeanean Castle (3/11/2004)
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Hi Betty,

I stumbled onto your site when I was searching for more links to add to my Equilibrium Website. I thought that you might be interesting in checking out my site. I think you would enjoy my collection of wallpapers.

BTW, nice site you have there and great links!! I have it bookmarked.

JenGe (6/1/2003)

high V! Betty,
Thanks a lot!

Jerry (Hood of HRSA.Gov) [11/20/2000]

I was searching for health related web sites and your site came up. I really like your site and used it already several times as resource to online health related sites.

Jim (12/7/2007)

Hi, I would like to thank you for maintaining the resource at as it has been of great help to me in my studies.
Joanna Tenson (11/22/2008)
Overall a phantastic site - and thanks for quoting the dashboard. I get quite a number of visitors from your site...

With best regards,
Jochen (5/17/2007)
Jochen Jesinghaus
European Commission

Thanks, Betty.

I have no idea :) I look at lots of genealogy-related sites so I must've come upon yours on that journey. Your site isn't genealogy-related, but there must've been some little signpost someplace. It probably had to do with the cemetery sites you have listed. Maybe I should start keeping a log :)

You have a lot of good health stuff on there. Nice work.

Joe (10/8/2004)

Dear Betty,

I am a postgraduate student currently doing my masters in orthopaedics at the Univ of Dundee and am conducting a research on "evaluation of web based statistical resources for surgeons". While going through the net i visited your site and was impressed with your work.

Dr J B S Jaggi (10/12/2004)

Dear Betty,

I really like your Web site. It has inspired me to develop my own Web site, as a business, around some of your Web design techniques.

Good luck with the site. I will communicate more in the future if I think I have something tosuggest for your site references.

Joe Abate (9/4/03)

Towson, Maryland

Was able to learn of your wonderful site on the Web while looking for surveillance software.

You have an excellent site.

Joseph Abate (3/17/2004)
Health Services Evaluator

I found your site on Google by accident and thought it was well-done. The Myers-Briggs is a fascinating topic. I am acquainted with someone in Massachussetts who uses the Myers-Briggs regularly in career counselling. The link I suggested seems to be a good, short intro to this subject.

John (7/1/2002)

Hi Betty -

That is quite a collection of links you have amassed. I was glad to see my site listed (, and I noticed a couple of problems. First, a page from my old web site is listed under Gantt Chart Links (, which should be pointed at the corresponding page on my new site:

Also, there is a link to Statistical Software - Dirk Enzmann's gimmicks ( This page has been moved to: ftware/Enzmann_Software.html

I don't know how you can maintain such a list of links. I have tried putting a few categories of links on my site, and I've decided that I cannot be all-inclusive: I should only list sites that I refer to or refer others to frequently. Otherwise it's like writing and updating the telephone directory.

It is an interesting collection, and I have to admit I spent over an hour today checking out some of the links.

- Jon (9/10/2004)
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services


PS. I think you've done a great job with your site :)
Jenna Brooks (12/27/2004)

Man, you guys did a great job with your web site! It provides a ton of great tools and resources for your viewers.
Jennifer Berry Editor, (11/20/2007)
Dear Betty,

I consider myself an Internet researcher. I look for information on whatever interests me and your page has helped me learn something new by giving me great resource. Thank you.
Thank you again,
Jenny (6/24/2010)

Hello again, Betty!

Thanks so much for adding our group to your wonderfully informative web site! We really appreciate it! :)

Joni (11/25/2002)




Hola, Josefrancisco,

Muchas gracias para su E-mail. No hablo espanol. Estudio espanol en la escuela muchos anos para quatro anos. Hablo engles solomente. Habla engles? Es todo, gracias.

Betty C. Jung

Hello, Betty.

how did you get so good at site creation? Your site looks really nice. How did you get the text to scroll across the top of the window?

Julia Kohn (12/3/2002)


We were linking to it from our intranet (corporate library site) as a recommended resource. Thanks for the updated link.

Julie Williams (8/8/2002)
Site Developer
Competitive & Technical Information
Genzyme Corporation

Congratulations. You have an amazingly interesting site. I got to it when I was Googling for "composite endpoints" (which we have to deal with, and undeal I should add).

Guy Beaulieu - Canada (2/16/2006)

Betty, Thank You for responding to my email. It is very helpful information as my mind feels muddled right now and I must go back to square one with my paper--I will keep it simple this time and follow your guidelines.

Betty, you are a very nice person to help me--someone you don't even know--and I appreciate it so much.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Jane Filipov (11/21/2006)

Hey Betty,

I'm getting in contact with you today to let you know I've been using your alcohol an substance abuse page: and it's been really useful so I just wanted to say thanks for making it available!

Happy Thursday,
Janel L. Hawthorne
W.B. Goodwin Community Center (PA) (8/15/2013)

First of all, congratulations for your great and useful website.
Jorge Dennis (4/16/2007)
Hi Betty-

I was thrilled to come across your website. I know you are v busy but wonder if you might have a moment for a question.

Thanks very much
Kam Jungdev (11/4/2002)

Hi Betty

I came across your website when I was looking for the right APA formatting to use for my results chapter. It was v helpful for that. I came across your website a few times when looking for stats info ie interpreting test results.

May I ask you another question? If you are too busy, I fully understand. Stats is not my forte!

Kam Jungdev (11/4/2002)

I visit your site for nursing and health information and you have led me to many good sites and resources. As a nurse I am always looking for online nursing websites. Thank you for creating and keeping up such a useful site.

Keep up the good work!

Kara Sevin (5/21/2007)

Thanks so much for the information. It will be of great use in my project. I found you by simply searching the web. I went through the yahoo search engine, typed in Epidemiology, and the first link that I saw and thought would be a lot of use to me was yours. In the site it gave me your email address. Again, thanks so much for the information and your time. I love your webpage, it gives a lot of useful information and I will be sure to use it for my next report for Molecular and Cellular Biology next quarter.

Katherine Blakeslee (9/15/2002)

Dear Betty:

Thanks so much for speaking in the PCH 496 class last night. Considering the short period of time we had, I think you accomplished quite alot. You have really made that website a very rich resource for public health folks. It will save the students much unnecessary time in doing searches given that you have everything in one site. Your time commitment and support is very much appreciated. Thanks again.

Kathleen Bonvicini SCSU (2/17/2000)

Hi Betty,

I've been hunting around the web for great career resources and I managed to stumble across your page: Thanks for taking the time to put it together! I've found the links you recommended to be extremely useful.

Kelly (3/23/2011)

Dear Website Administrator, I was doing some research on the internet and found your web site when using the keyword search {Healthcare Jobs}. I am very impressed with your web site and the way you promote your business on the internet. I thought your web site information would be of benificial to my clients, so have added your web site to my link page...

Kevin Richards (8/8/2003)
Healthcare Job Bank

Hi Betty,

Congratulations on a great site for resources in public health and epidemiology Please visit our site ( which provides epidemiologic calculations.

Kevin M. Sullivan, PhD, MPH, MHA (8/23/2004)
Associate Professor
Department of Epidemiology
Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University

Hi Betty - how are you? We have a link to your great website - if you could kindly link to OpenEpi ( we would be appreciative. Thanks, Kevin

Kevin M. Sullivan, PhD, MPH, MHA
International Micronutrient Malnutrition Prevention and Control Program (IMMPaCt) (9/26/2006)

Hi Betty, I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for your webpage ( My name is Kristina, and I'm a high school health teacher. I came across your page while looking for some resources for a prevention unit (on drugs, alcohol, suicide, abuse, etc.) that we are beginning next week. Your page has some really great resources for this. Just wanted to send thanks for all the help. :-)

Warm regards,
Ms. Kristina Koenig (4/10/12)
Cleary Mountain HIgh School

P.S. Your job site is excellent!! I just wish there were more jobs in CT.

Kristy Gentile (9/23/2003)

Dear Ms. Jung,

I have recently had the pleasure of viewing your web pages. At present, I am a research fellow (I'm postponing residency) at Metropolitan Hospital's Dept. of Emergency Medicine. Part of my duties include helping run journal club, teaching the residents about epi. and biostats., how to read papers, how to conduct their own research.

Your page totally rocks: it has such helpful links and your powerpoint lectures are great in helping me refresh my memory on topics and terminology.

Best Regards,
Lara (8/20/2004)
Lara De Nonno, MD MPH
Research Fellow
Metropolitan Hospital

Subject:great web site

Hi Betty--

Jackie and I love your web site. Congratulations! We added it to our "favorite places" so we can visit alot.

Larry and Jackie (1/20/2002)



LEAH (12/28/2002)

Dear Betty,

I just visited your 'biostatistics' pages and some of the epidemiology related ones. Nice!

Leon Bax, MSc (3/27/2006)
Physical Therapist, Clinical Epidemiologist
Department of Medical Informatics
Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Kitasato University

Good morning.
I just wanted to send a note to thank you for these regular updates. I've been job hunting for a few months now in anticipation of receiving my MPH this December. I've heard how difficult it is to get that first job after graduation. Add to that student loan repayment obligations and extensive education but insufficient "in field" experience (and we won't even talk about being second career and older than most in my graduating cohort) and landing a job becomes a challenging task, indeed!

It's just nice to know that someone is trying to help!

Thank you so much for all of your time and effort!

Leslie Gross (11/30/2005)

I think your web site affords excellent breath and depth - can't figure out why your counter is so low.
Lee (11/22/2005)

I am finishing my last class for my BSN. We were asked to access web sites that present health and or professional information, links and resources that relate to nursing/health care issues. I did a search and your website came up. I was interested in yours because it identified the author, it had a mission and vision statement. It also has so many awards, I hadn't seen that in many of the websites that I came across. I am also supposed to assess whether it was an easy site to get around in, etc. I also found the resumes after I emailed you. I was glad to see that you were a nurse. So I will be giving your website to the other twenty nurses in my class on Saturday. I am attending Emmanuel College in Boston, Mass. Thanks again for such a quick response.

Limda Heffron (7/23/2004)


I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have found the Betty C. Jung's website ( The Senior Health Resources on the Net page ( had a lot of great information on it and I'm sure that I'll be using it again very soon.

Linda (9/27/2010)

Hi Betty,

I then did a Google search and found your website, which I must say is quite spectacular.

Linda Sable (5/20/2003)


I visited your web site: earlier today and I just wanted to congratulate you on a well presented and informative web site. It's not often that I come across a web site that offers a wealth of quality and hard to find information.

Best regards,
Linda Watson (4/14/2005)


I'm writing to request that you post a new position that is available at the Public Health Foundation. We would appreciate any referrals you could pass our way. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks,

Liz Arriaza
Associate Executive Director
Public Health Foundation

Note that I found your link while doing searches on schools in Google. I have recommended your page to all the people that I know... Good luck with your page/site.

L. Jacobs (3/12/07)

Hi, Betty. Thank you very much for adding our URL to your site. That looks great. I would like to tell you that we could do the same for you. However, as a public organization we cannot even appear to give special "favor" or "endorsement" to any private organization (our Ethics Law prohibits it) and so regrettably the webmaster cannot post your URL on our site. I am very sorry about that.

Denise Finch in our Legislative Office told me about your website. I hope your son likes living and working in Seattle. He's working for a great company in a lovely state, as you say. Where are you located??

Marc Harrison (9/4/03)
WA State Department of Health
Human Resources Office

Thank you, Betty. I did check out the Visitor Index, Govt agency and International visitors to your site. Impressive! You've got a great site that's delivering a valuable service. Thank you again for including us at the Washington State Department of Health!

Marc (9/5/03)

Hey, I just checked out your website and it's awesome and I'd like to see if we could get a full page link exchange going or something?

Marcus - Free Online Games Net

Please add this link ( to your Public Health Jobs list.

Thank You!

Maria Luisa Agacita (10/19/2000)
University of California, Irvine
Health Priorities Research Group

Thanks for putting together a great website!

Sincerely, Mark E. Welsch, President (1/23/2004)
GASP (Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution) of Nebraska, Inc.


Thanks for the totally awesome(!!!, Rad even!) website! This goes on my list of must see for Business and Healthcare folks!
Thanks and take care!
Mark G Ewell, MD, MBA (8/8/2004)

Hi Betty!
Thanks for the quick response!
I found your website while doing a Google search for "+gantt/chart +basics" as the search keywords.....2nd page of the search as I recall. I was bowled over with the great detail. I was also blown away by your links to movies and the "Elliott in the Morning" site.
Best regards.......Mark
Mark G Ewell, M.D., M.B.A. (8/10/2004)


I just wanted to thank you for an easy and simple website. It seems like everyone is trying to create more and more functions on their web pages, which just makes the sites complicated and hard to navigate.


Mary Taylor (8/5/2010)

I can not tell you how much your website and info on public health has been helping me with my work-i am a MD-PhD student from Austin Texas currently living and working on my thesis on HIV/AIDS here in Krakow-Poland.

Massod Vadiee Haghighi, BS.MD.
Jegiellonian University Medical Center
institute of public health


You have a wonderful website. I'm writing to ask that the Lung Cancer Alliance be included in your list of health resources, particularly those pertaining to women. Why? Because lung cancer kills more women each year than breast and ovarian cancer combined. Research shows that women are approximately 1.5 times more likely to develop lung cancer than men.
Thanks for your consideration! If further information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Maureen Rigney (1/27/2006)
Program Manager
Lung Cancer Alliance

Good day,

I recently visited your site and really liked it. It is very professional, well designed and easy to navigate.

Webmaster - Medical Alert Jewelry (8/20/2004)

Hello Betty,
I have been a subscriber to your website for quite sometime now. Your website is a great resource tool for health professionals. Keep up the awesome work with the site.

Thank you for your time.

Re: Your beautiful website

Hello, I ended up at your beautiful website, because I was doing an assignment for school on organizing data. My daughter has a website of her own but is very frustrated on how it is looking, being that yours is so full of information and looks great, I was wondering if you would be so kind to tell me what program you use.

Thank you for all your help

-Melissa. (2/14/2004)

Great! Thanks!

One of my co-workers suggested you, saying you are the "Queen of Public Health".
Melissa (CT) (8/10/2004)

Your website is TERRIFIC!
Mel Thorne, MD, MPH (10/28/2005)
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

I was very pleased to find your site.

Mel Tremper, Ph.D. (4/11/2002)
COSMOS Corporation (MD)

Thanks for the quick reply and all the work you put into this. I found your site by putting in a simple minded Google "advanced" search for all words and the exact phrase "data presentation" Your site popped up as #1.

Dear Webmaster of, I saw Your excellent site today and I was really impressed, Good Job.

Regards, Michael. (4/22/2004)

Thank you again for making such a nice's been very useful! And thanks for including my suggestion - Keep up the good work and have a great day :) Best, Michelle C. (4/21/2014)
Hi Betty,
You have a great reference site and web resource to help webmasters and people research online.

Mike (5/6/2011)

Good Morning,

I just wanted to tell you that I stumbled upon your website and I cannot believe the plethora of resources that you have for your students. Would it be alright to allow my students to access your pages as references? ...overall, this would be great for my students. I hope you have a great New Year!

Michael A. Hootner (12/28/2006)
San Diego Mesa College
Grossmont College

I really enjoy your website...VERY USEFUL !

Mike (Dome) 4/5/2007

Hello Betty,

thanks for your suggestion. First of all I saw your email in your web page, and I thought that you could help me (and sure you did!!!).

Mike Matos (11/1/2002)

Hi Betty:

I found you by doing a search on epidemiologist (or some variation thereof) on Google. Thanks for the honor of been on your website it's quite impressive.

Best Regards, Milt Williams/TechBios (5/26/2004)

Hi, Betty

Great website. A few suggestions - it would be helpful to list all of the community health centers and the Connecticut Primary Care Association as well.

Thanks, Mollie Melbourne (8/28/2002)

I actually found your page through a Yahoo Search. I think I put in Community Health or Community Health Centers. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. I think that it is wonderful to put reliable public health info on the web!

Mollie (8/29/2002)

Hello there Ms. Jung,

My name is Coleen and I'm a tutor for some great students. I hope I'm not a bother, but I just wanted to take the time to send you a quick thank you note on behalf of my library class and myself for providing the resources on your page ( We just completed our annual alcohol/drug awareness campaign and project, and found your page was such a great reference, so from all of us, thank you for your help :)

Sincerely, Mrs. O'Reilly's Library Class


I've visited your website a number of times and I've been meaning to take a few minutes to tell you that you are REALLY something! Honest to Pete, Girl....but you are one busy woman! I'm so impressed with your webmasterhood and the whole infosystem you have set up. Sheesh!

Narda (4/12/2006)

Hi Betty,

First, let me thank you for always being there with relevant free resources. I have always found your website a well-organized resource site, whether I needed SAS or SPSS material in the past.

Kind Regards
Niels Weterings (4/23/12)

We are requesting written permission (reply email is sufficient) to include your webpage in our training manual for the 5/10/02 conference by the Institute for Paralegal Education, "Internet Strategies for the Paralegal in WV". Deadline for authorization is Monday, March 12, 2002. Thank you.

Patricia M. Link, J.D., PH. D. (3/11/2002)
Jackson & Kelly PLLC

Found your site surfing the web for stats. (3/12/2002)

Hi there

Just been looking at your website - my name is Paul from England. The site is really comprehensive - that's what I like most about it! I'm setting up a site of my own soon. I was wondering if I could ask you how did you manage to generate so many visitors over the 4 3/4 years. From your experience, what were the most effective steps you took to gain your success?

Hope you don't mind me writing and I hope to hear from you
Best Regards, Paul (8/4/2004)

Hello Betty,
I just visited your website (, very informative and useful.
PDyer (10/12/2006)<,/TD>
Dear Betty,

I knew your website for quite some time and check it regularly to find out if there is anything new and special in the area of public health...So, I found it myself, a couple of years ago.

Good luck with your site! Keep up the good work.

Peter W Achterberg (5/31/2008)
Centre for Public Health Forecasting
The Netherlands

First and foremost, please accept my compliments for the wonderful service your site ( is providing to the Net community. I really liked your site; I have gone through your site and found lots of information, your site is a high-quality online information resource. It definitely shows that you put a lot of effort in your site! a link to our site.

Best regards,
Peeyush (6/24/2008)

Thank you Betty. ...Also, I should be finalizing it soon and customize it so that your web site stands out prominently. I appreciate your response. Let me tell you one thing, I had never come across such a beautiful website as yours. It is an internet system on to itself. Thanks.

Oscar Villarreal (3/10/2003)

Hello Ms Jung,

My name is Ram and I am a Public Health Graduate from University of Illinois. First of all I would like to "Thank you " for such a wonderful and educative site for all the public health professionals over the world. I have been a staunch viewer of your website and all the updates you make for the same (including being a member of the yahoo group).

Please do keep up the great website running!!!
Ram (9/16/2006)

I came across your amazing website. I'm curious about its beginnings; also about funding to maintain it. I would welcome knowing more about your research and professional interests. You may be interested in our activities.

Peter G. Goldschmidt, President (3/3/2004)
Health Improvement Institute

I recently came across your web site's fitness resources page (, which has a lot of useful and interesting fitness related resources on it and has been a great inspiration for me.

Phillip Donaldson (3/8/2013)

Thank you for your annotated bibliography on statistics; I'm trying to learn a bit of it by myself, and your advice is precious.

Piero (France) (2/21/2007)

Dear Betty

I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation at my class "Critical Issues in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention". I really appreciate the time and efforts that you put into the lecture and the materials that you shared with students at the class. I believe this was a good learning experience for our students to see how epidemiology and public health play a major role in designing any type of program, especially at the community levels. The websites that you showed to our students were excellent source of information for them to plan their own projects. Usually it is a very hard to find a credible source of information on the Internet. What a wonderful website you have yourself! I believe by just going to your site many information could be extracted using the links that you provided in your website.

With High Regards,
Pouran D. Faghri, MD, MS, FACSM (11/10/2004)
Associate Professor
Department of Health Promotion
University of Connecticut

You have an outstanding good and well structured site.
Richard (8/13/2007)
By the way, based upon all that I see related to you on the www, you are to be congratulated for the work that you do. It is quite impressive.

You're quite a lady! Laura and I are grateful for your comments and suggestions. We will be watching your site and I will keep you posted as to how she is able to use the information in her quest , as yours, to help to improve the health of others. Otherwise, thank you for being so gracious as to reply so quickly.
Richard H. (4/10/2014)


I found your website of health resources quite helpful. If you have an interest in including information on mental healthcare, our Center for Quality Assessment and Improvement in Mental Health has a searchable database of more than 300 performance indicators from the National Inventory of Mental Health Quality Measures, at


Richard C. Hermann, M.D., M.S. (8/6/2006)
Associate Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry
Tufts University School of Medicine
Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies
Center for Quality Assessment and Improvement in Mental Health

We are sending you this e-mail because of your excellent site listing statistical and epidemiological sources. Please feel free to add links to the documents to your site.
Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like further information. With your permission, we will be adding a link to your site, which is a really excellent list of resources.

Robin Elizabeth Wolfson (11/27/2004)
DataStep Development

Dear Betty,

THANK YOU for your ever so quick response! I greatly appreciate it and look forward to continued use of your website. I plan to share it with the classmates in my Health Promotion & Education course!

Kind regards, Robin Nadeau, Candidate, M.Ed. (March 16, 2004)
Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA

Dear Betty,

I am trying to find the website for the UPitt Public Health Supercourse site. Do you know what address this is? I have been looking over your WONDERFUL website and cannot find a link to it. But I write to you directly, because I am almost certain that I got there last time via a link from your site. Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.

Hi Betty

Thanks for your kind email. I found your site looking through some career searches on Google. You have an amazing list of great resources on that page!

"Thank you! A very appreciative webmaster. email: webmaster AT job-descriptions DOT org" (5/29/2004)

Your site appears to be a lot of work for you, I am assuming it is a labor of love.

Roger Skogman (7/25/2001)
Executive Recruiter, CSA Professional Services, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN 55343

Helping out the CDC....

In the meantime, Betty C. Jung of the Connecticut State Health Department and University of Southern Connecticut has started a public health resource site including job listings, to which we would like a CDC Web site to link. This could be of value in taking up some of the private/commercial listings, and it has numerous linked pages on other types of public health information. Please try it out. (12/8/1999)

To the Staff of CDC Wonder:

Betty C. Jung, RN, MPH has set up a Web site with multiple resources for public health, and the attractive hope page name of .... It has a spot for a jobs bulletin board and a list of public health meetings, pending IRMO's setting this up on the CDC site. I strongly urge that we establish a link between the Web Wonder site and Betty's home page and work with her. Hopefully, she is now listed on the listserv for the jobs. (1/5/2000)

The loss of a bulletin board is a serious blow. Pending the establishment of one by CDC, Betty C. Jung has established one for us and can reprint job announcements and post them there.

Ron Hattis, MD, MPH (2/2/2000)


that is wonderful, we look forward to receiving your lectures. Your web site is one of the nicest around!!

Ronald E. LaPorte, Ph.D. (10/10/2002)
Director, Disease Monitoring and Telecommunications
WHO Collaborating Centre
Professor of Epidemiology
Graduate School of Public Health
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261 USA

dear betty, i have been impressed with the correspondence you have had with our group. I think you are one of the brightest and creative people who we are working with. I was wondering if you would like to join in a "virtual think tank" to improve global health. I have selected 1% of these who I consider to be some of the most creative, and bright people I know. They are from different disciplines, 13 different countries and are of the stature of a Vint Cerf who invented the Internet and who will be a part of this. You and the others are characterized by your ability to think, and to create. I would very much appreciate if you could join, my very creative friend.

ron (6/21/2000)

Ronald E. LaPorte, Ph.D.

Hi, Betty
Keep up the nice work, you are appreciated.
Most sincerely, Ross Bunch (3/11/2006)

Hi Betty:
I've been using your "neat site" for about 2 years now and think it's the "best", bar none. Congratulations! I found it just through browsing. Thanks again, keep up the nice work.
Best regards,
Ross Bunch (3/13/2006)

Btw, I found your site informative and very useful.

Ryan Becker (9/23/2003)

Betty, your site looks great. Thanks for putting us out there.

Sadiann Ozment - Mentor (9/14/2003)

dear madam,

hello! i have been a regular visitor to your website ,and also a subscriber for "public health news".i completed my medical graduation in INDIA, and proceeding for my postgraduate study[master of public health] at the university of otago.dunedin ,Newzealand.

i have always been interested in public health,and want to make an career in it.i dont know if it is appropriate to have asked you so?,but i couldnt think of a more dedicated public health professional than you.

SANDEEP REDDY (11/18/2001)

Hi there,

Your website has been very helpful for many people like me to learn. Thank you very much for your effort to teach people around the globe.
Sanjaya (8/8/2006)
University of Pittsburgh

Hi Betty,

Hope you are doing great!!! Yes, your effort in uplifting Public Health is a praise worthy!! I do visit your site regularly to update my knowledge.

Sanjaya Dhakal (6/13/2002)
University of Hawaii

Now that I'm on your site... I won't get any work done today. You have so many cool things here :)

Sean Dickson

Dear Miss Jung,

I want to thank you for creating this wonderful website. I have bookmark it on my yahoo page and have used your APA infos on all of my writing papers. I am a student nurse and I wish you success, good health, and happiness.
Sincerely,Shelly Nakagawa (3/31/2009)

Hello Betty,

I would like to reference our website at to view open vacancies on your website. Thank you very much.

Sonya Chaffman (1/17/2001)
American Cancer Society
Atlanta, GA 30319

Hi Betty,

Thanks for creating your page I found some great resources on there that I hadn't seen elsewhere. Have a great day!

Best wishes,
Stacy (8/21/2013)

Nice site!

Dear Webmaster,

I like your website. While I was exploring it, I noticed that you have an excellent collection of reference links located at

Steve Boymel (The (3/22/04)

Hi Betty,

Thanks for taking the lead on developing an Epi Info forum. CDC just made us aware that we can have a public accessible web forum for Epi Info as well. I know you did a lot of work in setting up your forum - I would like to know whether we can collaborate on developing a user-friendly forum for Epi Info. The software CDC has a lot of very nice features - such as chat, email notifications, etc. Please let me know your thoughts.

Steven S. Yoon, ScD, MPH (3/22/2001)
Software Development Activity
Division of Public Health Surveillance and Informatics
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
4770 Buford Highway, MS K-74
Atlanta, GA 30341-3717
Tel: 770-488-8490

Dear Bcj17,

I was looking at your site, and was impressed with the quality of information that you provide.

Stewart Levy (4/8/03)

Dear Betty,

I am very impressed by your site!

Susan Lem Rabinowitz (9/29/05)

Thanks for the Great Web site!

Hi Betty,

I was browsing the web and found your terrific site - so many references - I have bookmarked it.

Last week, I just put up a site myself - that you might find interesting. Let me know what you think............

Susan Love (5/24/2004)

Thank you very much for posting us! You have a very resourceful and nicely organized website.

Tatiana ( (9/30/2010)

Excellent site, added to my favorites!!!
Very interesting website. Keep up the outstand work and thank you.

"Teddybear" (8/17, 19/2007)

I found your site while surfing the web. I have one suggestion, the color blue of the wording on green background is most difficult to read. Other than that, your site is perfect !!!!!!!!

Teri (11/3/2005)

Hi Betty,
My name is Terriann Walker, I am currently taking my internship class @southern. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your webpage is. I felt that I should commend you on the help that you have provided with your website.

Thanks, Terriann Walker (7/14/2005)

Subject: Permission to link with your website

We are creating a Quality Resource Center as part of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System website, and would like to include a link with your website for ease of access by our Affiliates. This will be a password protected website with access by Quality Coordinators of our hospitals; CEOs; patient safety and Joint Commission Committee members; and Board members on the Planning and Quality Committee.

Per our policy, we are seeking your permission to link with your website. Please advise. Thank you.

Therese Horvat (9/21/2004)

Thank you. Our quality coordinator at the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System provided me with your name and website. I'll forward your message on to him. (9/23/2004)

Hello Betty,

Thank you for the information you have compiled on the webpage. Its a wonderful one-stop shop for everything on Biostatistics. I am writing to you from Ghana, West Africa. I wish you well in all your endeavours.

Thywill Cudjoe Kudesey (8/1/2006)

I was Googling to try to find something on CDC's LinkPlus record linkage software for cancer registries, and happened to come across your Web site (which is probably the most comprehensive set of links to free PH software anywhere, I think).

Tim Churches (Australia) (3/12/2005)

Dear Ms. Jung,

I'd like to applaud your website which has been providing relevant guidance to public health professionals for years now. Kudos!

Timika Pollack (2/9/2007)
PH Staffers, LLC


You have an excellent page of resources for graphing and charting, and if possible, we'd like to have our links on that page. My name is Tim Marks and I represent SmartDraw Graphics Software.

Thanks for your consideration,
Tim Marks (07/23/2003)

Hi Betty,

Your healthcare page is really a great resource. Happy Thanksgiving!
Tim Moore (11/23/2006)

Hi Betty,

During my search, I found your page at From all the pages I found related to that subject, yours is definitely one of the most comprehensive. I just loved your what's new section, your high quality content and informative articles. Congratulations for all the good work!

Tina Harris, Community Outreach Manager, Marakana (10/19/2009)

PS--I discovered your website/listerv while in grad school (UMASS-online)! It's awesome!

Tina J. Lankford, MPH, REHS CDC (8/16/2004)

Dear Ms. Jung,

Thanks for the tip. I will try it. Just curious. What do you teach? I find it fascinating to be able to "chat" with an actual person who puts together the website. Thanks for all your help.

Tina Lu (1/27/2003)

Dear Betty-
I absolutely love your newsletter and want to continue receiving it so I wanted to see if you could send it to my new address. I have had such great luck with you website before so I definetly want to continue getting it. Thank you in advance for your time and I appreciate having your website as a job source!!!

Take Care..Tina McCarthy (6/5/2004)

Hey, My name is Tina and I wanted to let you know I really liked your post

Tina Ruskin
American Immigration Center. (6/3/2014)

Hi Betty,

I like your web site:

Thanks for your time,

Todd Sformo (2/19/2003)
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Institute of Arctic Biology


You have such an informative site, keep up the great work!

In the Spirit of Helping Others,
Toby Johnson (6/6/2002)
President, Human Services Career Network

I was Googling to try to find something on CDC's LinkPlus record linkage software for cancer registries, and happened to come across your Web site (which is probably the most comprehensive set of links to free PH software anywhere, I think).

Tom C (3/10/2005)

Thanks again. I sent a quick thank you before reading your message. I found you chasing links from Google: �statistical software comparisons�. Congratulations on the most interesting stats site I have visited. Tom Torda (4/5/2006)

Excellent. Thanks. BTW...I like your site.

Tony Phipps (2/3/2003)
American College of Pathologists

Dear Betty,

I came across recently,
We feel that it will be a valuable resource to our users. We linked to you at: If you are so inclined, a link back to us would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration

Best Regards,
Tony Profant (7/21/2002)
Publisher, Green Pyramid

Hi Betty,

I found your site by searching for the link popularity of I found that your site has a popularity of about 1,385 links when searching at So I asked for a link!

Now a question for you if you dont mind, how did you get so popular?

Thanks Tony (7/22/2002)

Hi Betty,

What a great site!! ... Thanks for the tons of info,

Tracy (1/6/2001)

Your site does a great job of directing interested webpage viewers toward a variety of useful Internet resources... congratulations on your one million hits.

Tracie Praylo (9/11/2007)


My name is Valerie Ricker, I am the Title V Director in Maine. Jerry Hood, SSDI Project Director at MCHB in Rockville, informed me of a Public Health job posting service on the internet. He gave me your name as a contact for assistance in posting several positions we are looking to fill. At the bottom of the message below is attached is a listing of the positions we are looking to fill..... Thank you, in advance, for your assitance.

Valerie Ricker (12/6/2000)

Dear Betty,
Thanks for doing a wonderful job. I am sure many people appreciate the PH news you put together.
Warm Regards,
Veena (12/17/2006).
Dear Ms. Jung:

What a wonderful service to share with our alumni and others. You must be extremely heartened by the professional acknowledgment you have received for the Web site and the high number of users who access it to further their professional development.

I have, however, included an update on your Web site as part of our Alumni News section. I am confident that many of our readers will find the Web site very helpful in their pursuit of continued professional growth.

Thank you again for sharing your insight with our staff and readers. I am so impressed with all you've accomplished.

Villia Struyk (1/17/2003)
Editor, Southern Alumni Magazine

Good day Betty!

I Goggled Excel + Statistics Syllabus and there you were.
I looked over your statistics URL and got some good ideas.

Walter Antoniotti (1/14/2004)
21st Century Learning Products

I visited your site and was impressed with the potential for facilitating job searches in public health. I wasn't able to find the jobs though. What section are they listed under. I looked particularly where the other academic jobs seemed to be posted.

Regards. wh
William E. Halperin MD (CDC) (11/7/2000)

Helping out the NHLBI

Dear Betty Jung:
Thank you so much for your support!
To answer your question specifically about how we found you, we searched specific search engines for websites that are listed under the keyword phrase, women and heart disease. Then, we reviewed each site for certain criteria under the broad headings, clarity, content, and consciousness. For those who met the criteria, we found the contact information for the webmaster or contact. Finally, we sent the email request you received.
Again, we greatly appreciate your help.
Winthrop Morgan, MPH, CeM (1/7/2005)
Deputy Director
NHLBI Health Information Center Project on behalf of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
American Institutes for Research

On Friday, February 4, 2005, all Americans are being encouraged to show their support for women�s heart disease awareness by wearing red - whether a favorite red dress, shirt, or tie. The event is known as National Wear Red Day.

We would appreciate your help to make your visitors aware of Wear Red Day by downloading a Web banner of your choice from and featuring it on your Web page between now and February 4. We would greatly appreciate an email to let us know if and how you have been able to help.

Win Morgan, Deputy Director (1/5/2005)
NHLBI Health Information Project
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
American Institutes for Research

Dear Betty Jung,
"thanks" is for your website on statistical software sites. Amazing!
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig-Mayerhofer (3/27/2010)
University of Siegen
Hi Betty
This a great job! Thanks very much for such a very nicely designed site for health educators!It's the first I discoverd your site and I enjoyed it! I look forward for hearing you. Again congratulations

Yaya Drabo (1/25/2005)

My name is Zachary Fields and I have been reading through your website. It is great that you are trying to become the one stop shop for those looking for healthcare information.

Zachary Fields (7/23/2007)

Public Health Jobs Electronic Newsletter
Subject:Thank you

I have not had any experience with the employers, but I hope to soon :)
I greatly appreciate this email that you send out weekly. I have started to apply for jobs and this had been a great resource. Thanks again.

Amanda Ford, MPH (1/31/2002)


I haven't been receiving your emails for very long but I have already found some very interesting jobs available in my area. I am finishing my Masters of Public Health from Boston University in December and I'm anxious to make a career change from lab work into public health.

I appreciate all that you are doing.

Thank you,
Amy Donovan-Palmer (9/13/2002)
Malden, MA

I think this newsletter is great and I really appreciate your efforts! Sorry you're running into problems from those who fear you will usurp their profits. You're providing a wonderful and very useful service to many of us who are seeking employment or just testing the waters. Hang in there!

Amy Lustig (9/11/2002)
Pittsburgh, PA

Just wanted to thank you for your continuing efforts with the public health jobs e-list -- I really appreciate receiving your emails -- they make looking for a job slightly less painful!

Amy Lustig (8/31/2004)
Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Betty--

Great website!!

Here's a job announcement listing two vacant FT positions we have for a new federal grant we received. Thanks for your help in promoting these positions.

Ann Ueda (12/20/2002)
Project Director, MassTACTIC
Director of Technical Assistance, Boston AIDS Consortium

hi betty,

you hve been doing a great job. and i really have to thank you for all this. its not always i get to see young people witha n altruistic bend of mind. i have a suggestion now. all the job listings are public health administrator jobs. I am a researcher, an Epidemiologist. can you post opportunities that will be on this line. being in India, its not every time we get to see job listings for epidemiologists. i will be really thankful if you do include these too

thanx again betty,
bindu (9/12/2002)

Hi Betty,

I get your public helath job list and its amazing you do something like this ....
Keep up the good work

Bindu Kalesan (4/7/2004)

Hello Betty C. Jung, I think Phenom is awesome. I have been on the public health job listserv that I found by chance while looking for employment public health.

Carla Woolery (6/13/2003)

Dear Betty,

I subscribed to your mailing list last year, and have been receiving it regularly in my inbox. I have a job now, but not as a result of the lists. However, I think you are a wonderful person for taking the time to do this. There are truly not many resources for people in public health seeking employment, so I join others in saying thank you. I still go through your lists and keep them,just in case I may need another job (especially in this economy!)
I do have one suggestion though, and that is to please add some listings (or sources of listings) for people who are coming from a purely science (medicine or research) background. Many of the jobs I look through seem to want people who have an arts (M.A., MBA, etc) background.
Other than that please keep up the good work, and do not be have the best wishes of many.

Thanks, Chinyere (1/22/2003)

Hi there Betty,

Thank you for so dilligently sending me this newsletter every few days. Thanks again for the good job on the newsletter.
Ms. Chinyere Echebiri. (5/12/2004)

Dear Ms. Jung;

Hello. I just wanted to say "Thank you" for your daily information for Public Health employment. Your information has been a great help in my job search!! I really hope that I can find a job sometime soon, and share my success with you.

Thank you very much,
Chisaki Sato MA/MPH (4/25/2005)

HI Betty: I am a student at University of Sciences in Phila in health policy. Your website has been recommended by 2 professors as a timely source of important info. I understand that you have a mailing list to receive your updates. I would like to get on your list�pls let me know how I can join your group. Thanks for all of the terrific updates.
Cris carlin (1/31/05)
I've been a member of your list-serv for several years now. I've used your list to look for jobs as well and the leads have always been great.

D. D'Mellow (6/25/2008)

HI Betty!

I am appalled that anyone would question your emails. I am so glad that I have been receiving your emails .I appreciate the fact that you offer this service free of charge and you always do a thorough job.

Thanks for all your hard work!

A VERY appreciative MPH student (Diana Karczmarczyk) (9/11/2002)

Dear Betty,

THanks for this and the overall service you provide!! FOund you Just by using Yahoo

Fr. Thomas STreit, (2/10/2002)
Hopital STe. Croix, Leogane Haiti

Thanks for sending me these data. Struggling to find a public health job continues to be a challenge. I am thankful you are here. Thanks!

Henrietta (3/17/2003)

Thanks so much for the link Betty and wonderful to meet another .... :) I love your (Personality) page. I especially was fascinated by the link you have to medical specialties by type. I'm constantly amazed at the applications of type theory. Keep in touch!

Howard Ditkoff (5/28/2004)

Hi Betty,

I also have a job listing that I would love to have posted on your site. Thank you very much for your support. Let me know if you need anything else.

Jody Osborne (8/22/2002)
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-0053

Hi Betty,

I found your website when I did a search for Environmental Health job postings under google. Thank you very much for your support in finding us well qualified individuals. I was just curious, do you run your site full time? It is a very good site.

Jody (8/23/2002)


Your website is incredible. What a wealth of information-! Wow. I bookmarked it for future use.

I'm a journalist in NY working on an pub health story, and was hoping you could post my message below to the Phjobs listserv. I was trying to send a message myself, but I think only the list owner can do it, which is why I'm dropping you a quick note. Thanks much & best regards,

thanks much-!
Julie Piotrowski (5/30/2002)
Modern Healthcare


Nice Web site. If you want to put the opening in your Newsletter, I do not mind.

Lance Marshall (10/16/2002)

Hello Betty,
I am currently receiving your listserv announcements, which I am grateful for, THANKS!

LT (10/17/2006)

Dear Betty,

Thanks for the great listserver. I really appreciate your efforts to help people find work at this level.

Happy New Year!

Lucia C. Cargill, RN, Ph.D. (1/1/2005)
American Overseas Medical Aid Association
P.O. Box 133
Miramonte, CA 93641

YOURS,MARIA (1/21/2005)
To Betty C. Jung:

I have appreciated your pro bono public service for a number of years. Your free jobs/internship lists have provided me and my students with information and networking for employment that has otherwise been unavailable.
Thank you for your dedication and values.

Mary E. Lutz, DSW, MPH (9/12/2002)

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the work you do to gather job information to send out. I think letting people advertise would be a great idea. Thank you again!!!!

Melinda Cameron, LSW Temporary (5/2/2003)

Hi Betty,

I love what I have received thus far. As with the recruiters; I think having recruiters could be beneficial to some people. I would suggest screening the recruiters carefully though to make sure that they are a TOTALLY free recruiting service. So many recruiters/headhunters these days are charging application fees and/or finder fees up front. No one should have to pay to find a job, especially since most of the recruiters are being compensated by the hiring agency.

Thank you for your dedication to your yahoo site. You are helping many people around the country!!

Best Wishes,

Michael Dickey, MPH, CHES (4/28/2003)

Hi Betty!

FYI-did I tell you that Lew found an interesting job posted on your site teaching English at a university in Siberia? Well, they invited him to come teach for 4 mos. beginning in September.

Mary Nescott (1/31/2003)

Thanks Betty for posting the position and adding related links. I found your web site by doing a search on the internet with a string of "public health job announcements". That's a great service you're doing for public health professionals.

Michael R. Cayo (9/9/2002)
Geographic Research and Analysis Unit
New York State Department of Health

Tough to tell because the resumes go directly to HRI where they are screened and then those meeting min quals are forwarded to us. Those that do make it have no information as to the source of the posting. I can tell you that the last posting we did with you resulted in the best return of resumes ever (over 130!). Usually we receive about 50-75 qualified candidates.

Michael R. Cayo (12/2/2002)

Thank you for this wonderful resource!!!!

Michelle Daly (7/28/2005)

Dear Betty ,

I have subscribed to your Pub Hlth jobs list serve for several years and have gotten two jobs and two other interviews from your list. My next job you helped me find is with the Sleep Foundation and I can�t wait to start. I read your list every or every other day as it provides job opportunities that are relevant to my background and experience. Please keep up the great work!!

Thanks again!!
Michele N. (Gagnon) Wagner, MPH (8/15/2006)

Dear Betty,

... Just thought I should thank you for your services and all the encouragement you have given me. No, I do not have a job yet; however, I'm feeling so much better and stronger that I should not complain.
Not figured out what you get - financially - from doing this service to so many. I imagine there is gratification but it must consume so much time.
Anyhow, just wanted to say I appreciate your work.

Best, Nalini (9/12/2002)


Just a thank you for the great site--it's made my public health job search much more manageable!

Nicole Angresano (2/7/2000)


Thank you so much for the service you provide. You are a wonderful help. In addition, the one time I emailed you to inquire about something, you answered me quickly. Your work is appreciated.

Nicole Arachikavitz (9/12/2002)
Bowling Green, KY
MPH Student

Hi Betty,

Mike Cayo from our office posted a job on your site a little while ago and he was very pleased so he recommended your site to our Bureau Director. Thank you for your kind attention and we hope to be sending you new postings in the future.

Pat Steen (11/8/2002)

Thanks for this great Jobs list. It has been very helpful.
Many thanks.
Purvi Kobawala Smith (10/19/2007)


..... Interesting that, Emory's PH employment site, and pretty much every site listed on your page are able to help people all over the world find jobs for FREE....

Thanks for all your patience & efforts - Rachel L. McDuffie, MPH (9/12/2002)

Hi Betty ,
your group is a great great help for any public health professional.Thanks!!

Richa Vora (5/18/2004)

Hi Betty,

I sure appreciate you taking the time to send this to me via special delivery, that's really nice of you.


Sunny Diaz (WA) (4/30/2002)

At the recommendation of a friend I've been fortunate to be a part of your mailing list. Seeing posting in my inbox everyday has inspired me to keep pushing whether or not I was actively seeking employment. Currently I am in the hunt and am even more grateful for you.
Thank You
SK (7/29/2014)
I have enjoyed receiving your website for over a year. I have obtained a wonderful job where I have been for more than 9 months and I believe it will work out well. I have forwarded your website to many of my friends and classmates to assist them in looking for a public health position.

So, I think the time has come for my address to be removed from your distribution list. If I ever have the need to look for another position, I will rejoin.

Thanks again for your website, it is a wonderful service to the public health community.
Susan F. Bean (11/12/2003)

Hello there,
I am an SCSU Alumni of Public Health and LOVE your webpage! I had relocated to California for graduate school and public health friends out here have even accessed it! You have a GREAT resource. One suggestion/ request, I have is: would it be possible to arrange job opportunities by either region? Or even by state? That would be oh-so-helpful. Keep up the great work!

Thanks ahead!
Tamara Petro, MPH (8/24/2003)

Well, it sounds like a lot of work for a one-woman-job! We'll all be patient and appreciative! Again, keep up the great work. I'll keep spreading the word out here... (8/26/03)

Hi Betty:

I have been following you newsletter for about 5 years now. I think what you are doing is great. I am sure you know that your e Newsletter is a great resource compared to other similar resources out there

Tara Werkheiser (8/12/2006)

Dear Betty- I absolutely love your newsletter and want to continue receiving it I have had such great luck with you website before so I definetly want to continue getting it. Thank you in advance for your time and I appreciate having your website as a job source!!! Taek CAre..Tina McCarthy (6/8/2004)
You are doing a great job with these job list.

Tony Yeo (12/22/2003)
University of Alaska, Anchorage

Dear Betty

I have just gone through your website and I was fascinated by the wealth of information you have on your site! This is very much appreciated.

Uche Ukachu (2/10/2004)

... Betty
... Personally, I appreciate the time and effort you put into this mailing... it's a lot of work and you are obviously doing it to help others, not push your own agenda ... keep up the good work

Valerie J. Gallo, MPH (9/12/2002)
American Cancer Society
SCSU BS '96, MPH '98

Public Health E-Newsletter

Hi Betty!

I just want to tell you that I am highly impressed with the enewsletter. It is chock full of information and I refer to the links often. I was wondering if there was a way I could include information on joint health (arthritis) as I now work for the Arthritis Foundation National Office. If you'd like we can chat over the phone.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jessica Nytch, MPH, CHES (11/15/2001)
Director, Partnerships
Arthritis Foundation, National Office

Dear Betty,

Thanks for keeping us all ahead and informed of the changing world of Public Health scenario. I appreciate your efforts.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
Regards, Sreeni (5/3/2003)


Theresa Ferguson (12/24/2003)

Hello and Happy New Year!! Hope all is well and keep sending the newsletter!!

Tracy Van Oss, MPH May 2000

Public Health Expertise Network of Mentors

Thank you again for all your wonderful work here

Eric Triffin, MPH (CT) (5/23/2003)


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