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Environmental Health Data

Health Behavior Data

Chronic Disease

Health Behavioral Issues


Binge Drinking 2013
Map source:
Alcohol poisoning
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Cholesterol Screening & Treatment

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)




Oral Health

Physical Activity

Prevalence of self-reported physical inactivity among adults aged ≥50 years — Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2014

Physical Inactivity, 2014
Map source:

2014 State Indicator Report on Physical Activity

Sexual Activity

Sleep Statistics

Smoking Statistics

Substance Abuse

Drug Arrests
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IllicitDrug Use
Map source:
2013 Drug-induced Deaths
Map source:
Rates of Drug Overdose Deaths Involving Heroin,* by Selected Age Groups — United States, 2006–2015

Heroin Overdoses
Graphic source:

OD deaths
Graphic source:
OD deaths, by age
Graphic source: Created by bcjung
OD deaths, by race
Graphic source: Created by bcjung
Global drug overdose deaths
Map source:
US overdose deaths, by type
Graphic source:

Drug War Facts Chart of US Annual Arrests


Female Suicide Rates
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Health Department/State Health-related Data

Health Insurance Data

Health Insurance costs
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Kaiser/JAMA Medicaid
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Health Services Data

Personal healthcare Spending
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Interactive Hospital Comparison Data

2010 Health Spending for Diseases
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JAMA/Kaiser Health Policy
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