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January 10, 2017 - This is the 9th (and, last) of the 9 pages devoted to PCH 201 Wellness. Congratulations for making it to this page!

This is a very important page as I use it to communicate with you between classes. You should check this page frequently, especially between Thursday and the following Tuesday. This is where I post messages, announcements, grades, etc.

More importantly, this is where I post the weekly reports about what's missing, according to my grade book. If you show up here (by ID number) on these weekly reports, it means I should have gotten something from you and I didn't. By checking this page regularly you will be kept informed about how you are doing in class.

So, for those of you checking to find out more information, see below my first message to the class. GO TO THE END OF THE August 23, 2016 MESSAGE FOR THE LINK TO THE SIGN-UP PAGE.

To start the tour again, Click Here.

Grade Points Breakout

Pre-Final Total Lookup Table

Time will pass will you
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E-mail me anytime


Class Updates

Final Exam Schedule

Section 1 May 9 8 - 10 AM
Section 2 May 11 8 - 10 AM

Mid-term Grades Week of March 7, 2017 8 AM
Final Grades May , 2017 (TBD) 8 AM

Important totals to remember

To get this grade You will need least:
A+ 388
A 372
A- 360
B+ 348
B 332
B- 320
C+ 308
C 292
C- 280
D+ 268
D 252
D- 240
F 239 or less


Please staple all assignments with more than one page. If you do not, there's a .25 point penalty!! Thanks for cooperating.

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  • (#23) April 26, 2017

    "Stealthing:" Removing condoms during sex raises legal, ethical concerns

    Based on what we have talked about in class, this is unacceptable and unethical behavior in the context of developing trust in intimate relationships. We can discuss.

  • (#22) April 26, 2017
    13 Reasons Why

    Since we talked about suicide in our class, I am sharing a helpful document for those who have heard about "13 Reasons Why" series on Netflix. It is raising a lot of concerns about how suicide is portrayed, and this "Talking Points" document should be helpful in evaluating what is going on in the series. We can discuss in class, if you like.

    13 Reasons Why Talking Points

  • (#21) April 25, 2017

    Section 1 - Last Chance Listing

    Section 2 - Last Chance Listing

  • (#20) April 20, 2017

    Remember, April 27th is the last day to hand in anything!

    Last Day submissions
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  • (#19) April 20, 2017

    Weekly Report #12 This is the last weekly update report. This coming Thursday, April 27th is the last day to hand in anything. That's a week from today!

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  • (#18) April 13, 2017

    Weekly Report #11 Only 2 more weeks to hand in assignments! Make sure you get in missing assignments as negative points will stay in the grade book until I get them.

  • (#17) April 12, 2017

    Remember, April 27th is the last day to hand in anything!

    Are your days getting to look like this?
  • (#16) April 6, 2017

    Bradley's (1) question about an Ebola Vaccine

    Map source:

    Ebola vaccine gives 100% protection, study finds 12/2016
    The remarkable science behind the "100 percent effective" ebola vaccine

    Comment: The latest report about an ebola vaccine is from mid-December 2016 at which time various news outlets have reported a 100% effective ebola vaccine has been developed. However, it is unclear as to whether further testing is being done to determine who would get this vaccine.

  • (#15) April 6, 2017

    Weekly Report #10 It's all downhill from here on out! Still lots of missing assignments. Only 3 more weeks to hand in assignments!

  • (#14) March 30, 2017

    Weekly Report #9 It's all downhill from here on out!

    Gasped!!! Only 4 more weeks left to get everything in!

  • (#13) March 23, 2017

    Weekly Report #8 It's all downhill from here on out!

    Why are there so many missing assignments?

  • (#12) March 23, 2017

      Bradley (Section 1) asks health effects of phthalates exposure
    • Phthalates
    • Phthalates are everywhere, and the health risks are worrying. How bad are they really?

      "In the past few years, researchers have linked phthalates to asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, breast cancer, obesity and type II diabetes, low IQ, neurodevelopmental issues, behavioral issues, autism spectrum disorders, altered reproductive development and male fertility issues.
      One of the first phthalates to raise a red flag, DEHP, was replaced in hundreds of consumer products with DiNP, only for researchers to discover a few years later that exposure to DiNP is correlated to male genital birth defects and impaired reproductive function in adult males.
      In food, for example, even milk packaged in glass may have passed through plastic tubes on its way from the cow to the bottle, taking DEHP along with it. “Milking machines use a lot of plastic and DEHP is free and very lipophilic (fat soluble), and milk is full of lipids, so it just pulls the DEHP out of the plastic tubing and into the milk.
      Consumers can also take matters into their own hands by avoiding products packaged in “recycling-code-3” plastic, products that include the vague ingredient “fragrance” on their label, and purchasing organic products packaged in glass as much as possible."

  • (#11) March 14, 2017

      Nick (Section 2) asks about benefits of almond milk, coconut oil and other coconut products

    • Some Health Fads May Not Be All That Healthy "Coconut oil is a recent health food fad, but coconut is naturally loaded with unhealthy saturated fats, Freeman and Lichtenstein said. People would do better to use olive and vegetable oils in their cooking, since they contain healthy unsaturated fats. "Everybody is buying tubs and tubs of coconut oil, and the data behind it just doesn't exist," Freeman said."
    • Milk Mysteries: What’s in Your Glass?

      "Almond Milk: Made from ground almonds and filtered water, one cup of almond milk can have fewer than 30 calories while packing 450 milligrams of calcium. That’s more than most cheese, yogurt, and soy milk. Keep in mind that the benefits don’t come close to what you get from an ounce of raw almonds, which have far more protein, fiber, and healthy fats. But it can be a good choice for people on a low-sugar diet, those with a dairy or soy allergy, and vegans who don’t like soy milk."

      "Coconut Milk: It’s not just for pina coladas and curries -- coconut milk is everywhere these days. But know the differences: Canned coconut milk is the liquid expressed from coconut meat. With 12 grams of fat per cup, it's the nondairy equal of heavy cream. It’s a great substitute in soups, puddings, and vegan ice cream. “Coconut milk beverage,” found in the refrigerated section, is watered down to lower the calories and fat. One cup has 45 calories and 4 grams of saturated fat."

  • (#10) March 9, 2017

    Weekly Report #7 Mid-term grades have been posted, and available early next week. Those who have failed have been notified.

  • (#9) March 2, 2017

    Weekly Report #6

  • (#8) February 23, 2017

    Answers to your questions in class

    Bradley (1) - "What is Red Light Therapy?"

  • (#8) February 23, 2017

    Section 1's Buddy List has been updated

  • (#7) February 23, 2017

    Weekly Report #5

  • (#6) February 16, 2017

    Weekly Report #4

  • (#5) February 9, 2017

    Weekly Report #3 All missing assignments listed should be completed by Tuesday, 2/14 to avoid a 20% late penalty thereafter. Test #1 will be give on Tuesday, February 14th

  • (#4) February 8, 2017

    Chapter 5, Part 2 study guide slides and Test 1, Part 2 Review

  • (#3) February 2, 2017

    Weekly Report #2

  • (#2) January 26, 2017

    Weekly Report #1

  • (#1) January 10, 2017

    Welcome to PCH 201 Wellness! Our first class will be next Tuesday, January 17, 2017 in Morrill Hall 009.

    If you are registered for Section 1, I will see you at 8:10 AM in Morrill 009.
    If you are registered for Section 2, I will see you at 9:35 AM in Morrill 009.

    On the first day of class you will be completing an assessment survey. After you have completed the survey, I will give you a copy of the syllabus, and then you will be signing up for assignments.

    All assignments are on a first come, first-served basis. At the end of this message is the link to the assignment pages that I will be bringing to class. You can look over what is available, and bring your top 3 or 4 choices for each of the 4 assignments you will be signing up for.

    You will need to sign up for:

    • A topic for your Fact Sheet paper (from a list of Public Health/Wellness topics)
    • A topic for your Class presentation (from a list of topics covered by the textbook)
    • A date to submit your health diary
    • A date to submit your health literacy paper

    Don't worry, I will go over everything in detail and answer your questions during the first several classes.

    A word to the wise - try and spread out your assignments so you don't have everything due on the same day! Planning ahead reduces stress! So, bring your planners!

    I will also be giving you an overview of the syllabus and your very first assignment - very easy, to get you into the swing of the semester!

    Also, if you need special accommodations, please obtain the appropriate paperwork from the Disability Office (Engleman C 105 A) and bring it to me on the first day of class.

    E-mail me if you have any questions at:

    See you on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, at 8:10 AM (Section 1), or at 9:35 AM (Section 2)!!!!

    The Sign-up List

Time Management is Key!

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